My Doctor Didn’t Believe My Pain

My Doctor Didn’t Believe My Pain

– There have been so many
times when my doctors have not believed me when I
told them that I was in pain. The first one happened
when I was 15 years old and during basketball practice,
while running wind sprints, I started to feel this horrible
horrible pain in my abdomen. You know how they say your
body can’t remember pain but like I almost remember
this pain so vividly. I just thought I was dying. – There was a big period of my life where I was in chronic pain. And went to my doctor time and time again. I just wasn’t taken seriously at all. – About two years ago I had surgery to correct some of my jaw problems. After I woke up out of
surgery I immediately knew something was wrong. – I had just installed my air
conditioner, turned it on, and I was talking to a
friend, I was completely fine. After we hung up and I tried to stand up, I got really woozy,
like literally the floor and everything kind of
flipped upside down. My chest started getting really tight, and I just felt like I
couldn’t get up off the floor. I was on the floor for maybe 15 minutes just trying to figure out what do I do? – About two years ago, I
started to develop a little pain in my vagina. Mostly during sex. I didn’t really think anything
of it when it started. A couple months later, it
became almost unbearable. At the first gynecologist that I went to, I asked her if anything looked abnormal, and she just laughed at me. – Basically, I was getting
very bad abdominal pain, to the point where sometimes
I would be paralyzed by pain. There was one time I was
just struck by this pain and I couldn’t move. I just laid down on the airport floor and they had to call the ambulance. – I was having a ton of pain, even though I was on a
shit ton of morphine, and I told the doctor this, and he said, “Let’s up the dosage of morphine “and you just got out of
surgery, there’s gonna be pain.” But I knew, I fucking
knew something was wrong. – I laid off sex for a little bit, and hoped that the pain
would just go away. It didn’t. It just kept getting
worse over the next year. – My mom took me to the ER. I had my letterman on the chair next to me and I had an in memory
button for a classmate that had passed away. And the doctor saw the button on my coat and asked me what it was for. And I told her that my
friend had passed away. Immediately her tone changed
and she looked at my mom and said, “I know what’s going on here.” – Four days later when I went back in to post-surgical check-up,
the doctor went, “Huh.” And he told me, “Hey, in
the 20-something years “that I’ve been practicing this
has never happened before.” So he actually had to go
back in four days later on New Years Day and re-do the surgery. – Generally the pain was brushed off as just being period pain,
and I was just losing it, because I was like, “Is
this really just my period?” Like, is this how it’s going
to be for the rest of my life? – She looked at my mom and
then looked at me and said, “Your daughter is just sad. “This is very common
for teens to go through “after one of their classmates passes away “or goes through a tragedy.” She then took the button
off of my letterman, held it up to my face, and told me to say goodbye to my friend. – There was a whole crew of them. There was maybe like ten EMTs. The first thing that they
said to me, they were like, “Did you go through a bad breakup? “Are you sure you’re not pregnant?” All of these belittling,
demeaning things to say, “I think that you’re overreacting.” – I noticed I couldn’t feel my face. And the doctor said,
“Sometimes post-anesthesia, “that can happen, the
feeling will come back.” Cut to three months later,
still having this intense pain, can’t feel my face. I go in for a check-in,
and the doctor says, “Sometimes it takes up to six months.” So six months go by, I come
back in six months later, and he says, “Well no, no, it’s for sure “just the anesthesia wearing off. “It’s kind of like,
your face fell asleep.” What? Okay, I’m listening
to this guy, he’s in such a specialized field I
had no one else to listen to. – So I looked at the button
and I’m like, “Goodbye?” She’s like, “Say it like you mean it.” So I looked at the button and tried to do whatever she was asking
even though I still wasn’t totally sure and just tried to say goodbye to this button. Once I got through that I
kind of just looked at her and waited for her to tell me
what test she was gonna run or what she was gonna do to figure out what had caused my pain, but
instead she left the room because she thought she had
figured out why I had the pain. – Eventually they were just kind of like, “Well, you know, if you were
actually all of these things, you’d be this that and the other.” Kind of with an attitude. And I was like, “Listen, I
called you because I need help. I didn’t need you to chastise me about what I’m going through.” And so they decided not
to take me to the hospital and they just kind of
walked me back upstairs and I think one more
time they had asked me if I was sure I wasn’t pregnant. – Even when we’re paying top
dollar to see specialists, who you would assume would give
you more time and more care, it was like $250, $300 to see
this person for five minutes, and they said very similar things. And it was only until I
really broke down and demanded that I get ultrasounds that they saw that there was a bigger problem at hand. It wasn’t my period after all. – Over the next year I saw
four additional doctors. Two of them also told me
nothing was wrong with me. One of them treated me for herpes but then when that didn’t work she said
nothing was wrong with me. The fourth one wanted to
put me on antidepressants because she thought it was all in my head. – So a year goes by, I still
have no feeling in my face, and the doctor says,
“You have what’s called “trigeminal neuralgia. “A trigeminal nerve, during surgery, “either the first one or the
second one, we’re not sure.” He cut the nerve that controls
all the feeling in my face. So not only will that feeling
ever return to my face, but the signals are all
screwy coming from the brain, so now I get intense, excruciating pain in other areas of my face. – It ended up being a cyst that was the size of
about 13 to 15 centimeters and it was just sitting
there that whole time, getting worse, because
it wasn’t being treated. Because apparently it
was just period pain. It was the most infuriating thing and it honestly is five years of
my life that I see as missing. – Less than four years later, I had very similar extreme pain. This time I was running on a treadmill, and the pain became so bad that I ended up basically falling off the treadmill and crawling my way to the
women’s bathroom to vomit. My friend heard, called 911. At the hospital, my dad met me there, we waited hours to be seen by
the time he came to see me, and at that point he told me it’s PMS and take Advil next time. I didn’t know at the
time, but I know now that in both of those instances I actually had ovarian cysts burst. – They gave me some pamphlets. There’s not really a lot of
information about the vagina. What I learned in my own research is that there’s just blanket terms. Vestibulina, vestibulitis, vulvadina, and they’re all just blanket terms for “there’s pain in different
parts of your vagina.” But there’s no cure. The pamphlets say “use lube!” Or “Try to think of something
else, other than sex!” – I started going to
see some other doctors and as soon as I went in
and explained the situation another doctor said,
“I cannot believe that that doctor did that technique on you. People haven’t done that in years.” – The one emotion I
remember feeling the most is just shame and embarrassment. I felt stupid for going to
the hospital both times. I felt like I was being a crybaby, and I felt like I was imagining the pain that I had gone through,
even though deep down I knew that the pain I
was experiencing was real. And so the next time
that it happened to me I didn’t want to go to the doctor. I just wanted to lay alone in my room and die if that’s what it took. – These are the people that
are supposed to fix you. They’re the people that
are supposed to help you. And while I know what he
did wasn’t intentional, when I decided to take legal action, I was told that the statute of limitations for this type of surgery was one year. Guess how long he had told me to wait? He kept saying, wait
six months, wait a year. Just wait a year. Come back after a year. – I’m just so gobsmacked that doctors don’t know more about female anatomy, because I’ve spoken to
so many women about this and they’ve all had very
similar experiences. So even once we found
out that it was a cyst, they told me everything under the sun. They said it could be cancer. – I’ve heard countless women’s stories about bad gynecology. – When I was finally
diagnosed with endometriosis and also told that I had ovarian cysts quite often on my ovaries, I
felt vindicated but also angry. I wanted to go back in
time and look those doctors in the eye and say, “You know what, “something is wrong with
me, and if you actually “did your freaking job, you
could have told me that.” – I just find it so crazy. It’s like, would you have asked a man, “Oh are you going through some shit?” “Did you have a really bad
breakup with your girlfriend?” I just, I can’t imagine them asking those series of questions to a man. The hard thing about biases
is that it’s so subconscious. It’s so just like, rolls
off of your tongue, maybe because you did deal with someone that was having a problem
in that particular area. But why does that then
demean whatever it is that they’re going through? – Sometimes women don’t want
to be seen as complaining, or dramatic, or attention-seeking. But why wouldn’t you want
attention when you’re in pain? Like, why do we make ourselves feel bad that we want someone to listen to us? Why do we get pushed aside
and don’t get me wrong, I know doctors, they have the
hardest jobs in the world, but their job is also,
changes peoples lives and that can also mean for the worse. So I think you gotta stop, get that idea of being a
complainer or an attention-seeker or a hypochondriac out
of your fucking head because your health, when you lose that, what else do you have?

77 thoughts on “My Doctor Didn’t Believe My Pain

  • Every time I get my period I get excruciating paralysing pain which is so severe it made me try to kill myself whenever i got it so the pain would just stop the pain. I would throw up, not be able to leave the toilet for hours. I would slit my wrists because it stopped my cramp pain from feeling as bad. Nothing worked, no painkillers, no hot water bottle. I eventually got put on the pill and its stopped my cramps but has gave me awful side effects like severe depression. Any time i miss even a single pill i will be back crying on the bathroom floor at 3am. The cramps would last for usually at least 7 hours without stopping. Anytime i go off the pill they come right back. It took me 12 MONTHS to get a gynaecology appointment because of the long waiting list. The appointment lasted 15 minutes at more and it was a MALE DOCTOR who gave me a brief ultrasound, ran no tests on anything. Then told me because im 16 its normal. He told me ill have to be on the pill for the rest of my life unless i want to get pregnant. The thing about my cramps is besides them being abnormally unbearable they only started when I was 13, i got my period at age 9 yet it took 4 years for the cramps to start. Idk maybe it is just normal cramps but I feel dismissed by the doctors

  • It took 7 yes 7 doctors for me to get a proper diagnosis. I had uterine cancer, stage 3, it was so bad that my dad called my obgyn and demanded that I be seen immediately! It saved my life, get your loved ones or friends to advocate for you if you can't help yourself!

  • About a year ago I had a pain in my chest so I went to a doctor and they said “oh it’s nothing its cause you were running” so I shrugged it off as nothing. It soon got worse and I went to about 5 different doctors. They all said the same thing until I went to one doctor she finally found something It turns out I had a heart condition. If I didn’t keep pushing and going I probably would have never figured it out and it would have been worse. Always follow your instinct. You know your body better then anyone else. Don’t let anyone try to tell you what you are feeling!

  • On September 12 of 2018 I had a swollen throat to the point I couldn’t breathe and the next day all my joints were in pain and I couldn’t feel my legs. I went to the Er and was admitted and the doctors told me it was looking for attention and after 50 doctors I was finally told I have a connective tissue disorder called ehlers danlos. I went to a month long therapy clinic and it changed my life for the better.

  • My sister was diagnosed with a UTI (without her urine being assessed). She got a second opinion and it was ovarian cysts bursting.

  • Drs always said the pain during my menstrual cycle was just regular cramps, I'm talking pain so bad I couldn't walk, vomiting, blacking out at times… Finally at 30 I found a gyno who would listen and I had an endometrial ablation that changed my life!!!!!! Ladies you've got to listen to your bodies, and if a Dr brushes it off you need a new Dr!!!!

  • I've had chronic pain for 4 years. I'm almost 16. I went to the doctor quiet often also because I kept getting really sick from anxiety. When I went for my pain issues the Dr. Never found anything. They did xrays and many blood tests. She (the Dr.) eventually said,"Well, you kind of still have to go to school." I was so pissed.

    In 7th grade I missed over 30 days of school. There were days where I would silently be crying in school when the room lights were off. I held it in so people wouldn't know. I still had to run in gym. When I got home I literally couldnt hardly walk for 2 days. I couldn't sleep at night and when I did I cried myself to sleep.

    Luckily it isn't anywhere near as bad as it used to be, but it's still difficult. My pain isn't as bad anymore because it has spread to the rest of my body to take the pressure off of it just being my knees. I may not be in as much pain most of the time but my muscles are now really weak.

    I do have a new doctor, but don't have insurance so I can't even go.

  • Once I went to the ER for migraine, the nurses acted like I was drug seeking. I made my husband call the CEO of the hospital at 3 in the morning. I knew his wife, and knew he had debilitating migraines. He called the ER, and woah, I never suffered again. I had letters from patient care, the CEO, and my doc wrote me a prescription for the IV meds to take to the er. While i lived in that city, I was always taken care of…i was lucky. I also learned that paying a concierge doc is worth every penny. Dont buy another fancy coffee, and you can afford it. Its a lifesaver.

  • When I was 11 I started having headaches that were so painful that I thought my head was going to explode. The pain radiated all throughout my body and I would spend the day hovered over the toilet throwing up. My doctor told me that it was “stress headaches” for 12 years and I’ve dealt with these “headaches” for at least twice a week. He finally referred me to a neurologist when I turned 23 and it turns out I have chronic migraines and there is a medication that I could have been taking to prevent me from having these my whole life. I’ve been on this medication for a few months and I haven’t had a migraine since. My neurologist finally listened to me. My regular doctor thought I was crazy or making it up.

  • When I was young my fingers were hurting and my parents said it’s fine
    Few days later I could barely more them
    I went to a doctor they said nothing wrong
    Even in x rays there were nothing wrong with meh fingers and stuff
    So they thought I was just faking
    But when I went to a better doctor they said
    I have arthritis so they now know I wasn’t faking

  • i was around 4th grade when i was hospitalized for five days with so much abdominal pain i went through a cat scan and was tested with those wire sticker things and nothing was found i was just loopy and numb those five days, couldnt even walk without hunching over due to so much pain, never ate because i would always throw up doctors lost hope in themselves so they assumed i was faking but this lady who was apart of a ‘natural medicine’ business was able to read eyes and so she gave me these ‘natural medicines’ for stress relief and i believe gas something and took about 3 months of that medication to get it over with havent felt pain since then

  • Took me 10 years to get a diagnosis of MS :/

    By the way, trigeminal neuralgia is some of the worst, debilitating pain!

  • Women are always labeled hysterical. It’s inhumane the way we are mistreated. Hire a lawyer if you do not get help. Worst mistake I ever made was not hiring a lawyers before pills made me go insane from terrible side effects.

  • I have horrible chronic pain. I can barely walk anymore, and I refuse to go to the ER. They always act like I’m drug seeking. Always.

  • you know what true. I had a migraine at school once during class and they gave me some Panadol and told me to go back to class, another time they gave me a mint when I had such bad stomach pain I almost vomited and was crying. I also have these extremely painful reacting headaches, I went to 3 doctors and they all said wait for it to improve or come back in a few months, might I add I had NEVER had a headache untill that day and they still haven’t gone.

  • I have had two doctors in the 58 years I’ve been alive, believe me when I told them I was in pain. Every time a doctor dismisses my pain, it has turned out to be something awful.

  • I was in ED only a few days ago for abdo pain to the point of vomiting. I had to wait for 6 hours to be seen. The drs checked for visual cues, gave me panadol and morphine (I am already on a concoction of meds for back pain) and told me I'd be fine. The nurse I saw was lovely and gave me the advice to keep the wristband incase I come back within the weekend, and dont be afraid to do that if it hurts again. They threw me out at 2am, sick cup in hand and no pain or nausea meds, physically or on script, and got told to see my gp.

  • I have anxiety and when doctors can't prescribe something very easy they just say its my anxiety and I need to walk it off.

  • I went to the doctors because there are times when my pinkie finger hurts SO bad I can't take it, but then sometimes normally it would just ache. I don't even remember having a normal pinkie anymore, and I went to the doctors and they said there was nothing wrong. It still hurts and it has become worse, and my parents dont even know what to do anymore. Neither do i XD

  • Anyone else have sympathy pains? Cuz this was a painful video to watch, and I KNOW that these woman were in actual pain. These doctors are stupid.

  • you have all spoken my truth. i have been sick since i was a child and only diagnosed in my late twenties. women are not taken seriously when it comes to pain. <3

  • I stumbled once while just walking around the house but had immense pain after that. I thought nothing bad of it and continued three days with the pain just living life, thinking it would go away, just a normal bruise. But the pain got so bad that I couldn’t even walk anymore. so one night i couldn’t stand it anymore and went to the hospital. Right after I told them I stumbled they laughed at me and basically told me I shouldn’t make a fuss about it. I was so frustrated and felt so misunderstood that they even made fun of me… Thankfully my mum drove me to another doctor that night (couldn’t even drive anymore) and turns out I broke all my 3 toes. >:)

  • After my car accident and surgery they told me I would be fine. I have had chronic pain ever since and it has left me feeling like I imagined it. I've seen so many doctors and I am so sick of them and how they keep telling me they found nothing…that i'm fine but I don't feel it. Thank you for making this video.

  • I have non-epileptic seizures, I've had many doctors and nurses accuse me of over-exaggerating or lying. Medical professionals telling me to stop convulsing, as if I had control.
    I tried to tell them my seizures were caused by anxiety, and they accused me of over-exaggerating….I'm like, "yeah, that's what my body is doing, help me figure out why." But they would do nothing.
    Took so long to get diagnosed with a Conversion Disorder: Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures.

    Went into the hospital one time with what I didn't know was a kidney stone, and they gave me morphine and kicked me out without telling me why I was in so much pain.

  • I can’t say I know a whole lot about it I just know that on the other side there’s an opium crisis and doctors are tasked with finding how who really needs medication I know not all medications are derivatives of opium. I definitely have empathy for y’all there have been days where my dad couldn’t do anything because of unbearable back pain and I hope that some day women get the same amount of attention in medicine (and everything given current politics)

  • The doctors didnt listen to me. Told me I was in there faking, for drugs. I don't have a prior drug history, I'm a young mom. Turns out, 15 hours later we found out I was having an ectopic pregnancy half an hour before I was going to be released from emergency because they couldnt find any problem. I almost lost my life because of their negligence.

  • I have been under psychological treatment for five years to battle my imagined stomach pain until i was diagnosed with lactose intolerance. Since I cut out on all products with milk sugar my imaginary pains are gone…

  • My doctor asked me to stop coming to the hospital as that place was not a shopping mall
    Like who tf would like going to the hospital without a reason
    He was literally lecturing me I felt like I paid him for doing that and guess what he didn't even check me and it was my only 3rd time going there !
    But thanks to his words cause I am going to make sure that I don't become like those assholes when I am a doctor

  • I can't believe this. This is truly outrageous.
    I'm planning on being a doctor when I grow up and I will definitely keep this in mind. I would never belittle my patient's pain, like if they say it hurts to the point it feels like they are dying then BELIEVE THEM.

  • My grandmother had intense pain and was treated with electroshock therapy because she was “making the pain up”. By the time they found the pancreatic cancer it was stage 4 and too late to treat.

  • My appendix had exploded. The nurses and doctors told me it was just a cyst rupture and tried to force me out the door. I refused to leave without a ultrasound. With an hour I was on an operating table. It's ridiculous how much people in general get ignored by doctors

  • had a lot of memory loss and body jerks that really caused a lot of pain and told my neurologist, he called it depression. I didn’t agree so i kept telling him no, this isn’t normal i have epilepsy i know that memory loss and body jerks aren’t normal. It took me changing neurologists and the second one said it was depression also. My general practitioner doctor told me i have myoclonic seizures. It took years to find that our

  • This is a sad realty! I went almost 2 years with horrible debilitating pain. I'm a mom of 2 and it would interfere with my daily life with them. I went to doctor after doctor. All saying there wasn't anything wrong with me and that it was just "period pain". I've experienced period pain forever and knew this was different and it stuck around after my cycle was over. I felt defeated…i didn't want anymore pain meds…i wanted an answer! Finally in 2018 I found a doctor who listened…really listened. In October 2018 I had a total hysterectomy. He saved me from pain! Had the other doctors just listened it could have been solved. I now tell everyone to listen to your bodies! Don't let a doctor defeat you,make you feel like you're crazy or dismiss your pain. We know when something is wrong.

  • I want to go to medical school and become a doctor. This video is a huge reminder that if I choose this career pathway, I need to actually listen to my patients and NOT dismiss their pain and symptoms.

  • Trigeminal neuralgia is called the "suicide disease". My grandmother has it. After a facial biopsy, I got trigeminal neuropathy, which is similar, but not characterized by electric shocks. Thank God I had information about the disease beforehand and kept advocating for myself. I went to three oral surgeons, a dentist, my allergist, two ENTs, and an endodontist. The endodontist actually believed me and referred me to a neurologist who was also a dentist. It was $750.00 to set foot in his clinic (and I have very good insurance from my work, so that's outrageous). My husband and I scraped together the money and I finally got the meds I needed. It makes me sick to my stomach because I have had so many doctors who are dismissive or ignorant (unfamiliar with certain conditions) and make me feel like I'm going crazy. We as women are strong and know our bodies! Love you all and never stop advocating for yourself no matter what! I was fortunate that my employer let me go to my appointments, but I know many women who are not so fortunate.

  • I’ve dealt with stupid dodgy doctors for years now. Ladies just know that most doctors barely know anything related to utis, hormonal issues, pelvic pain, ovary related disorders. Many doctors will just try to shrug you off or push you to the side but please do not stop trying to push for answers. Seek a second opinion, see different doctors. Request specialists, don’t just see general practicioners. You have to be firm because in my experience doctors really like to just shrug you off, especially if you live in the US since they make tons of money off of stalling you as you schedule countless appointments just to find nothing helpful.

  • This happened to my sister she kept having these panic attacks shaking so much almost like having a stoke we took her to the docter and she did no tests at all she just went oh its anxiety u can do research on it and that's it weeks afyer it got worse like bad we went back to the docter (different one ) he took blood tests and she has a rare heart condition so always get a second opinion x i also have the same problem as the girl with the hat i keeo getting these pains near my heart where I can't move or breath in and idk what it is
    My mum has ovarian cysts and she later found out that her condition was endometriosis

  • I had sickness for nine months and awful stomach pains, they got me to see a phsycologist, they told me it was all in my head and they finally did endoscopy and colonoscopy and they found out I had crhons deseise and 20 ulsas in my colon and inflammation in all my stomach, know been in hospital for 6 months and still in know, I’m on a feeding tube and I lost weight! And that’s why you don’t listen to doctors.❤️🙄Tysm for your story’s!

  • When I was little I would get migraines and what would happen was when
    1 week: get it everyday
    Next week: 2 migraines
    No one started believe me because it was the only medicine I have ever had that I liked
    My nurse my mom my dad my teacher and my other teacher
    Didn’t believe me the migraines stared to stop and I mostly happens in the winter because leaving the warm room into the FREEZING Cold
    But now people believe me

  • About a year ago I was bleeding really heavily, it was around time for my period so we just went to my doctor and asked about it, it was excruciatingly painful, he said just a period, cut to a week later, I’m in the hospital, turns out I was pregnant and had a rare occurrence of bleeding during pregnancy around period time and my baby had died and was stuck inside of me and I had to have an emergency C section to remove this baby before it decomposed to the point of killing me

  • I once had trouble breathing during a test. My Mom took me to a doctor and she thought I had a panic attack because I didn’t study and it was a math test and math is my worst subject. She was like “you’re fine” I have anxiety but I knew it wasn’t an anxiety attack. I did study and I did pass the test, and my mom was so mad she switched to another doctor. Please note that this wasn’t the first time that happened with my previous doctor. My new doctor is so much better.

  • I was in the hospital for a month and a half with sepsis in my spine and the doctors and nurses continued to bully me and tell me I was making it up until the point where I could not walk I almost died because of their negligence not to mention the MRI people kept saying there was something in my back and they kept denying it and by time they realized it and it Had ate half of one vertebra at half of another and then I spent two or three months in rehab learning how to walk again all because they didn't believe me when I said I was in pain

  • 4 years of infertility. 6 different doctors. 3 miscarriages (all of which my doctor told me were just bad periods). 7 months of constant, heavy bleeding (I'm talking filling up 3 overnight monster pads in 30minutes) and blood clots the size of grapefruits every day. 2 months of daily fainting spells. 3 emergency room visits (two of which turned me away to say I just had abnormal bleeding). And my 6th doctor told me I was just fat and stressed. It took the 3rd emergency room visit when I could no longer feel my skull because of the high level of blood loss for them to take things seriously. Turns out, I had a hemoglobin level of 5 (a healthy level is 13) and cancer in the lining of my uterus. They said had I continued for a month or less without surgery, I would have died from blood loss.

    Doctors, please listen to your patients!

  • I have learned that like no matter how bad you feel doctors won't take you seriously the 99% times.
    I have developed some kind of fear to doctors (women or men), it's been so humiliating, so awful.

    They are those humans that should be helping you but they won't, they will make fun of you, horrible comments, they'll say you're overreacting, depressive, attention seeker, bored, hypochondriac, and will diagnosed with things like fibromialgya or they'll invent another thing.

    Your blood work normal or abnormal, they won't take the time to read it in a professional, serious way. And your symptoms they'll say "I don't know", "if you have came here by your own foot then it means that you're well" etc..

    They make me feel stupid and a loser.
    My life has been destroyed by these kind of "doctors".

    I wish I could be or have been of those patients that find fastly what's wrong, and they get a diagnosis, then treatment and continue with their life without pain, without "strange" symptoms/signs.

    I'm from Mexico City, sorry for my English.

    Blessings and prayers for all the people dealing with the same.

  • I hear that! Sexism is a BIG issue in healthcare even in Canada! Also the anti opiate hysteria is killing chronic pain patients.

  • I was in pain I have never felt before.Pain I didn’t know could exist (cause I’m only 12) but one day we were moving into our house and my right side was hurting terribly.I was balling my eyes out for a good 15 minutes before my parents finally took me to the hospital.i also have never been to a Hospital before so that was even scarier.My parents kept telling me it’s fine it’s just period pain.Its just problems that women always have.When we arrived at the hospital I fell out of the car and couldn’t stand I was sitting on the emergency room floor balling my eyes out.No doctor took my seriously.All the grown ups said that I was overreacting cause I’m a 12 year book lad little girl experiencing a period for the first time even though I wasn’t on my period.I demanded them to do test.So I got an altra sound and a cat scan.Turned out I had an ovarie assit 3 inches big that ruptured.

  • My doctor doesn't believe me either I'm just suffering sick as can be and short of breath but some how over a year since having a baby I'm sure she still thinks it's all in my head

  • Had that experience twice. First I had a placental abruption and nearly lost my baby. And second time it was a twisted ovary due to a big cyst . I was screaming for help but the doctors thought I'm crazy. After hours of screaming in agony and given no pain killer as I was pregnant they decided to do an operation… And while doing the anaesthesia I was treated rudely because I couldn't hold still in my pain. Only after cutting me open the doctor realised it was serious.

  • I've been treated the same way on numerous occasions. Asked those very same demeaning questions that would never be asked of a man… It is the reason why I hesitate to seek care when I am feeling ill. I had an ovarian cyst rupture and the doctor told me to take antidepressants… women are hardly taken seriously in many of these cases.

  • This is a great video, thank you. As a medical student and hopefully a future doctor i find this educational and helpful to bring awareness to the issue. As a woman with heavy and painful periods i've been on the patient's side of this issue. I was helped only when I payed a private gynecologist (in my country we have socialised healthcare system). I also noticed my current GP often disregards any presented issues as minor and common so I had to visit few times in period of a year to get neurologist who sent me to MRI because she actually found something. As a medical student that has certain insight in both sides of the story I have tons of reasons I can present on why healthcare professionals don't always listen to the patients but I can only speak for my country since USA has a very different system and bigger paychecks. I also hope in the future education of medical students and doctors teaches more about communication and medicine itself becomes more oriented around humanistic sciences aswell. Doctors are not the perfect robots without feelings, they are tied up in the demanding, dehumanized system that is run by certain administration and that harms patients aswell.

  • Yeah I have ovarian cyst and it hurts, the doctor keeps telling me wait 3 months and it will go away, I did and had another ultrasound and they said that I still have it and the doctor said wait 3 more months, I can’t get a job because I’m always in pain and I just lay in bed popping pills for pain, I’m still the same and I’m really do hope this doctor helps

  • Husband at the Dr for flu…heres some vicodin. Me after my csection with massive infection…take a Tylenol.

  • Happens to guys too unfortunately. My brother used to get sick every single morning at school and would throw up almost daily. The school told him and our parents he just was attention seeking. Well fast forward a couple of years later and I start getting sick every morning – throwing up. Turns out him and I both have digestive issues – mine just manifested a little later. I still have major digestive problems but I and my brother have discovered – with no thanks to doctors – that if we avoid eating until afternoon the symptoms are much more tolerable. I've also been told when I first got the symptoms, oh, it's just depression. Depression is making me in so much pain I collapse on the floor and pass out? Yeah sure thing!

  • This is way too relatable for me, i have been having chest pains for the past year and all the doctors i have seen are like "oh its growing pain", my pains occur when I'm doing physical activity and having chest pain is a concerning symptom. I don't know what to do…

  • another kind of sexism in the healthcare system is that it's considered "difficult" to perform open heart surgery on female patients Luckily what happened to them didn't happen to me because back in March of 2014 I underwent surgery because of a life threatening medical condition I was born with the surgery was a success and I met Male nurses who also cured my Androphobia

  • I related to this and it was very sad. I am a 28 year old man who has suffered chronic pain 4 years now. My pain can be very severe . I take 5mg of oxycodone twice a day. My doctor refuses to give me anything else including non opioid drugs. I've thought about suicide many times because my doctor doesn't listen . We have the drugs to treat chronic pain effectively but they are refused as doctors play god. They think I'm a drug addict but I've not been out the house for a weekend for over four years. I miss going out clubbing but those days are over and I feel I've missed out. In another 10 years I will still be in the same situation… my life is ruined

    Ps I hate them all

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