Melody Reveals Her Pregnancy to Martell | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network

Melody Reveals Her Pregnancy to Martell | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network

[MUSIC PLAYING] [DOOR OPENING] MARTELL: How you feeling? [SHEETS RUSTLE] So right now, I’m definitely
worried about Melody and her stomach issues. So hopefully, it’s
nothing that serious. But I’m very concerned. Whatchu doin’?
You fittin’ to sit up? Yeah, I’m up. Ah, thank you. So what’s up? Nothing. I really would like a pickle. Huh? I think I’m pregnant. [SOFT BOOM] Yeah. I’m just having
right now cravings– Funions, pickles– of course– peach drink. I don’t know how far along I am. So I need to go to the
doctor, is what I need to do. So what if you’re
not even pregnant? You want me to tell you
how I know I’m pregnant? Because I’ve been pregnant
three other times. [CHUCKLES] No-o-o. And every time in the past,
that has always been accurate. I mean, I would say,
I think it’s going to bring us closer together. (CHUCKLES) What? You think a baby will bring
two people closer together? It’s a possibility. [MUSIC PLAYING] Does a child make
a man become faithful all of a sudden to his wife? Do you think that’s
what happens? Yes!
Yes. Let me tell the
world, hell no. Oh. If there are problems
before you have a child, it’s still going to be
problems, unless you’ve dealt with the problem. Does your mom know
about you being pregnant? – No.
– OK. Well, don’t tell her yet. Let’s go to the doctor first. – OK.
– Yeah. – I agree.
– All right. I don’t think we
should tell anybody. Not yet. Mm-hmm. Unless we agree, right? Right. Being pregnant right now
definitely makes my situation with Martell more difficult–
adds to the number of things I have to
think about, in terms of if I’m going to file. If I am, when am I going to? Should I wait? Should I not? But at the end of the day,
it will still be what Melody wants to do, no matter what. Because there’s
women out here who raise children by themselves,
and have been doing it very well for generations. So. Yeah, I’ma go. I’m about to go get
your pickles, right now. Yeah, go get that pickle.

100 thoughts on “Melody Reveals Her Pregnancy to Martell | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network

  • I don’t watch this show because the few clips I’ve seen are ridiculous! The things people do for money! 🤦🏽‍♀️ And, the shows networks produce for money!💰Exploiting dysfunctional “Black Love”.

    Yeah, I know.. the show wouldn’t exist without an audience.🤔

  • I've seen this before, but I still don’t understand. Why the cheated on person still sleeps with the cheater…and unprotected…I don't understand it.

  • That woe is me attitude is sickening! She whining about sleeping in seperate rooms, while they have to be sharing the same bed sometimes, holding on to him, and letting him grind on you. Girl, tell someone who doesn't know better!

  • Man Mel so beautiful, her husband gotta get it together. Just gotta man up and she gotta give him a chance to make it right.

  • Sorry, Melody. …LOSER, you are…by you having allowed yourself to become pregnant by your community 🍆serving husband.

    Since Melody just KNOWS she is pregnant, why she not going to the doctors office to get screened for STIs/STDs!! How about that ??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 ????

  • This is STUPID. How old is she? 12?

    How do you THINK you’re pregnant on tv? You can take a test in 2 seconds and find out O_O

  • this is my first time looking at this show I'm just peeking through this clip and right away I noticed this girl does not be needing to wear that make up her regular face looks just fine and yes she's dramatic 😂

  • Mel!!! I love y'all and the show but you gotta make it more believable😭 you can't be talking mess about leaving in matching blazers and u pregnant 😂

  • The hellll, aren’t they separating, didn’t he get put out the house? Cause he can’t keep his dingus in his pants, are they on a retreat?

  • From the look of these comments majority of y’all may have watched the first season, and some may not. She put the infidelity out there last season. They was working through it and that was her CHOICE NOT OURS. She got pregnant before they started filming she said it on her instagram. Her life not yours. And before the phone call there were prior engagements with both of them as husband and wife. Imma pray for y’all minds to think and work before speaking. Again her life not yours nor mine

  • Gday luv
    So my peanut head husband had a second wife for 3.5 years a RN who he bought a BMW
    Mel acting salty but pregnant.
    Dumber than a sack of 🐸 frogs
    Wish I would stay..betcha by golly wow

  • Why is Melody being more real about this than him? Oh, he's happy she "can't leave now" that she's pregnant. Some men like to trap women with kids…

  • How is a baby going to bring a serial adulterer together ? Martell wasn't faithful to his marriage with the other 3 children. Now he wants us to believe baby #4 is going to tie him to one woman…his wife? Martell stop the television acting. Even your wife doesn't believe that lie.

  • How the heck is you pregnant? When, y’all been sleeping in separate beds🥴 Girl Bye!!!! You ain’t going nowhere, y’all still getting it on….stop pretending to get a divorce🥺

  • When the d is so good you could give a damn about the other women . You just want your piece 😂😂😂. She ain’t going nowhere!

  • OLDEST TRICK IN THE BOOK!!!!!! She's desperate, pathetic, weak, stupid & just a FOOL. Trying to hold onto a man who clearly doesn't love her. I feel sorry for these children who have to grow up with these foolish parents. Ugh.😣😣

  • Mel & Martell make an unhealthy relationship look cute and glamorous….but those who are wise can see right through it…

  • Why do I like the way she speaks and she’s direct about her situationship. I’m hoping all will work out for them through counseling.🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Yep, financially broken and uneducated women have been surviving raising their children alone so I'm sure if Melody had the brains to leave she'd do just fine with half of their empire and her nanny. 😒 Bish FOH with that bull 💩. Privileged women never truly know what it is to be a single struggling mother. Bless they clueless lil ❤️

  • Cheating men always thinks a baby will being the relationship closer together 😂😂😂 i cannot deal. These ppl are funny


  • Melody is a very beautiful Woman!!! God Bless all of you always!!!🙏🙏🙏😇😇😇💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Melody isn’t going anywhere the divorce story line is a joke. She is not going to leave Martell no matter what he does… she thinks she’s above being a single mother and enjoys status: educated, the husband, the big house, successful business and children. Also she feels like by having another baby she has one up on his girlfriend which is just sad

  • If shes going to stay with him, why not stop talking about the cheating? Let that man sleep in the bed woth you and move on.

  • I’m so over this show and Melody. It’s like nothing that her narcissistic husband had a three year love affair with a Registered Nurse. This show is soooo weird

  • Lolll.. I know Melody didn’t wake up that quickly.. lol. Pleaseeeeee lets get the scripting more concise. If we gonna script this show, at least let Martel shake her a little to wake her up.. come on cast. Let’s get this Emmy! AND SCENE 🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎭🤹‍♂️🎭

  • Cheater I'm out no matter what. Done it with 3 kids 9 yrs….no hate at all. 😀 I will never trust that person. But that's just ME.

  • Girl, be real. There is nothing wrong with FIGHTING for your marriage! If that's what you want to do, then say that…..stop saying you are filing for divorce knowing damn well that's not what you are going to do…and if you dont know what you want…say that as well….its ok to not know what to do in a situation like this…just say I don't know….but stop saying things for the camera when we know it's not gonna happen. This show is tiring to watch every week…🤦🏾‍♀️

  • People just don't get it. When you're married and have built a life together, just because one person messes up, the faithful one doesn't immediately stop loving. It's a process dependent on how each responds. Now Latisha is the one I worry about. Her husband should have come clean privately, the blow is much worse when you find out you're the last to know

  • Okay if you already got three other kids and that then bring you guys close together why what the 4th do it I don't get it I'm lost LOL

  • I don’t know why she asked him “if he thought a baby will bring us closer together”….that’s the reason she got pregnant. She wanted him to stop seeing the side chick, and the way her rationale works, pregnancy was the only option.

  • If they are truly working on their relationship and repairing their family, I wish them success. This is Mel and Martell’s relationship and their decisions don’t effect me so, it is what it is. My response to him cheating would have been very different however, if they genuinely want things to work for their family, good luck to them.

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  • If being pregnant is the only ticket of getting attention, your relationship is pathetic. She doesn't respect herself, not 1 bit.

  • We already know her story will end in tears,,and she'll play the victim even though she already knew who he really was

  • Horrible acting, its obvious he knew duh. And she staying to the death! Dont think there's nothing he could do to make her leave, poor baby.

  • She’s a good one. I wouldn’t want to sleep with him anymore especially unprotected after he slept with another woman for 3 years and if she thinks he used protection with that girl the entire time she’s stupid.

  • Melody shut the fup you are projecting an image of yourself that is faker than that danm weave you have on. If you know a kid ain't changing a man why exposing yourself to be pregnant by him . I mean how stupid is your logic for someone who consider herself an educated 32 year old female . Next case 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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