MY VERY HONEST AND RAW BIRTH VIDEO – Welcome to the world Nikola!

MY VERY HONEST AND RAW BIRTH VIDEO – Welcome to the world Nikola!

hi i don’t know where to start it’s been a while since i made a video and the reason for that is i’ve become a mother when i’m recording this, it’s exactly 3 weeks ago since Nikola was born And i’ve been postsponing this video because i don’t know how to talk about the birth i still don’t know. but i have to tell you guys about it now time goes by and i cannot wait until he’s one years old like, NOW i’m gonna tell you about his birth i’m gonna look at my phone because while i was giving birth not when he came out but during this day i wrote notes to not forget smart huh? So, the last video i made was in week 39 and i went the whole way to week 42 he didn’t wanna come out due date was June 2nd he was born 14th of June 12 days post due date his birth was instigated and that happened 11 days post due date and not 15 days which was the plan the reason for that was I had painful Braxton hicks for about a week it was very hard for me, both physically and mentally to believe that i was about to give birth every night during a whole week i couldn’t sleep because it hurt so much and then i woke up in the morning and there was nothing so when i met my midwife the day before they induced labour she noticed that i was a wreck because of the sleep deprivation so she called the hospital and told them to meet and talk to me because she isn’t feeling well so i went to the hospital i got to talk to a doctor who decided to induce labour the day after instead of waiting another 4-5 days so that was the reason why his birth was instigated i recorded the whole birth Aleks helped me aswell so i’m gonna sit here and tell you about it and mix that with the videos from the hospital This was what it was like when we were on our way to the hospital to induce labour it’s time to evict this little baby who refuses to come out we’re on our way to the hospital we’ll see how this ends are you excited honey? of course we’ve gotten our room I’m about to be examinated by a doctor to see what method to use to induce labour they are gonna try to make the water break Aleks went to get some stuff in the car. He did not take off I’m so nervous But i’m also extremely excited finally it’s happening i got this beautiful coat i’m gonna show you the bump one last time here he is 11 days post due date this is the last time we’ll see him in here okay as you could see we arrived to the hospital but it was not clear if we were going to induce the birth or not they just told us to bring all of our stuff and go there for an examination i think they had made the decision already but but i wasn’t sure what was going to happen I didn’t even believe there was a real baby inside i thought it’d never happen that’s how i felt i didn’t really understand we were going to become parents this day we came there and they were like “okay let’s do this” and i was like “our baby’s about to arrive” felt so weird we got our room they decided what method to use and they decided to put in a balloon which was gonna expand the cervix and when i was open a few centimeters, the balloon was gonna fall out and they can make the water break but then immediately after they had placed the balloon, the contractions started and the water broke i think the water just broke it’s dripping. it’s hot this is water, look it happened by itself all we needed was a balloon you’re doing great okay so the water broke by itself, they didn’t have to do anything and when the water breaks, the contractions are getting more painful i think they placed the balloon around 14:30 and this was about 30 mins after that i had to go shower, because after the water has broken, you cannot bath so i’m in the shower, Aleks is helping me by rinsing hot water on my stomach and back and i’m holding these things hanging on the wall every time i had a contraction, i was like Aleks told me to sit down and i was like no i don’t wanna sit down i need to stand up so i’m in there having a lot of contractions waiting for the balloon to fall out the water broke but the balloon was still in there so they weren’t doing anything i went back to the bed. I was throwing up a lot like a fricking pig can pigs throw up? anyway i couldn’t stop throwing up some people say it’s because the baby is pushing on some nerve or it was because it hurt so much i threw up sooo much maybe too much info, but i really had to take a shit which was lovely becuase i totally emptied my intestinal so i didn’t shit myself during birth okay so the time is around 17:15 i’ve had contractions since like 15:00 when you throw up, you’re pushing a lot so during a puke attack the balloon fell out and i was so happy because that meant i was opened and you cannot get epidural until you’re opened so i was really happy so we’re calling the staff they arrive, do an examination and they tell me i’m open 5cm and i was like “okay that’s great, now I’m allowed to get epidural” i did not wanna wait i want it asap this was so ironic because when we arrived to the hospital, i talked to the nurses about how i was nervous about the anesthetist being busy they were like “nah, that won’t happen” then when it was time to get the epidural, they came in and said you know the thing we talked about earlier actually, he is busy at the moment i was like “what the hell” but i felt like i could cope with the pain at the time i learned so much at the profylax course to breathe right, relax etc Aleks remembered a lot aswell and he reminded me to relax the shoulders, breathe etc so after the balloon fell out, i wrote contractions painful throwing up can’t find a comfortable position massage? no no no no when aleks touched me, i was like “don’t touch me” it felt worse. So I was just lying like this during the contractions breathing through it I’m worried and scared about doing this Maybe I can’t do it. It hurts between the contractions aswell but then he came the anesthetist but your chin by your chest push your back towards the doctor i mean i thought I would die i threw up so much epidural is the best thing that’s ever happened to me thanks you first no, you first then you then epidural I have monster-contractions according to this monitor but all i can feel is some pushing it feels like he’s pushing downwards i got some drop what drop was it? only saline solution because i have low blood pressure my throat burns we’re gonna rest for a little while, eat something and when i can feel the contractions again i’m gonna get more epidural we’ll see how it goes i was opened 5 cm an hour ago now i don’t know they’ll check up on that within a few hours i’m having a contraction yeap i feel good i’m feeling reaaally good my hand hurts the most at the moment in my vein that’s where it hurts so i’m good how are you i’m great you’ve helped me a lot good you helped me in the shower held your puke bags soon he’s here mini-Aleks with giant lips yes according to the ultra-sound i got the epidural after just three or four hours of contractions so pretty fast i’m very grateful for that i was so scared when i was about to get it because they tell you that it’s important to stay still and that’s hard when you’re having these painful contractions but i got it in between two contractions i was lying there and when he was finished i got a contraction i think i had like three contractions before the epidural started working after that, i didn’t feel the contractions i felt Nikola pushing down but it didn’t hurt that was heaven one hour later, they came back for another examination and then, i was opened 7 cm i ate something listened to a podcast rested called my mom updated my friends in our group chat everything felt so good at that time i became a new person after the epidural after that, i wasn’t shy to ask for more epidural i called them every hour i was like “i need more” and they refilled that was lovely 127 you’ve been higher sit down i can’t lie on my back i have to poop again again? you didn’t close the door you didn’t close the door i didn’t? i don’t have to poop anymore he’s only messing with you totally normal behaviour i’m here having painful contractions and aleks is working out what are you doing? i’m writing everything down tired? yeap i mean i can’t sleep i just wake up all the time stand here for a while and then you can lie down and rest where are you going? you have to pee? yes nice diaper no we were just waiting for me to open more they came in to check up on me every hour to see how much i had opened etc by 21:30 the new staff had arrived but i had not opened up more compared to a few hours earlier so they treat me with contraction-stimulating drop to make the contractions stronger and more frequent i had like three contractions per 10 mins and they wanted me to have 5 contractions per 10 mins and after they treat me with this drop, the contractions start to feel a lot more it’s not that hurtful but they’re getting stronger i tried to rest in between the contractions but to rest during birth is hard cause you’re really excited it’s hard to sleep when you know you’re baby’s about to arrive and even though the contractions aren’t that hurtful (because of the epidural) you still feel them that makes it hard to just sleep and relax but i tried i throw up a little more after 23:00 they do a new examination and that nurse said that the earlier examination was incorrect because she told me i was open 6 cm i was like “am i closing?” “wrong direction” they tell me to stand up and walk to make his head move downwards so i’m standing by a walking-table try to move swing from side to side so he’ll move i get more epidural and i start feeling sick i feel dizzy feels like i’m about to faint one leg was paralyzed my right leg aleks had to help me walk i didn’t wanna tell them about it because i was scared they wouldn’t refill the epidural so i shut up now, at 23:00, the pushing downwards started feeling a lot more i mean a lot it’s not hurting like before the epidural but that pushing starts to really hurt it felt like i had to poop that wasn’t the case though Aleks and i found a way to deal with the pressure he put his hands on my knees while i was in bed that really helped me nice 00:00 i wrote due date +11 but it’s supposed to be +12 cause it’s the 14th of June +12 i wrote: feels like i’m about to take the biggest shit ever that was exactly what it felt like by 01:00 i was open 8 cm so the drip was working i’m shaking? ah okay and now, the contractions start to really hurt you now the pressure downwards from a scale from 1-10, it’s an 8 so i was in pain i started shaking a lot maybe it was the adrenaline, i don’t know 02:30 I’m 10 cm opened i try to push a little bit because i told the staff about the pressure i felt downwards and they told me it’s time to push a little me and aleks were alone in the room still. So every time i felt a contraction i started to push a little it feels like you’re about to poop now it’s all blurry for me i don’t really remember what happened here and i didn’t write anything but from 02:30 until he’s born at 05 am i start to push that’s a long time.. a few hours when i really start to push i’m sitting on a stool it’s a stool that looks like a horse shoe or a toilet seat and aleks stands behind me here is when it gets really tough it takes so much time he just won’t come out and it hurts like heeeell the pain i felt during these hours i had so much panic “why isn’t anyone helping me” “why doesn’t aleks do something” “why doesn’t the midwife do something” i seriously believe that i’m about to die i forget the fact that i’m having a baby i had my mind set on taking a big shit because that’s exactly what it felt like i remember i screamed out loud multiple times i have to take a shit they were like “but do it” “but i cant” because there was no poop, it was his head pushing towards my anus my focus was to getting the poop out of my system and to survive i got the latest refill of epidural at 03:00, two hours before he was born it helped with the pain in the stomach and back but this burning pressure that could not be removed that part of the process took time i tried to relax tried to find some sort of rest but it just hurt all the time so i just sat on that stool for 2 hours here’s some strong footage of that you’re doing great come on honey great you can do this, come on it feels like a really big shit come on come on, another come on good is he coming through my ass come on, push he has hair be quiet please push push push come on honey i’m panicking breathe he has long hair help me he’s almost out little more, push push push any second now so close do i have to wait for a contraction? otherwise it’s not effective to push it’s the biggest cliff hanger push a little take him honey my honey my baby help me he’s so beautiful congratulations thank you my little boy you’re finally here my love you’re finally here 4164 and that’s how he came to our world or little Nikola you’re not that little though he was 54 cm tall and weighed 4164 gm right? 67? no it was 64 and he was born 05:06 the morning on Friday the 14th of June a sunny Friday it was the sickest thing i’ve done it’s hard to understand that he’s actually here after all we’ve been through he’s the world’s most beautiful boy yes you are these last three weeks have been magical and tough i had much pain after giving birth it took like 10 days for the pain to go away i had to do stiches afterwards you burped becuase his head was big i pushed this head out i’m taking cred for that so that was it was like when Nikola was born still cannot believe it that i’m a mother and he is ours insane mommy loves you see you soon hugs and kisses bye he doesn’t say much see you soon, bye

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