Man Was Arrested During Baby’s Birth (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Man Was Arrested During Baby’s Birth (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello,
Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Mitchell v. Robinson.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. ALL: Good day. Ms. Mitchell, you are
here in the court today
because you claim your childhood sweetheart
stole your virginity, got you pregnant, and is now denying paternity
of your two-month-old
daughter, Ryalynn. HOPE: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
And Mr. Robinson,
in your defense, you claim you doubt paternity
because after Ms. Mitchell
told you she was pregnant, you found out
she was sleeping with four other men. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: All right,
so Ms. Mitchell,
explain to the court, how did you get yourself
in this messy situation? Well, Your Honor, um,
we hung out a few times and he, like, pressured
me to have sex with him. And I said
I wasn’t ready yet. HOPE: And, so then, um… I was hanging out at, um,
these apartment complexes and we hooked up, and had sex,
I lost my virginity, and I found out
I was pregnant
three weeks later. JUDGE LAKE: Wow. So, Mr. Robinson, is that account true? ROBINSON:
Um, no, Your Honor. We hooked up.
One time. That was it. HOPE: One time? One time. JUDGE LAKE: Well, that’s about
all you need is one time. Yeah, that’s about it. JUDGE LAKE:
Did you use protection? HOPE: One time… Did you use protection? ROBINSON: No. No protection. All right. So that’s…
That’s a recipe for… Disaster. JUDGE LAKE: Well,
no, for baby making. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) In her case, disaster. JUDGE LAKE:
And for responsibility
and consequence. In your case, disaster. JUDGE LAKE:
Hold on now, ma’am. Hold on one second,
I’m gonna get to you
in one moment. So you tell him
you’re pregnant. Yeah. I… JUDGE LAKE:
And what was… ROBINSON: She didn’t even
tell me she was pregnant,
Your Honor. ROBINSON: She had
one of her friends
she grew up with, inboxed me and her
on Facebook and said, “I’m not trying to start
no drama here, no drama. “I thought I’d let you
know that she had sex
with four other guys.” ROBINSON: Okay? JUDGE LAKE: Let me get
this story straight. You start getting
messages… ROBINSON: Yes. …from the peanut gallery… Yes, Your Honor.
From her best friend. JUDGE LAKE: …telling you… My best friend
wouldn’t say that. JUDGE LAKE:
…they just wanna
give you the heads up that she was sleeping
with other people. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So you don’t
think you’re necessarily
the only potential candidate. Yes, Your Honor. And you don’t have a doubt
at that time until you
get Facebook messages. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Okay.
That’s it from you. Ms. Mitchell, you say
he took your virginity… HOPE: Yeah, he did. But did you have sex
with somebody else… I never had sex… JUDGE LAKE:
…right after he took it? No! No, not at all! Did you have sex with
anyone else during the
window of conception? No. Who are these people
telling him these stories? I don’t know.
They don’t tell me,
so I don’t know. JUDGE LAKE: So,
people just lying on you? HOPE: Yeah.
It’s him lying.
And her. Oh, so you don’t
think he even ever
got the messages? No, not at all. Okay. So let’s fast
forward to the birth. You have the baby. Is Mr. Robinson with you? HOPE: No, but his sister was. JUDGE LAKE: His sister came. ROBINSON:
Yes, I sent my sister… JUDGE LAKE:
So he wasn’t at the…
You sent her… ROBINSON: Yes, because I had
got arrested the night of… (HOPE LAUGHING) I’m not gonna lie,
I’ll be 100% honest
with you, Your Honor. So, I said, “Erika,” I said,
“Would you do me a favor?”
She said, “What?” I said, “Will you
make sure you go to
the hospital for me?” She said, “Yes, I will.”
And she went. And she went? And she went. HOPE: Yeah, when she
came up, she said that, she tried to get Ryan to come,
but Heather wouldn’t let him. ROBINSON:
That’s a lie, Your Honor. That’s not a lie. That’s a lie, Your Honor. HOPE: That’s exactly
what she told me… JUDGE LAKE: So, hold on. DIANA: That is not a lie. Ms. Mitchell, your witness
is literally jumping out
of her seat. HOPE: I know. So I want to hear from
her now, please step up. My name is Diana Mitchell
and this is my daughter. And Hope was raised better
than to lay around
sleeping with men. I have no clue where
they come up with that. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) No clue, whatsoever,
where they come up
with four men. That is not true. And as far as him saying
that he was in jail, I have proof right here that he didn’t get arrested
until two days after
the baby was born. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) So, if he was
in jail… HOPE: If he was in jail,
how did he get arrested again? DIANA: …with my
daughter in the hospital, and, yes, his sister
was there, and I said,
“Well, where’s Ryan?” HOPE:
It wasn’t the day after… DIANA: And she said… DIANA: I’m the one that said,
“Well, I’m glad you’re here.
Where’s Ryan?” And she said,
“Well, I’m trying
to get ahold of him.” And then I said,
“Did you get ahold of him?” And she said, “No,
Heather won’t let him come.” That’s exactly what she said. HEATHER: Well, that’s a lie. ROBINSON:
Your Honor, that is a lie. So, hold on. Let me
understand this piece of
evidence you’ve presented. JUDGE LAKE: So, Ryalynn
was born on May 7th, and you, Mr. Robinson, you were arrested on May 9th. Um, Your Honor, no.
I was arrested 05/08
of 2014. In the morning! HOPE: Okay, but she
was born on the 7th. At 10:00 on that morning
I was arrested, okay? And that was the
day the file… I have more than just
one charge that they
picked me up on. Trust and believe,
I ain’t gonna have
no shame on my game. I was picked up on
more than one charge. And I was lying in a bed
for 14 hours in labor. He literally… (ALL ARGUING) Okay, but… DIANA: He cheated… HEATHER: He didn’t
cheat on me, sweetie,
we wasn’t together. I’ve never done
anything to this
girl, ever. I’ve never
disrespected her… She’s immature and
childish, Your Honor. She’s 18 years old and
she’s immature and childish.
That’s my point. She updated her status
about me all the time,
claiming that I was on Facebook
talking about her,
and I wasn’t. Oh, who cares?
I’m so sick of…
Who cares? Who cares? This is just
getting ridiculous. You all and this
Facebook, and this… If you all would have
just stayed in Facebook, instead of laying down in
the bed with no protection,
we wouldn’t be here! DIANA: Amen. But, now… JUDGE LAKE:
Now, you all wanna talk
about Facebook all day. And I want you
all to understand… DIANA: Oh, there’s
my baby. Your Honor,
I take care of her. JUDGE LAKE:
…that beautiful little
girl is what matters. DIANA:
This is a beautiful baby,
this is an intelligent baby, and it is about her,
and that is why
we’re here today. Ryan… When Hope come
to me and told me that
she was pregnant, first of all, I never
believed it was her. The very next day
I took her to the doctor. Yes, she is pregnant,
I wanna meet this man. I met him, he took me
to his mother’s house. It was a good time. I mean, it was
a nice day. I thought, okay, well,
maybe he’s gonna be okay. Well, then… Evidently… He’s back with Heather,
or whatever, and
everything changes. Everything changes. JUDGE LAKE:
Have you been involved? Your Honor, yes, I have.
I have contacted her
and asked her. And asked about the baby.
And I did. HOPE: Three times. And you know what I got?
Her emotions. And like I told her,
“Hope, I don’t
wanna be with you. “I don’t wanna be
with you. I want to know
how the baby’s doing.” Okay, and then it got
to a point where she was
inboxing me on Facebook talking about,
“You’re worthless.” Why am I worthless?
Because I don’t
wanna be with you? And I’m not gonna come
somewhere to where I am
disrespected, at all. She won’t let her spend time
with me because of Heather,
which has no reason. If she is mine, she has
three other siblings. She has two brothers… HOPE: She has zero. She has two brothers,
and a sister. ROBINSON:
Regardless if they’re
not mine biologically, I’ve raised them
as mine for the last
three years of my life. They call me father,
they look up to me
as a father, because I’ve been there
when their father hasn’t. And now, I’d like to
hear from your witness. Ma’am, please stand up
to the podium. JUDGE LAKE:
State your name. Heather Hitchcock. Ms. Hitchcock,
you are Mr. Robinson’s
current girlfriend? HEATHER: Fiancee. Fiancee. And what do
you have to add
to this situation? Um, I have been, like,
I have tried being
civil with Hope, like, she had messaged
me on Facebook, when me and Ryan
were split up, telling me that she was
sorry for the way that
she was acting… Oh, yeah.
I did say that. And I told her,
“Like, regardless,
we need to get along.” If Ryalynn’s Ryan’s, like,
we need to be civil. Like, I have kids,
whatever. And she, like,
agreed to that. But then, when it
all came down to it,
it was… She didn’t want her
around me, if me and
Ryan was together, that he wasn’t
to be a part of
Ryalynn’s life. Because she wrote
on Facebook that, Ryalynn wouldn’t know
what a good home was
unless she was with them. No, I did not. You did, too! Hold on, hold on.
First off, she… (ROBINSON ARGUING) ROBINSON: I own a
four bedroom house, now… JUDGE LAKE:
Listen, listen, listen. You all,
like I said before, you got so much to say
about one another. But what does this
have to do about this baby knowing
who her father is? JUDGE LAKE: Now,
I wanna understand this. Are you, Mr. Robinson,
do you hope this baby
is yours? Oh, I hope and pray to God
on everything that I love. I have not known my
father for 20 years. And yes, I have him.
But I know who my
father is now. I don’t want Ryalynn
to grow up like that. If she is mine, by all means,
I want to give her everything
and anything that she needs. JUDGE LAKE:
Have you ever met Ryalynn? No, I haven’t. She won’t let us.
She’s drama. She won’t let me. They haven’t tried. The only way, she told me,
that I could see Ryalynn… Is if he left me. Is if I came by myself
and if I left Heather. Ms. Mitchell, let me
ask you if his
contention is true. Have you told Mr. Robinson that he can come and see
Ryalynn only if he leaves
Ms. Hitchcock at home? Leaves her to come to
my house to visit her, but not leave her
relationship-wise. Your point is, you don’t want
Ms. Hitchcock at your house? HOPE: No, and I don’t
want her around my
daughter, either. ROBINSON: She doesn’t
even look like me… JUDGE LAKE: Okay. She looks like…
I got evidence. She doesn’t even look
like me, or my son,
who is a spitting image. My son, and when
I tell you he’s a
spitting image of me… She looks just
like Hope here. My son is a spitting
image of me, like, and
when I tell you that… JUDGE LAKE:
Hold on, what is this
evidence you have? Jerome, will you please
hand me this evidence? ROBINSON: Look at my
son and look at her.
They look nothing alike. HOPE: She looks like me. ROBINSON:
That is my identical twin. (BOTH ARGUING) So, you submitted these
photos to the court… ROBINSON: Yes, I did. Yes, I did,
Your Honor. And this is a picture
of Ryalynn, which is Hope’s daughter. JUDGE LAKE:
And your son on the right. ROBINSON: Yes. HOPE:
That looks like Heather. ROBINSON:
No, it looks like me.
Just like me. And you’re saying,
you don’t see a resemblance
between these two children. ROBINSON:
No, honestly, I don’t. Well, they have
two different moms.
She looks just like me. JUDGE LAKE:
Now, this picture… Is of me and our three kids,
which, two of them are
biologically not mine. But I’ve been there
so much to them that they look up to me
as a father figure. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. They look at me,
and they call me father.
They call me father. JUDGE LAKE: And this
evidence, you are
submitting to show that you can be a good father? That I am a good father. HEATHER:
He is a good father. Not just the one that’s his,
but all three of them he’s
been there for. JUDGE LAKE:
Hold on. Ms. Mitchell,
let me be clear. You believe Mr. Robinson
is the father? I… Yes. JUDGE LAKE: You know that,
’cause you say you didn’t
sleep with anybody else. Yes, Your Honor. So, if you want him
to be a part of your
daughter’s life, and you believe that he
is her biological father, and although he has
doubts if he is, in fact,
her biological father, he wants to
be in her life. Why has this man
never held or seen
this baby yet? Because he
chooses not to. DIANA:
He hasn’t been there. ROBINSON: Because
she does not, like, she… For instance, if you recall,
just a couple of minutes ago, I said that Ryalynn
has three siblings. She said she has none. DIANA: The only reason that
that is stated is because
it was told by me, by Ryan’s family member.
He’s testing the wrong one. I don’t know her children,
I don’t know her, and I don’t know them.
I know nothing about them. JUDGE LAKE:
So, you’re saying…
Hold on. You’re talking about another
child that is not the subject
of this particular case. The witness is
to be seated. Ms. Hitchcock, Ms. Mitchell,
please have a seat.
Thank you. Your Honor, all I wanna
know here today… (JUDGE LAKE GROANING) …is that if
this kid is mine… Thank goodness,
somebody’s finally
talking about Ryalynn. And… (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) JUDGE LAKE: What… She, first and foremost,
has a right to know
and to have in her life, is her mother, and also her father. And if that is you, you’ve gotta
figure out how to
make that happen. And Ms. Mitchell, you also have to
come up off all of your, you know, the barriers
that you are creating, that you admit to, that you don’t want him
to be a part of her life, you don’t want this,
you don’t want that… At some point, if this man
is your child’s father,
you’ve gotta let that go. ROBINSON: If they
wanna get technical, Ryalynn has everything
she wants at my house. She has clothes,
she has Jordan outfits, she has a crib,
she has a Pack ‘n Play,
she has toys. She has everything
she needs, Your Honor. But until they learn
to quit disrespecting me, and to quit disrespecting
my family, about all this stuff
that they calling me. JUDGE LAKE: You’re saying… The baby has
everything she needs. ROBINSON: Yes,
she does, Your Honor. So, you have a room
and a place for her
to sleep, so… JUDGE LAKE: This is perfect,
because I’d like to also… …deal with
this arbitration. Now, Ms. Mitchell,
you’re suing Mr. Robinson
for child care expenses. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Baby Ryalynn’s
two months old. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: For the past
two months, you’ve been
doing this by yourself? Yes, Your Honor. Approximately how much
have you spent? Do you have any evidence
for this court as to how
much you’ve spent thus far on her care? Whoo! Finally, a moment
of silence, Jerome. JEROME: Yeah. (JUDGE LAKE SIGHING) So, I have monthly
expenses for Ryalynn. Diapers at $35.
Wipes at $30. Formula, $145.
Clothes, $40. Bottles,
baby laundry,
detergent, $20. Total monthly
expenses, $270. ROBINSON: Your Honor… And you have receipts… Yeah. JUDGE LAKE:
I see the receipts attached. So the baby’s
two-and-a-half months old. HOPE: Yes, Your Honor. Doing the math here. That’s… JUDGE LAKE:
$270, times 2.5 months. Which is $675. Half of which
would be… $337.50. If you’re, in fact,
baby Ryalynn’s father, you would indeed
owe her half of those
childcare expenses. Yes. But I cannot rule
on that claim, until
we know the results. ROBINSON: I don’t have
a problem with buying
Ryalynn anything. And like I said… Good. That’s what I
wanted to hear you say. Now, that’s enough
of that conversation, because if, in fact… (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) …she is your
biological child, you are responsible to
share in those expenses. Yes, Your Honor.
I am. Now, we’re finally
back to baby Ryalynn
and the results. Are we ready to hear them? ROBINSON: Yes, Your Honor. Good. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they
read as follows. JUDGE LAKE: In the case of
Mitchell v. Robinson,
when it comes
to two-month-old
Ryalynn Mitchell… Mr. Robinson… You are the father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: So, now… Before I ask, Ms. Mitchell,
if it would be okay, if you meet your daughter
for the first time, I have to say, concerning the arbitration,
where you were asking the
court for… $337.50, that’s what
you would be entitled to, if it was determined that
Mr. Robinson was, in fact, Ryalynn’s
biological father. It has been determined
that you are. And so, I am awarding
Ms. Mitchell $337.50, which is half of the
childcare expenses, for, uh, baby Ryalynn’s
two-and-a-half months
she’s been here. That she’s spent
and she’s presented
receipts for. So, you owe her
that money.
Do we understand? Yes, Your Honor. All right, so the judgment
is for the plaintiff on that. And now, I have to ask you. Can this man, please,
see his little girl? Please, that’s all I want. I will meet you all
in my chambers.
Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You two have to talk,
all right? I understand you’re
in a relationship. I understand
all of that. But you two made
this beautiful baby, and you all have
to make the rules, and you all have to
figure out how to
raise her together. Do you understand? Yes, Your Honor. She’s so worth it,
isn’t she? She is. I know it’s been
a long, tough road. You’ve been through
a lot, I can see it
in your face. JUDGE LAKE:
You okay? I wish you all the
very, very best. Good luck to you.

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