National Leaders Debate 2019: Full video | Maclean’s and Citytv

14 thoughts on “National Leaders Debate 2019: Full video | Maclean’s and Citytv

  • More talk about Stephen Harper than Trudeau.
    Harper was the greatest PM Canada has had in at least 50 years by any mature, honest, and sophisticated evaluation.

  • How are any of these people going to improve life for those of us who are single with no children nothing any of the says stands out to people like myself nothing

  • Why was Sheer allowed to cut everyone off… repeating the same drivel over and over again… couldn't someone keep him in check … maybe they need to have a talking stick and have a time limit on each response Andrew can learn how to share

  • Only one of them understands the fiscal capacity of a government that is a monopoly issuer of it's own currency. Jagmeet was the only one talking any sense about how to address the most pressing issues.

  • When talking of indigenous populations Sheer's racism comes out loud and clear… definitely someone who should NEVER be Prime Minister….i am extremely glad that May and Singh called him on it

  • Andrew scheer talks and everyone talks over him, anyone else talks and Andrew scheer talks over them it’s “let me finish my point”

  • We already have free dental care for low income earners- people on welfare have emergency dental services covered. People on disability have full dental coverage for checkups, xrays, fillings and root canal treatments. Children from families with low income have coverage for ALL necessary work. The ONLY people I could see benefitting from public dental care that don’t already have it, are low income seniors. Even at that, the amounts given to the dentist to cover the procedures barely covers the cost of the materials, so many dentists are disincentivized to provide services for people with government coverage.
    England has free dental- long wait lists, poor quality work…
    I’m not for it.

  • What we need is 3 people born after 1980 who live in Vancouver or Toronto that don't have rich parents running for Prime Minister. There would be no talk of "livable income" because wtf is a livable income when rent it 3k a month and "homes" (shitty ass one bedroom condos) are 600k plus.

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