Lady-Comp – natural fertility management at its best!

Lady-Comp – natural fertility management at its best!

Lady-Comp. Visit: A few years ago I decided to stop taking
the pill and I decided to do some research on the monthly menstrual cycle,
natural birth control and connecting with the body and that’s when I came
across Lady-Comp and first I was a little bit skeptical of it because it is
a computer device, but after I read the science behind it I changed my mind completely. I have been
using it since September 2013 and so far there’s no pregnancy. It is a 99.3 percent effective
German-made device. All you have to do is take your
temperature with the device to monitor each morning before you get out of bed
and I’m just thrilled to have Lady-Comp because there’s no side effect and
there’s there’s no difficulties like you get from using the pill so it’s great.
It’s fantastic, it’s changed my life for the better. Lady-Comp has changed my life. Approaching my wedding back in 2011. I spent months trying pill after pill, side effect after side effect, but no luck and I felt stuck, stuck in having to go
through all these side effects. Like a lot of girls, I didn’t know much about
natural birth control methods. I’d always been fed that you have to go
in the pill line, I wanted a natural option, so I start searching and that’s
when a friend of mine recommended the Lady-Comp. At first I was very skeptical
and wondering how it could work and I debated for months trying to figure out
if I should chance it and pay the expense to try it. After lot of debate, I broke down
and decided to get one. I have to say, it was one of the best
decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Going off the pill was like coming back
to who I was. I had lost myself taking all those hormones and being so depressed from being sick all
the time. Lady-Comp gave me my life back. I have been using Lady-Comp almost 6 years now to avoid and plan pregnancy naturally. We’re really happy
with Lady-Comp – works great We already have one baby and another baby
on the way in 3 months time and we also Christians so I never wanted to use any
invasive contraception but I always wanted to follow natural family planning methods
so-called NFP. Great – it’s very easy and also very easy to use. When we got married we
did some research over the internet about natural birth control and we found
Lady-Comp. We also were shocked that there is so many side effects related
with taking the pill or the coil, like the blood clots, depression,
hormonal imbalance, problems with getting pregnant in future. There is also a fact
which is little-known by many women, that the pill and the coil also
are acting in anti-implantation way for the embryo, so actually it’s after
conception, it doesn’t allow to attach the embryo to the mother’s womb, which is
totally not acceptable for us and that’s why the natural family planning is so
great and and we’re really happy. Lady-Comp is manufactured in Germany. In
the same place where BMW is manufactured so I would call it that Lady-Comp is BMW
for family planning, so it’s like a great diagnostic tool also for general health,
so I really like Lady-Comp. I’ve tried different contraceptive pills over the
years and I’ve had side effects from all of them. I did some research and the Lady-Comp was very simple to use and it had great accuracy if it’s done correctly
I bought the Lady-Comp about five years ago and it’s supported me to feel so
much more content and well. I’ve even brought it with me when I was traveling
around the world for a year. It’s very simple that operates of a three-color
system red, yellow and green. Red meaning fertile,
green infertile and yellow where it just has a really read your body temperature
Lady-Comp is a fantastic product and it’s supported a great change in my life! Lady-Comp

13 thoughts on “Lady-Comp – natural fertility management at its best!

  • I'm delighted with this device 🙂 I'm using it over two years now – no side effects and also it allows me to know my body in natural way – that's amazing . This is what I needed !!!

  • I have been using LadyComp for over 7 years and absolutely love it! Lady-Comp makes natural family planning easy. I can enjoy all the advantages of natural family planning method (NFP) and organic & healthy lifestyle. Lady-Comp is not only reliable but very easy to use and straight forward! We have successfully avoided pregnancy when we've wanted to and each of our 2 children were conceived within the first month we 'tried' when we did decide to it was time to get pregnant. I also have a lot of close friends using Lady-Comp, and they are happy and satisfied users as well.

  • Great video, I use Lady – comp baby since February and I love it. It is my natural birth controle and after few months it helped me to get pregant after first go! I really love it!

  • I've been using ladycomp for a year and a half now as a form of contraception. It's easy to use and I really like that I'm not putting artificial hormones. It's also great knowing what's going on with my body- where I am in my cycle, whether my ovulation is delayed etc. I really couldn't recommend ladycomp more!!!!!!!

  • I've been using the Pearly for over a year now and it's been a fantastic little product for me. It's super easy to use and there are no side effects. You just take your temperature each morning and follow the traffic light signals and that's it! I would definitely recommend it to all women, whether they're trying to have a baby, or not. Love it!! 🙂

  • I can't agree more with the lady in the video. It is true! It's a very easy and effective way of natural birth control. I would highly recommend lady comp!

  • Fantastic product!I was fed up with hormonal contraception and I started looking for more natural birth control methods.I wanted something easy to use, small and most of all – reliable.I bought Pearly over 3 years ago and it has been a great decision. I hesitated in the begining, because this device is not cheap,but I do not regret it.Pearly is a great computer and I would recommend it to every woman.

  • Hello everyone.
    I am using my pearly for over 6 years now, which is a more basic version Lady comp and cheaper because of that. First battery replacement was needed after 3 years, and I just had the second replacement made. Very quick and attentive customer service.
    Pearly is super easy to operate, flexible for every lifestyle, tiny and cute 😉
    I will definitely recommend it to every woman, and I do.
    It is a big investment but my health is worth much more, and it lasted me already 6 years and I am told that it should for much more.
    So I am sorted;)

  • I also believe that these products should be suggested by the doctors. Not many people know how easy it is to understand and follow your cycle. Pearly or Lady comp read your temperature very precisely and give you a super accurate reading with the stage of your cycle. It learns about your body and it is able to predict your fertility and safe times.
    Definitely recommended, especially for young women, so they learn and understand their bodies from early days and avoid destroying their health with hormones.

  • Very interesting video. And completely agree with the comments. I also had to deal with the side effects of oral contraception and finding Lady-comp Pearly changed it completely. I highly recommend it to all my friends. Moreover, it helps understanding your own body, your rhythm and how tightly it is regulated. Being a nurse, I am still impressed about it…

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