Large Family Mom Baby #8 Gender Reveal, Natural Birth Plans, Plus Past Birth Stories!

Large Family Mom Baby #8 Gender Reveal, Natural Birth Plans, Plus Past Birth Stories!

– So I know you guys
probably don’t believe me, but we are gonna sit here
and chat about the new baby, and I’m gonna tell you
the gender of the baby, and hopefully, I’m gonna
get into birth plans, birth stories, maybe even
why we are a large family, and we’ll just see how long
I can sit on my porch quietly and have this conversation with you guys. So, let’s just jump in to talking all about baby number eight. So a few weeks ago, and maybe
it’s been a month ago now, I am 27 weeks, as of today, and I am due towards
the beginning of July, so we really don’t have
that much longer to go. Liam and I, Liam was able to
have a day out with Mommy, and we went to the midwife and the ultrasound technician was in, and we got to see that the baby is a boy. So our pattern holds true. We have had two boys and a girl, and two boys and a girl,
and then we had Daniel, and now we have this baby, and we’ll see how that pattern continues, but it’s been boy, boy, girl, boy, boy, girl, boy, and now, boy. So, we have also settled on, this baby’s name is Benjamin David. Of course we have a
Jadin, a Zion, a Naomi, a Gabriel, a Liam, an Amelia,
a Daniel, and now a Benjamin. And with our first three babies, we did not realize that
everybody in our family has an I in their name, but I was writing out Christmas cards, around the time I was
pregnant with Gabriel, and we hadn’t settled on a name yet, and as I was writing the
names on the Christmas cards, I realized, oh, wait a minute. Travis, Jamerill, Jadin, Zyin, and Naomi. We all have I’s in our names. So whenever we picked Gabriel’s name, we were looking for a name
with a good strong meaning that also had an I in it, so we were like, we were either gonna keep the
pattern of the I’s or not, and so we have stuck with it. So everybody else’s name has an I in it and then when I write em all out, I can dot the I’s with hearts or stars or whatever little embellishment
I would like to add. So we all have I’s in our names. And I don’t think I’m
gonna be in order here. What I wanna talk about is the new baby, birth plans, I’ll get
into my birth stories, so already in my mind, I’m
jumping, I’m subject jumping, topic jumping within
our main subject here. So our first six babies
we had at the hospital. I have used, basically it’s
been a doctor’s office, but they also have certified
nurse midwives on staff and as long, the last doctor office that I used for several pregnancies, as long as there were no major history of pregnancy complications, and they probably have
special guidelines for that, you could go through the
certified nurse midwives. So a few things that’ll be different with, at least with the birth
plans with this baby, we’ll get into that, but I’m trying to give
you some history here. So, first six babies, certified nurse midwives in the hospital. All of those babies, I’ve
had pitocin with all of em’. All of them I had an epidural. My epidurals have always worked wonderful. Then I was pregnant with Amelia, who was our sixth baby
and our second daughter. I wanted to go through the
natural birthing center, and really my main reason
for wanting to do that was, we also have a new hospital in our area, and the rooms are just,
at the new fancy hospital, they are so small and so, I felt like by the time I had Liam, who was our number five, cramming our larger than average family, my husband would come, and he would have three
or four kids with him and kids would have to sit on the floor and hospitals are dirty, and then we’d get home with a new baby, we’d all get sick with something. In fact, when I came home
with Liam, baby number five, we all had the full-blown, I felt like death store flu within a week. The only one who did not
get the flu was Liam, and that’s because I was
exclusively breastfeeding him, and even though I felt
like I was going to die, he was getting all those good
antibodies through my milk and he didn’t, didn’t faze him at all. Everybody in the house was seriously sick and I attribute that to us all having to be in the hospital the week before. So I’m not anti-hospital
birth, I just feel like for our growing family, and because I haven’t had
any pregnancy complications, my births always go very well and I’ll get into those details, I thought by the time I had Amelia, and since I had the
fresh memories in my mind of Travis coming with four children and there not being enough room for them to comfortably visit in the room with me, so I was in the hospital
by myself for three days. Now that’s nice, I know moms
enjoy that and of course, we all like to get a few
days away, that’s fun, but my family couldn’t come visit me and it was uncomfortable, again,
kids sitting on the floor, and then the flu and so
by the time we had Amelia, I was like, “I wanna try
something different now,” and so, in our area, there’s
a natural birthing center that had opened and I knew a few moms who had already used
their services, and so, the way that the birthing
center is set up, it’s not affiliated with the hospital, but it is super close. So, we joke, if Travis had to pick me up and run me across the road, he could, and it’s just, it’s set
up like a luxury hotel, there are birthing pools there. Also, I had a question before, someone wanted to know if, I don’t know, if there’s multiple moms
in the birthing center. There could be more than one mom in labor, but you have private rooms. Again, just like a luxury hotel. So, my room when I had
Daniel had a large bed, a pool, it had the birthing stool, had all kinds of equipment,
any way I would want it. Now the reason that I didn’t
end up having Amelia there. So I was all set up, baby number six, I was gonna have her
at the birthing center, and then at about 36 weeks
pregnant, I fell down the stairs. I fell down the stairs hard, and it was already gonna
be something new for me, to have a 100 percent,
un-medicated child birth, and I don’t really know, you can’t always explain all your feelings or understand them all, but
after I fell, I just felt like, I just wanna have her at
the hospital (laughs). So, all that being said,
I was just dealing with, as moms we have a lot
of thoughts and feelings that go into our birthing plans, and I think ultimately as moms, we just need to support one
another and not nit-pick. I’m not nit-picking, saying hospital birth
is the only way to go or home birth is the only way to go or birthing centers
are the only way to go, I’m just saying what
my experience has been. So with Amelia, I did not want
to have her at the hospital, but after I fell down the stairs, something just changed
in my mind and my heart, and I thought, oh, maybe, and you get so emotional
towards the end of pregnancy, and I just thought, “Well maybe I should
have her at the hospital, “maybe I’m wrong, maybe I do
need my epidural every time.” It just through me into
major second thoughts so, with Amelia, I went back
through the midwives, they took me back in, no problem, that I’ve used for several other births, and I had her at the
hospital with an epidural. I was in the hospital,
pretty much by myself for those three days. I mean, Travis and the
kids did come a few times, but again, there was hardly
anywhere for them to sit. The hospital rooms are
not very family-friendly, and so that gets me on that rant, and so, Amelia and I had a lovely time, and I knew going into it that it just wasn’t gonna
be a family experience. So, I had her at the hospital,
again with an epidural. Now, when I have epidurals,
and then they also, they hook you up to so many IVs and various interventions, that I have always dealt with at least a solid
week of major swelling and I’m not talking about regular swelling that moms deal with having natural birth, I just mean my hands, my feet, my legs, I have dealt with a lot
of swelling afterwards. I take ibuprofen, I elevate
my feet, all of that, but it’s one more thing
I’ve had to deal with. So, whenever we went to
have baby number seven, which was Daniel, and of course, we all know Daniel just turned two and he’s running around like everyone else and he’s a big boy and
he’s picking up sticks and jumping over streams,
and doin’ all the things, keeping up with all the kids now. When we went to have Daniel, I thought, okay, from the beginning, I’m going through the birthing center, “I’m gonna do this, we’re gonna do this, “it’s gonna be great.” I didn’t get spooked. I went through the birthing center, of course I had read a
lot, cause it is different, if you have several births,
pain-free, in the hospital, with lots of interventions
and all of that, I didn’t know what to expect
with natural childbirth. I figured that it would be
a wild and crazy experience, actually pushing out the baby
with no medication whatsoever, but then, I also was relying on the fact that I’m a woman and God made
my body perfectly capable of birthing babies and that,
with the six babies prior, I had had, again, pitocin and epidurals, but I was never cut, I
didn’t have any major tears. Once it got time to push the baby out, it was always very quick. I knew the difference was the logistics. I was gonna push this baby out
and there was no goin’ back, there was no pain medication,
there was nothing fancy, but I also, I just felt
like it was gonna go well, and I had a lot of peace about it. So, with Daniel, my water and… Okay so, something else that happens with all my pregnancies
is, I’m trying to think, I think with Naomi, no,
I’m trying to think. No, with Naomi they broke
my water at the hospital, but my contractions were
coming regular, regularly. And then with Jadin, I
believe they broke my water, but with everybody else, my
water broke on its own at home. So, I was waiting for that,
because Gabriel, my water broke, Liam, my water broke, (chuckles)
Amelia, my water broke, and with Zion my water broke at home too. So, with Daniel, I was just waiting, because with my last two
or three pregnancies, I’ve had a lot of the
several weeks of false labor. The contractions, they
don’t pick up a rhythm or any of that, so I know it’s
not the real deal Lucille, but I was waiting for, I was praying, “Okay Lord, help my water break so I know “that I can just go in and have this baby “and they won’t send me back home.” So my water broke, and from
the time my water broke to actually holding Daniel was
probably about three hours. Differences so far,
between my hospital births and then my one birthing
center experience was, I got to go home about four
hours after having Daniel, so I was home, I was comfortable, I did not have the foot
swelling, the lower leg, I didn’t have any body
swelling, whatsoever. I healed incredibly fast. I was able to go home
and snuggle with my baby and have all the kids come into the room and visit with the baby
often and I could just rest and sleep and be with my baby. And the midwife then came out
to the house in a few days and she looked into and
checked in on the baby and I, but it wasn’t, we didn’t
have to load everybody up, we didn’t have to squeeze
everybody into a small room that’s not made for families,
we didn’t bring home a, I’m not a big germaphobe, but we didn’t all have to
tramp through a hospital full of sick people and bring
all the germs home. So with all of my other births, with Jadin’s birth, I was 21. Travis and I got married, I was 18 about to turn 19, he was 21. I had just finished my
first year of college, he was in his third. So we got married and about
two or so years later, we had Jadin, and again,
epidural, hospital. I have a few (chuckles)
little stories from there, because I didn’t know what meconium was and that is the bowel movement
that builds up in the baby, it’s usually their first bowel
movement after they’re born, and you look for that. It’s a black, tarry stool. Well, when that happened, no
one had prepared me for that and I wasn’t a nurse yet or anything, and so, I called to the nursery and explained this black
poop that my baby had and they laughed at me. So that was sad, I had some of those new mom
experiences just with nurses and staff that didn’t
remember the perspective of being a brand new mom and I didn’t know what
that was (chuckles). I had no experience with
that, but besides that, he was healthy, I was healthy and that was my quick explanation
of my birth with Jadin. With Zion, we were in the middle of moving and I remember that night,
Travis had just moved in, but of course I’m busy, so I was helping and it was right around Zion’s due date, so I was purposely pushing myself because I wanted to have that baby. So, I remember, I was putting
laundry in the washer, putting laundry in the dryer,
doin’ dishes, marching around. Travis had moved in a bunch of appliances, we had ordered pizza. Jadin was two, almost
three, and then that night, once we got into bed, it was
probably within 10 minutes of me actually being settled, and my water broke and I said, “Okay, my water broke.
Let’s go have this baby.” And so, with Zion, we had
recently moved to the area and the doctor I was using,
I didn’t use him again. With the midwife, I used for Jadin, that was in another area
and whenever we moved here, I had just picked a
doctor in the phone book, in reference to having Zion, and there were several
things I did not care for about using that doctor and also when I went to have Zion, not that I had a big
relationship with that doctor, but, he was on vacation and
some doctor I didn’t even know from out of the area
delivered Zion and it just, it wasn’t what I wanted
in a birth experience. But Zion was healthy, I was healthy, had an epidural, had no pain. Usually with my epidurals,
I just take a nap, and then I push the baby out. The only thing that was a little startling with Zion is that his blood
sugar dropped real quick, and I remember them rushing in, telling me they had to give him a bottle, but again, now that I’m
aware of patient teaching and that’s also another thing,
I am not an expert nurse, okay, (laughs) but I do know just enough to be dangerous and so, when they rushed in telling
me his blood sugar dropped, and rushed back out,
there was no explanation. There was no patient teaching, I was about to start nursing school and now I know, someone
should have stood there to educate me on what was
happening with my baby and what they were doing and
all of that, but no one did. Now what was good about my
experience with Zion was, I remember, one of the
nurses who took care of me after I had him, she was excellent, and I remember watching her
over a few days thinking, “I’m gonna be a nurse.” She made nursing look good, which is good. So, that was a good experience. (piano music) And I was pregnant with little Naomi. What was different with
that, during that pregnancy, is I was actually assaulted by a patient. One of our patients at
the psychiatric hospital got confused one evening, and that patient was hollering
at me and he actually, he thought I was one of his daughters, and he would holler at me and so I went into a patient’s room, just to check on him, and that
gentleman, who was confused, had woken up and was
hollering at me in the door to get out of the room and
they were cinder block walls, it was a state hospital, and I knew, the Holy Spirit tells you
things, I knew in my mind, I needed to get past him
to get out of the room or he was gonna, he could
hurt me very badly in that room cause all the
walls were cinder block, so I went to try to get by him and he grabbed the top of my hair and threw me across the hallway and I went into one of those
metal rails on the wall. All that to say, I was
very scared to go back to work after that, for a
season, so I just stayed home. I had been a nurse probably close to two years by that point. I just didn’t work my standard
weekend shift for a while, until after Naomi was born. With having Naomi, I had
a certified nurse midwife and also, there’s always doctors
and other staff available, but I was in the hospital,
I had my epidural, I had little Naomi, and then what was different with that was, because I was already a nurse. So then when you are a nurse,
and you’re in the hospital, you notice things. So that’s another thing I deal with, being in the hospital. I am super sensitive to the profession, I am not a nurse
extraordinaire, but again, I know just enough to be dangerous. So, I was questioning the med orders and my swelling and my
ability to get snacks and I didn’t want any
students in the room, cause I knew what it
was like to be a student and then I knew all the jibber-jabber that goes on behind the scenes, and so I just felt like
my hormones are in a ball and I’m just fighting everybody. And so then with Gabriel
what was different, so with Gabriel what was different is, we were getting ready and my mom was gonna have
a baby shower for him, and we had gone to that
restaurant that day, and he still wasn’t due for
another two weeks or so, and my water broke two weeks early, so he was born at 38 weeks,
not that super early, but Gabriel was our only truly bald baby and he was our smallest baby. He was about seven pounds, two ounces and again, bald as can be, and all of our babies have been at least eight and a half pounds, now they’re getting closer to 10, cause they have more room now to grow, but anyways, so Gabriel was
our true early little guy. And so then when I had Liam, again, Liam was another hospital birth, and that was a whole lot of fun. Again, that was the time
I realized, these rooms do not fit us comfortably and we are bringing home
a whole lot of germs and I started to realize that
maybe I had other options and that was part of it too,
I never really realized. I thought it was hospital
birth or home birth, I didn’t realize there were
any in-between options. Now I know I’ve been asked
too about home births. Home births are great. I have lots of friends who have birthed a lot
of children at home. However, it’s not Travis’ thing, he doesn’t want me to birth at home, he can’t handle it (chuckles). Again, just not his thing. I would be open to doing a home birth, but I think that what we
have found at least so far with the birthing center
is a good in-between. I can have the baby there, I can have a professional with me, I can be close to the hospital, and at least last time, that worked well. Also I’ll say, that if I ever
had to go to the hospital, I would certainly go, and there might come a time where I need to have a
baby at the hospital, and that’s where we’ll be. So, I think I’ve told the
story backwards a little bit, but I already shared about Liam, trying not to be too redundant. I’ve already shared about
Liam and Amelia’s births and then Daniel’s birth. So, looking back at my
birthing center experience, again, everything went quick there. The midwife and her
assistant were excellent. They are very encouraging of water births and they have everything
there to birth in the water. When I got in the water with Daniel, dealing with unmedicated
contractions and all of that, I didn’t feel like I had,
like it was slippery, I mean, they put handles in the tub, but I didn’t feel like
I could get comfortable. I felt like I would need some training to really be able to birth in
the water and it work for me. I’ve heard wonderful
stories, moms love it, they say it’s the way to go, but I was just in there
floundering around, feeling irritated that I was in a tub of water and I wanted out. So I did try for about an hour, but again, it just was irritating,
it wasn’t it for me. Irritating, that’s my… The kids are playing with the dogs, if you hear the hooting and hollering. That’s just my pregnancy stance. I just feel irritated. All the hormones, all the feelings. And so, I’m trying not
to be snarky (laughs), I’m trying not to sound snarky, but in pregnancy, it just
really brings it out of me. So, I was irritated at that tub, I was irritated at that water, I wanted out of there and
once I got out of the tub, I will say in less than
30 minutes, I had Daniel. I had him pretty much on the floor. I mean, they pushed a
birthing stool under me, but I just went with what was intuitive, it was intuitive for me to
squat down and have that baby, and of course gravity and everything else, it just helped get the job done. So, that’s my birth plan this
go round with Benjamin David. I want to go to the birthing center. I want to stay out of that
water (chuckles) because I just, I don’t want that water and I wanna be able to just
sit down and have that baby. The big new thing that I’m doing with this birth is I’m
going to have a doula. I have never had a doula. I’m learning about doulas and I know several of
you ladies are doulas, and are midwives, and
are birthing coaches, and I just think it’s a wonderful thing. I think a different season
of life, I would’ve thought, “I’m gonna be a doula.” So anyway, a doula is, what their job is, is they are going to,
it’s gonna be a lady, she’s gonna be with
me, I know her already, and she is going to focus on
me (laughs) the entire time, because the midwife really
focuses on making sure I’m safe, the baby’s safe, and the actual delivery. A doula, like Naomi’s explanation is, “It sounds like she’s
you’re personal servant.” That’s pretty much it. I need someone to bring me ice, I need someone to tell me different– I can’t think and you know
how, during labor and delivery, you can’t always think for yourself. You can’t always advocate for yourself, just like me being in
the water for an hour and feeling irritated, I feel like a good doula
would have been able to see, this water is not working for her and let’s try these other two
things and see if they work. I can’t think of those kind of things when I’m there birthing a baby, so the doula is there to
just be another mind for me. Again, Travis will be there, but ladies, but I always tell people, unless you want to pick
the six foot, six man off the ground, you
need to leave him alone. So he is not a dad that
is gonna deliver the baby, or is gonna be in the tub of
water with me or any of that. We just have to kind of respect what each one of us can
handle and so anyway, that’s again, why I need a doula, because not all dads deliver babies and not all dads can handle it, so that’s the big difference
with Benjamin David. I’m getting myself a doula and I hope to just go and have the baby, and then take a nice long nap, and then come home and rest at home. And my mom may come, Travis will be home. We’ll have food and meals available. We’ve just been at this a while, so it’s not super complicated, I don’t feel like I have
to have a month’s worth of dinners in the freezer, but I do feel like we need
a good grocery shopping trip and between Travis and everybody else, they can make meals while I rest and marathon nurse the baby. So anyway, I know I’m in full ramble now, but I think I’ve answered
all the questions of the birth stories and some timeline and you now know we’re having a baby, it’s a boy, his name is Benjamin David, oh, I can tell you about the names thing, the name thing here real quick. So when we had Amelia,
our boy name was Daniel. So we’ve had several years
of talking about baby Daniel, even before I was pregnant with Daniel, and not long after we had
Amelia, the kids and I, with brand new baby Amelia
were grocery shopping, of course, cause that’s what we do and someone came up and was talking about cute little Amelia, and little Naomi said, and Naomi was six when Amelia
was born, little Naomi said, “We also have a baby brother named Daniel, “but he’s in heaven with Jesus.” And the poor woman, (gasp) she thought we had lost a child, and I had to explain to her
that our boy name was Daniel, and that since we had a girl, our next baby will
probably be baby Daniel, and he’s in heaven with Jesus,
since we haven’t had him yet. And so, with Daniel, we
had the name Daniel Joel. We already knew that
was our boy name still. So, one of the names that
I liked when I was pregnant with Daniel was Benjamin David. I really liked the name
David as a first name too, but I think having a Daniel
and a David a few years apart, I’m gonna be fumbling
around my D’s all the time, so I like the combination
of Benjamin David, that’s what we’re going with,
it was a fairly easy decision. Some girl names that I like, I’ve seen the videos, Girl Names That I Like,
But We’re Not Using, and I know time-wise, I’m not
gonna be able to sit down. It’s already been (laughs) hard enough for me this evening,
although it’s been fun, but I’ve had lots of little interruptions, to sit here and get this
long promised video, so I’m probably not gonna film a Girl Names That I Love, But I’m Not Using type video, but a few girl names that I do love, that maybe you’ll hear
from me in a few years. I love the name Lydia, I
love the name Annalise. I know we do have an
Amelia, but obviously, we can have children with
the same first letter, it’s just nice if they’re
not back to back in my head, or that may be just fine. Also, for a boy name,
I like the name Levi, but it just doesn’t,
definitely feels like, this baby is Benjamin David, everyone’s calling him Benjamin David. Naomi’s been calling him Benny Boo. We’ve just been calling
him cute things already. Liam will come up and
hug my stomach and say, “I love you Benjamin David.” So he’s, he has been named, and
I don’t know what else guys. I feel like this video has
grown incredibly long winded, but I’m gonna let you go now. Thank you for watching this whole thing. If you want the 10 large family table
dinner recipes free book, you just text the word 10 Recipes to 44222 and I will shoot that back out to you. So, I’ll see ya next time
with another brand new video. Ba-bye! (jazzy piano music)

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  • I have a Johnathon James and a Lydia Maree..he is 15yrs old and she will be 11yrs old in August..I have been a single mum for just over 10yrs..I am very proud of how I have raised my children..sadly I have secondary breast cancer of the time is limited..but I make the most of what time I have with my children..😊

  • my9th child Benjamin David John and is was the last of our tribe, ,we always called him Ben 6foot 5 good name Ben's r sweet and gentle

  • Congratulations dear lady. I am 72 years old, a grandma of 2, and have had two miscarriages, one son (51 years ago) terrifying birth with what was called a saddle block,, born at the Navy hospital. Kevin was healthy and once born he gained weight well, etc. Back then, we just got pregnant, had the baby and didn't ask questions. Well, 8 years later I had my daughter, 9 pounds, 10 ounces, NATURAL. What made that birth so wonderful is that I read the book, "Childbirth Without Fear". It told the story of a woman in china who was out in the rice field, in labor, squatted, pushed out the baby and went on working. When she was asked by the author how she stood the pain, she said, "Was it supposed to hurt?" Hence, I concentrated on FULL relaxation during the pre-push labor and Heather was born after only three pushes. By the way, she was born during the Super Bowl and the doctor came in to check on me at the half time!

  • THE FLU!!! That just happened to us! I had baby #7 on April 6th in the hospital and during my stay I developed a cough that turned into a terrible flu and all my kids and husband got it except 2 of the older kids and Sophia ,the new baby! It was so terrible( Sophia also ended up with jaundice so we were tied down to a biliblanket for a week and going to the hospital for blood work all the time).I thought sure Sophia would get it since I couldn't help but cough all over her but she did not and she is also EBF.

  • Jamerill, your plans sound great.
    I find it really great that you went from hospital birth to birthing centre birth.
    Thats excactly what I went for. I had 2 children at the hospital and my last at a birthing centre. I loved it so much to go home and straight into my own bed with my little girl.
    Water births where also not for me, I had my last one standing, rather than laying on my back like the first two children. As you said, I found that gravity was really helpfull when standing.
    Greetings from Germany, Salo

  • I'm curious whether your oldest boys have expressed frustration at the extra responsibilities asked of them as the oldest of a large family. My parents were both the oldest of very large families. They made a decision to have one child.

  • in the beginning of the video you were going to mention why you had a large family but never got into that love to hear about it.

  • I just have to say that you are my sister in law's twin stranger. You look identical to her. Also congrats on baby #8! Me and my husband have been TTC for 3 years now and still no baby but we're hopeful that the doctors can help us out. If you could please keep us in your prayers I'd greatly appreciate it. πŸ’— Best of luck to you! 😊

  • My oldest son is a Benjamin. Love that name! Thanks for sharing all of your birthing stories with us. It's always interesting to hear how other people do things. πŸ™‚

  • My husband and I are due with number 3 in December, unfortunately I will be having my 3rd C-Section. I wont ever get to experience natural childbirth but of course a healthy mama and baby is the most important thing. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy and delivery!

  • I had 3 home births and 1 birth center birth and they were great for my husband and I. He was my birth coach. I was under a warm shower to help back labor but I do not do tubs…at any time.

  • i want to have a family as large as yours one day… for now i only have 2 little ones. 😊

  • hello! how far apart are your children? I would love a large family, and my husband and I have a 2 year old boy, Titus and a 6 month old little girl, Astrid. We may be pregnant again with a 3rd, God willing, and I'm really having mixed emotions about it because of people's responses to my daughter being so close to my son in age with comments like, don't you know what causes that? or Yikes! or again!?. How have you handled people's sometimes cruel reactions to your larger than average family? I find it difficult to have grace in those situations especially with the hormones raging and having struggled through health issues that I was told would keep me from ever conceiving. Thanks so much for this video!

  • I watch everyone if your videos and i find your patience very inspiring for me. My husband and I have 5 kids together and both work. im trying out the blogging thing and ive prayed on it but i find it so hard to find the time to get to it. i crochet very warm and snuggly newborn hats that im going to start donating to hospitals and orphanages. i would love to send you a few for your new baby. you can email me where to send them at [email protected] if you would like. 😊

  • I had to laugh about everyone having an "I" in their name. I was pregnant with my 4th when I realized my name and my husband and my 3 older children had 6 letters in our first name sooooo… number 4 had to have that many too.

  • My sister had a doula… she was fantastic!!! I remember visiting my sis and her doula was cutting up and feeding her waffles at the birthing center while they were measuring the baby shortly after her birth. it was like a cozy house. πŸ˜ƒ I have two babies and pregnant with my third. the first was induced and I had epidural second was C-section be use she was Frank breach.

  • congrats! love the name. Caroline is a great girl I name if you need one in the back pocket. πŸ˜ƒ

  • Congratulations hun on you're new baby boy! I'm also pregnant with our 8th baby I have 4 boys and this little girl makes our 4th baby girl were due in October. Large families are such a blessing from God

  • Thank you Jamerrill, I love checking in on your sites. I found you awhile back as I'm always trying to find cost savings for my large family. You of course know groceries can be a large expense! Some of the reasons I have liked your updates are that when I found you we to had a baby Daniel. Our Daniel is about 6 months older than your Daniel. Our family has 2 girls, a boy, 2 girls, a boy and a girl!! Our patterns are opposite! Our children are close in age to yours and we have been married almost the same amount of time! We are done however having children, though I grieved. I've had all csecs and the Lord made it clear that I should be done! You also said in this video that you liked David as a first name. That is my husband's name. our first son starts with D and Daniels middle name is David! We live many miles apart and yet have similar stories! I'll check in soon. Thank you for sharing your stories with us!

  • Benjamin David….2 of my fave names..congrats. my old midwifery tutor used to say baby's are born not delivered

  • We have a large family too. Love it. We are expecting baby #7. We have boy, boy, girl, boy, boy, boy, then finally my 2nd girl is now due August 29. I'm really excited. Do you plan to have more?

  • Your family is so lovely! One day I hope to have a family like yours. Also congrats on the new baby! So happy for you.

  • Hello! Love your videos and we have subscribed! hopefully you can check out our channel as well! Thank you!!

  • Why were you in the hospital for 3 days because you're usually only in the hospital for about 24 hours after birth? Also have your labors got shorter and how long was your last 2?
    With your last baby being a birthing center and coming home so quick, did they do all the
    ""new birth tests""
    that they do when they are first born ?

  • I wish I could have my babies at a birthing center but excess bleeding issues prevented it. I had three with epidurals and my last three without. I much prefer no epidural. I had preclampsia with my last. My BP went crazy high during birth. It was scary. My babies are always big (3rd was 11lbs) and the last two had to be in the NICU for low blood sugar. The thought of future pregnancies scares me but I'm leaving it in God's hands.

  • we have 3 girls and 1 boy. the boys on my husbands side have daddys first name as their middle name. our son is joseph gabriel. joseph after his deceased paternal grandfather(husbands dad) and then gabriel after my husband. now our girls, including me, all start with the letter S. savannah, sydney, and shannon. then we noticed after sydney that all us girls names are a geographical location or city. mine is sierra for the Sierra Leone in africa, then savannah after the city in georgia, then sydney after australia and then shannon is a city and a river i ireland which is where my husbands ancestors are from πŸ™‚

  • love your videos. trully an inspiration. I'm 36 widow now almost 2 yrs. our sons name is clint Alan silcox. I had to have an emergency c section. my first baby. my husbands 4. he had 3 kids in his first marriage. he Had a boy a girl then a boy. then we married tried many urs to get pregnant and we're blessed to discover after 16 yrs we were pregnant. what a blessing. thank u for sharing ur videos.

  • Would love to get the recipes but I couldn't get it to work (in Canada) πŸ˜’ Congratulations on another little boy! Benjamin is a wonderful name

  • So positive, thank you for this! I had my first little boy in November and I gave birth without any medication and it was such a beautiful experience but, you are right that there is no wrong or right way to have a baby. I am thankful that I only dealt with one nasty doctor but my midwife was incredible and I am thankful for that! Wishing you a safe and healthy birth.

  • I am on my first! But I want a big family 6+ basically as many as we can afford! I am 14+5 weeks and I do pregnancy updates, but we dont know the gender yet we will know on the 19th June :O Can not wait!

  • Anyone who has had a baby knows how uncomfortable and vulnerable the process is when you don't have someone taking care of all the details for you. I hope the doula is the answer to that. I am prego with the fifth, due in November, and I am wanting to try a center and doula for the first time. The only problem is the closest one is two hours away! Blessings for your next birth!!Β  I was very interested to hear that your healing was much better and that the nurses let you keep the baby in the room at the center.

  • The flu story is exactly the same as mine after no.5!!! We were soooooooo sick……wouldn't wish it on anyone!!

  • I'm going to have two under 2 in October. Freaking out about how I'm going to care for a newborn with a rambunctious toddler running around. God bless you hon for bringing all these little ones in the world. Mothering one baby is hard enough work, so I can't begin to imagine multiplying that responsibility and love. Also don't know how you pushed out several 8 pounders. My son was tiny for 40 weeks (5.14 pounds), but he's in the 88th percentile at one year old. My first birth traumatized me psychologically and physically (5 months for my lady parts to endure you know what…) and I had insomnia for weeks. Praying for a smoother delivery this time.

  • Yes you MUST do what you feel is right for YOU. And you seem to have easy healthy births so why not choose home or somewhere else that isn't hospital when you know, from your vast experience, it will almost certainly go well. Of course human beings have been doing natural birth for thousands of years so we really shouldn't need medical science to do it. But if that helps, it's all good. I used to be part of leading healing services at church and we always worked on the basis that what God can do and what man can do go together. Of course they do when your belief is that God gave us the ability to do medicine and all the other things that human beings can do.

    From what I have heard, squatting actually IS the natural position to give birth so no wonder it worked with Daniel. I seem to remember in the TV serial "Centennial" that's how they portrayed what Native American women did – go somewhere quiet and squat to give birth.

    But what do I know – I'm a man. Only another woman can be a doula. My body isn't even built to do what you've already done 7 times!

    "I know just enough to be dangerous"… almost Alexander Pope, when he wrote "A little learning is a dangerous thing". I believe it is said of doctors that they are the worst patients – easy to see why!

    Thank you for sharing so much!

  • You make me so happy to watch! I love all your videos, and your such a great mom. I can only aspire to be as happy and organized like you. ❀

  • Get yourself that doula, Momma. 😍 you deserve it. I'm very happy for you and your family. Love his name.

  • I think your very brave to go through so many births. I hope it goes well for this most recent pregnancy and birth. I had to have c-sections with my two. To help me my husband always says, "natural childbirth is when the baby comes out." This helped me remember every birth story is different and the important thing is having the baby, maybe even if it wasn't according to your birth plan. Good Luck.

  • When you started talking about a water birth made me smile. I have always been encouraged to go into a shower or a tub to labour… and I always am like "I don't want to be wet!" And I want to push laying on my back. I'm due with my fourth in October and I always have enjoyed labour. (Because its shorter than pregnancy)

  • You and your husband pick solid names!! I esp like Amelia. Was your daughter named after Amelia Earhart? I'm a nurse too. We have to look out for each other. I'm sorry about the incident with the confused patient. It makes me sad.

  • I didn't know you were a psych nurse! I'm a nurse too and always wanted to do psych until my nursing rotation in psych….horrible.

  • My Momma had 2 girls, a boy, 2 girls, and a boy. She had to stop at 6 due to health problems, but she wanted a dozen. I'm #2 of the 6. We lost, well, we didn't loose then, because we know where they are and will be reunited in Heaven some day, my baby brother when he was only 39 yrs old, and my oldest sister a year and a half later at age 57.
    I just think it's fun that you had right the opposite ofy Mom. You're a strong woman to carry, birth, an raise 8 kiddos! I had 2 kids, a boy and a girl, and I was done! I had very hard pregnancies and ended up having to have a hysterectomy 18 months after I had my daughter. I guess that's why God made me so satisfied with just 2 children. I did love growing up in a large family and have felt so blessed to have my siblings when going through life's trials. They are my best friends as adults.
    TFS and God bless you and your family.πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • it’s upsetting to think nurses are judgemental of new mums sometimes for not knowing things. it might make a mama nervous to report something to a nurse, and it could be something dangerous that she ends up not mentioning.

  • are you planning on having another child? if you do i hope it sticks to ur pattern of two boys one girl πŸ™‚

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