New NICU added to a 360 Virtual Tour of StoneSprings Hospital’s Labor and Delivery Unit

(music playing) A virtual tour – Labor and Delivery/NICU Private Lobby Family-centered experience with no visiting restrictions Nurse’s Station Birthing Suite Private Labor and Delivery rooms to accommodate your needs through the entire birthing process Private Bathroom In-Room Education For Parents Comfortable couch converts into a bed for your support person to rest or stay […]

Baby Born in Amniotic Sac in the Car!

Incarcerated & Pregnant | Promoting the Health of Mothers and Babies

At a state prison, a parenting group facilitator asks a room full of new and expecting incarcerated mothers: “What is your biggest fear about being a parent?” And one mother said, “My biggest fear about being a parent is that I am going to be no better to my baby then my mama was to […]

Natural Ways to Induce Labor at Home

I need to know the natural ways to induce labor at home. Wait a couple weeks. I’m already past my due date. What can I do? You do not need to pace around worrying about it, though walking around a lot can help the kid move lower down in the pelvis, which makes labor easier. […]

New inpatient towers cater to women, infants, cancer patients

Hi I’m Sam Bhayani, I’m the chief medical officer of Washington University Physicians. And I’m thrilled today to be right here in the Parkview Tower. It really is a unique space. A fantastic area for healing for our oncology patients and our surgical patients. It also is very unique for obstetric patients and their connection […]

Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission (MTCT) of HIV/AIDS

Hi, my name is Dr. Becky Kun. I’m a physician who specializes in HIV/AIDS. Welcome to “Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV.” Are you pregnant or thinking about having a baby? Then this video is for you. If you are HIV positive, it is entirely possible to have an HIV negative baby. However, your child may […]

Me, Myself & Irene (1/5) Movie CLIP – Hank Comes Out (2000) HD

Excuse me, Charlie, hey! You mind if I get ahead of you? I’m in a wicked rush. Oh, yeah, sure. Go ahead! Hey, kids! Get over here! Now! (drums playing/music playing) Vagiclean huh? What’s the matter honey? Little extra cheese on the taco? Excuse me? No…excuse me. There’s no tag on this. Price check on […]

Conceive A Baby | Get Pregnant | Fertility Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is about belief. You must first clear your mind of negative thought patterns. You must acknowledge the fear and worry so that you can release them. This will allow room for positive energy and positive thinking. This will allow room to feel and visualize your belief. The Universe will hear your thoughts […]