Good Morning. It is Tuesday, June 11. And I am 5 days past 6-day (embryo) transfer. I think I’m going to test. I don’t know if I want to test with a internet cheapie or a First Response. I don’t know. I’m scared. I know it’s early but I can’t help myself. So you dip it for only 5 seconds? I know the digitals you have to dip it for 20. I’m just gonna leave that upside down. So
two days after – let me put a timer on – So, two days after transfer I was getting really strong,
like, pinching. Like REALLY strong pinching and cramping and like they
didn’t feel like period cramps. they’re straight up like someone poked
me with a needle like in the uterus area um it was strange and and I have had no
bleeding or anything but that happened and then I was having cramping and then
like I was just so ravenous and hungry and I was kind of chalking up to the
progesteron. So two days past embryo transfer was Saturday and then Sunday I was
experiencing kind of the same thing so it’s mainly like mild cramping on and
off and then we went to my husband’s parents house and my mother-in-law had
made chili – which if you guys are watching: I love you – but it’s the smell of the chili
was so overwhelming! I had a little bit but then I was like (gag) – like it was
too much! Then later my father-in-law had a bowl of chili, like he was eating
a bowl of chili but he was standing across the room and I can smell it like they
were holding it under my nose. and I love chili! So yeah I don’t know
what that was about. Then I’ve been nauseous on and off
and been wanting Taco Bell! Taco Bell tacos have
my jam and I can’t get enough of them yeah it’s just strange so I have
internet cheapies and I had a First Response but today is five days *5dp6dt* yeah five days
past five days past six-day transfer, So who knows. I believe that is equivalent to
11 DPO so maybe! We’ll see. If it’s negative I’ll understand it’s too early and I’ll test
again in like a day or two. I probably won’t use my last first response until
like eight days eight or nine days but I do have Internet Cheapies and I’m a “Pee on a Stick Addict” so we’ll just use those I suppose Maybe? hopefully. Hopefully you can see me. Wait… there’s a line! Oh my god – there’s a line! I’ve never seen a line on these tests before! Oh my god! There’s a line! that’s not even like – I can’t even talk! There’s a line there’s a line there’s a line! It’s so faint I’m shaking! I’m shaking! That’s a line! I can see it, there’s pink to it! We’re pregnant! It’s SUCH a faint line. But it’s THERE. Oh my god, that’s there! That is THERE! We’re Pregnant! We’re pregnant! I’m gonna use a cheapie. I don’t know if it’s going to show up on a cheapie, though. I’m shaking. I’m shaking! I’ve NEVER had a line! oh my god I was expecting it to be (negative) Oh it has pink! That’s not an indent. You can’t even see it (on camera) But it’s there! I see it. It’s not even like – it’s a squinter but NOT really. It’s not like: “Oh no, is that really a line?” Like, I SEE it! It’s right there! I wish it would show up on a freaking
digital oh my gosh it’s too faint for a digital right now. I can’t believe our embryo transfer worked! I’ve never seen a second line on a First Response. need to go get more time oh my god I’m
such an ugly crier whoa y’all are seeing into my closet right
yeah oh here oh it’s like maybe it’s too early maybe it’s too early Oh it’s there you might not see yeah
oh okay I need a hole I need to try again tonight
oh I want to be able to tell them my husband so bad I can’t stop staring at
it so maybe that was implantation on that
was implication on two days past I don’t even know if it’s been five minutes oh my gosh okay oh uh maybe I should try I
don’t know if I should try a digital or not oh my god okay oh I think I see like a shadow of a lion
on the cheapy uh I’m gonna go be a crazy person and post these all my fertility
groups so I’m gonna test again this afternoon I’m gonna do it this afternoon
not this evening so hopefully this afternoon we’ll get a
stronger line on the first row my gosh thick baby stick stick stick little bean okay so it’s been about three hours
three ish hours three and a half hours since I took the first test and I went
to Walmart to get a few things cuz there was a way that I wanted to announce to
my husband there’s a timer so I took a second test cuz I hadn’t I didn’t drink
anything or go to the bathroom so this would be second second morning urine
there’s a lot I’m pregnant I’m pregnant oh my gosh that’s darker than the first
one it’s trying of darker than the first one
yeah I have to tell my husband tonight I have to can you see that I’m pretty sure you can
see that look at that it’s so faint but it’s the nerd Oh oh my gosh I’m pregnant
this is the morning test this was the first morning you’re in this is just now
so it’s getting darker oh I I see it clear as day so I have a few more tests but I think
I’m gonna tell them tonight how can I keep this a secret there’s no
way he’s not gonna not see this line oh my goodness oh goodness so I will show
you how I’m going to tell him I got a few things from Walmart



  • I'm so excited for you!! We've been following your journey and praying 🙂 we transferred 5/30 and got a bfp. Wishing us both awesome pregnancies!!

  • The camera over exposed the test and the second line was super faint. I promise it’s there! I also filmed a line progression video which will come out soon! Please SUBSCRIBE! 💗

  • Congrats!!! Love watching these videos. I posted mine recently as well 🙂 can’t wait to watch your journey!

  • This is the first video that I've seen of you. And I had to cry with you… So emotional ♥️

  • I’m so excited and happy for y’all!! My heart is over joyed for you. Congrats, momma 💜💜💜

  • The moment when you looked at the test and your life changed forever. It was so moving. I was crying with you.

  • I just subscribed! I'm so very happy for you and your family!!! A baby definitely is the best gift to have in this world!! Can't wait to follow your journey!

  • Congratulations. The look on your face was priceless. May God bless you with a safe pregnancy & healthy baby. Thrilled for you.

  • HEY GUYS! I know the line is hard to see on camera. NEW VIDEO is UP Showing my PREGNANCY TEST LINE PROGRESSION:

  • Wow I loved this video. Thank you for sharing such sensitive moments of your life. I believe you give many other couples hope and that there may be a struggle but there is light. Thank you for shining your light. God bless love

  • Im currently pregnant with my second son and i cried with you because before i got pregnant with my first baby i thought i couldnt get pregnant then out of nowhere in 2017 i found out i was pregnant so i know the joy and happiness and your going to be the best mom ever congratulations beautiful

  • I didnt have ivf however, my husband and I have been trying for 8 years out of the 10 we have been together and I just had given up and quit thinking about it and low and behold I'm currently 4 months pregnant. Wish me luck

  • But girl I dont know how how you seen that line. I didnt see crap lol. When I took my test it was bold af

  • Congratulations wish you a easy and fast pregnancy… we will be here for the journey.. new friend here hope you can follow us back

  • my biggest craving right before i took my pregnancy test which was positive was taco bell tacos!! also pregnant with a rainbow baby!

  • I am so happy for you! I am now 22 weeks pregnant after several infertility treatments and I remember that moment, when there finally was A LINE after all that time.
    I wish you guys all the best!

  • Been trying for years 3 failed IVFS and still trying and nothing 😭 I'm truly happy for you and hope I will be pregnant one day.

  • You’re so cute!!!! First video I’ve seen of yours and I’ll definitely be checking your channel out 💛

  • After two miscarriages in a row we are now expecting our first baby girl 💕 and praying for you!

  • 38+4 weeks pregnant and this made me cry I was freaking out when I took my pregnancy test like it was mixed emotions all I kept saying was “omg omg omg” ❤️so happy for you

  • You're not an ugly crier, watch my nose turn red. My husband calls me Rudolph LOL you're perfect and amazing and I love you so much for this gift of being able to be here with you for this moment. Nobody was ever happy for me when I got pregnant. It causes me a lot of pain to watch preg reveals etc, because that's all I ever wanted. Love you tho, I feel like this vid captures how I feel about having another baby. Not like anyone but me would care.

  • Congrats sooo happy for you…. it seems to been a very long journey for you it took me almost 12 years to fall pregnant with my 1st baby boy then 5 m in the after that I fell.pregnant again and 2 years later were expecting our 3rd baby I'm due i n 2 weeks…. I cried when you did I'm ecstatic for you I pray everything goes well…. love from Australia

  • I was trying so hard and gave up for a little bit. .. bought a pregnancy test just for fun sat it down cuz I just didn't wanna look at it and see a negative…. Came back 15 min later and it was positive I started balling and threw the test and tried calling one of my friends to tell her and couldn't even communicate. She came over and I just was so overwhelmed happy tears

  • Sooo freaking excited for you! I battled infertility for the longest have 2 angel babies. My last time trying i knew something was wrong i was admitted to the hospital and results were cancer. I had uterine cancer fully hysterectomy all hope was lost but my friends daughters mother who is now like my sister offered to carry a child for me we are now 14 weeks 5 days im so excited! Many blessings to you and i will be documenting our journey on Solis Surprises here on youtube just wanted to make it to the second trimester before i started!!

  • REALLY frustrating how obvious a LOT of these comments haven't watched the full video. I'M PREGNANT. Sorry you couldn't see the second line. Seems like people only believe you're pregnant if it's a blazing positive. I know how to read a pregnancy test. The camera couldn't show the second line BECAUSE IT WAS FAINT. There were two lines. Don't believe me? Well, that's on you. LOL. I'm 12 weeks pregnant. I encourage you to look at my channel before commenting how I'm stupid and that I'm not pregnant.


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