Octomum | Natalie Suleman’s octuplets turn 10 | Sunday Night

100 thoughts on “Octomum | Natalie Suleman’s octuplets turn 10 | Sunday Night

  • Those children are beautiful but as a single mum i think she shouldnt of had that many children … How much money does she take from the government that could be helping other people …

  • I never judged her. Who are we to judge. My great grandparents had 19 children, dirt poor, but they made it work. She made it, her kids are well rounded, healthy, beautiful, and smart children. God-bless you Natalie♥️ you can tell there's an over abundance of love and she did it.

  • You can say whatever you want about her but she’s raising super loving, caring human beings. She’s not just a mom. She’s the mom. I’d love to watch a show about them , hello Hollywood. Mom, get an YouTube channel

  • You can tell a lot of how a parent raises their kids by their character and well those kids are so well behaved and happy and thriving. She is obviously a great mother. She didn’t let all of the hate and stress get in the way of raising decent children. I think she’s awesome for defying the odds and being so strong. It’s also really terrible people were harassing her like that especially when she just gave birth and had little babies like that 🙁 so mean. How is anyone who has that much hate any better than someone who admits they made some irresponsible choices?! America owes her an apology.

  • Y’all hate this lady because she brings joy into the world and y’all can’t she can have kids y’all some jealous people 😂😂lol

  • its selfish… frame hunger (people like her should not allowed to reproduce again. (Disgusting to use kids as a tool for attention, lonliness, sickness). I feel sorry for her kids because they didn't know what a content is….(mama of shame &embarrassing)!!! May god be with the kids and make things possible for them. I hope they will make better future for themselves.

  • Well I'd say, America would LOVE to watch her and her children these days, and I know many who could benefit from it as well! She's fantastic! Beast strength!

  • I wish her children the very best. This woman was so self absorbed to continuously bring child after child into a world where there was no money, no home of their own, no father, nothing.. She was delusional in saying she could finish college to support them. She portrayed herself as a highly educated woman who was smarter than most.
    She claimed she had no public assistance. Who paid and continues to pay for their medical expenses? I can't imagine what they were for their OBGYN, surgeons, hospital, everything for a safe delivery. It must have been millions.
    She can't be making enough now to pay for much.
    I'm glad the children are ok. Their dad should offer to help in some capacity.

  • I wonder if the girl with the longest name, her parents ever sing happy birthday?? I bet they sing mom: happy birthday dear annie quesadilla pop socket…. 1 day later mom: ok well ur birthday is over but we can get u some presents.’

  • I really hope it's truly like this in her house and not just pretty for the cameras…but her kids look healthy, happy, and well cared, for so if this is really how it is good for her !

  • idk what to make of this…..i can only say she is more the what the media made of her…but her children's ans…do seem a little coached…..

  • No one wants the social welfare system to encourage, state cared for parents & children. That was the BIG anger the media loved to report in 2009-10 it gave them the rating (money) they needed to get and audience. I found what she did not having job, to be irresponsible. But the push to punish her was over the top as who suffers but the kids. She was an attention addict, very intelligent girl that has found a way to care for her kids. I do think a TV show with experts their to guide her and teach us would be great but it won't happen TV producers want to evoke are worse emotions.

  • Ok Natalie u got my props… I think in the unique situation a woman decides to have 14 kids with no man and never complain and her kids are thriving and happy .. u get my props for real.

  • Wow!! Well done Natalie! Well rounded healthy happy children who obviously love you and you have made the effort to regain your body shape Such strength and intelligence and love I wish you all the best I am not a fan of IVF as I feel adoption makes more sense but you have proved the critics wrong Never feel bad about the stripping it's an art form You had your reasons What a woman!!!!!

  • I live in America but never really followed Nadia's story that close because I had my own family to worry about. Nadia's has been through a lot I can't even imagine how she did it . The kids are getting older and their working as a team ,which seems to made them very close and happy . Most kids now days don't even have family dinners together because the TV and internet ,cell phones and so on take all of their time up . Nadia's has done very well.👍👍👯🚴🤸⛹️👯👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🏠🏈⚽🥋👟👟🎒🚲🚐💨🌁🌁☀️🌻🌳👩‍🎨🛀

  • We as parents grow with our children and do our best to do right by them. We stumble, fall even, we get get up and try again. Natalie loves and is giving her kids direction- Through the laughter, cries, tantrums and mistakes 15 lives are growing and bonding with each other. Could be worse, they could have Heather Mills for a mother.

  • What makes this amazing story so wonderful is they are being raised by a true Wonder Women. I admire her greatly. She deserves all the praise.

  • I truly believe God touched this woman heart to have all these kids because they are going to do special things in life ❤️ man I am so proud of her!🌹

  • Omg…. Octomom, ure the most amazing mom in the world!!! My heart is pounded, and I'm really amazed how u managed ur kids… Godbless u and yo kids… ❤️❤️❤️

  • 1) where are the older children?
    2) she was already a single jobless mom of 6, why did she want another child? Then she got 8 !

  • Y'all know she committed welfare fraud, right? She doesn't need the help lol.

    Also, the more babies people like her have, the less food and water can go around. Doesn't seem so great when you consider in the future, those "miracles" might die from starvation.

  • This woman is AAAmazing… She may have alot of children but she is definitely doing the whole "Mom " life… She even has her children helping her her cook, clean, and go shopping. SImply a great mother…

  • Well 1 thing is for sure Natalie is most definitely NOT selfish. As a mum of 3 grown up boys (men) with 7 yrs between the youngest 2 . I often wonder how I managed. Lady you are awesome and the total populus of the USA owes you an apology. You rock girl, cyber hugs and kisses, to you and everyone 1 of your children 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • She got death threats all because she had octuplets? The world is so disgusting. Why would anyone do something like? Its like making death threats to someone who has cancer. Ugh.

  • :/ Your 4th son is severely autistic, but you still wanted MORE kids. Instead, as a "good" mother, she could have been helping her son to develop. The kids dont know what their race is because they dont know their father.

  • Great children, comes from great moms. There’s no amount or tag for mother’s love. I admire her for being brave to face life’s challenges.

  • I teared up when she said "I will die taking care of my son"
    Sure she hasn't made the best life decisions and I get why a lot of people hate her but she has a heart of gold 💛

  • This is basically the Loud House but +3 more kids!

    Why did people hate her again?

  • Natalie you do know that you have an amazing family, and you are one amazing mother to all of your beautiful blessings. I think nobody should judge you. God is the judge of us all.

  • I admire her courage to give birth to all of them. She had the courage to choose life, over selective a……. God indeed has blessed her much for that decision. Every child once concieved, deserves to live and be loved. All her beautiful, amazing, well behaved children, are indeed well loved, well trained, and well taken care of. Many selfish people can learn from that.

  • Those kids will grow up to be wonderful adults and will forever have one the hardest working, most loving and dedicated mothers I have ever heard of.

  • Anybody want to talk crap then be the first to donate to that family. Judge all you want but if it’s a problem to you then fix it if it bothers you…

    ( says the oldest sibling of 9 kids)

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