Natural water birth story , live birth labor delivery in a hospital with a midwife, birth vlog

Natural water birth story , live birth labor delivery in a hospital with a midwife, birth vlog

I was already in the pool for about 25 minutes before my husband started recording. working through a contraction I actually let out a scream! I surprised myself and proceeded to cover my mouth! pushing through a contraction I was telling my midwife I was in a lot of pain she reassured me it was because the baby was so close She told me my baby had a full head of beautiful hair My contractions were hard, but in between my contractions I was able to relax as the pain completely went away my contractions went on for another 5 minutes during this time, I was thinking about holding my baby I was wondering what she would look like would she be healthy? My labor was soooo different than my first and this worried me. I was overwhelmed with emotions, fears and anticipation! My contractions continued for another 4 minutes There were points where I felt scared My mid wife and my husband were great at encouraging me to stay positive and strong. That’s her head! I was in so much pain, but at this point I knew we were close! Every time I would have a contraction my abs would get very hard Even though I was only in the water for 30 minutes It felt like a lot longer. 1 minute would pass, but to me it felt like 10 my time perception was sooo messed up! The water really helped me manage my pain. It was nice to be able to move around freely. although I really didn’t move around too much once the baby was crowning if you would like to see the baby being born skip to minute 6:30 in the video , that’s my last contraction!!!

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  • So I am planning on doing an all natural water birth with my baby girl. It is my first baby. How bad is the pain. And was all the blood just the normal after birth blood or is that tearing…

  • Congratulations on your precious baby

    I am pregnant for the first time

    My due date is July 23

    I’m very nervous and scared I’m worried about tearing and that I won’t know when to push how to push or how long to hold each push for

    I am planning on having a natural birth with out epidural or pain management

    Would you recommend birthing in water?

    Did birthing in water help take some of the pain away or was it still really painful?

    Did you feel the ring of fire while pushing?

  • Everyone is different however your dr would have personally driven me nuts ! The way she had her hands down there the whole time sticking her fingers in and interrupting the natural stretching. Then after your baby came out she didn’t hand baby straight to you it would have drove me nuts! The best thing for the vagina is the ride the contractions an let baby turtle neck out of the vagina to avoid any tares . But like i said every one is different and those things might not bother you in the least bit either way you were a bad ass and did amazing congratulations mama !

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