everything was gonna be all butterflies
and, you know, glitter … but, did that happen? nope nope nope
no no no, all right it’s story time But First … my name is faith Matini and I’m so
happy to be doing this collab with Abie I have been able to know her within the
last few months and I just absolutely love her just like her I am a single mom
and I have twin boys on my channel I post videos on motherhood lots of
cleaning and lifestyle and also baby videos so if you enjoy that kind of
content definitely stop by and say hi so I also just posted my video of my labor and delivery story and I’m sure you’re
gonna love hearing that story guys so once you’re done listening to Abie’s
story definitely check me out I would love to have you on my channel so yeah
I’m here just waiting for you and thank you so much for watching guys and
I’ll see you on my channel hi everyone welcome to my channel my name is Abie Kamara and if you’re new to my channel please don’t forget to subscribe today I’m gonna be sharing with you a story that I have not talked about in really about a year now almost a year it is my labor and delivery story it’s
one that’s very personal to me but I do feel like now that I can actually laugh
about it I feel more comfortable to share it, but let me tell you a year ago
I wasn’t laughing about it I was most definitely crying. so now that I can laugh
about it I could laugh but with my mom only really a couple people know this
story because I really did not want to talk about it after it happened but now
that Kai is almost one it’s been almost a year Kai is my 10 month old baby boy it’s been almost a year since his birth I am feeling like maybe now is a good time to share this story and maybe other people have gone
through things like this as well so while I tell the story I’m just gonna be
getting ready for a wedding I’m going to so where do I start
so when I found out I was pregnant I really this was you know my first child
so I’m like okay I want to do it right I’m a person that likes to research I
like to plan I like to prepare so I started researching which is just what I
do I did all the research for first baby and
let me tell you I had a whole plan of what I wanted to do I wanted to have
this baby natural birth no epidural I’ve been practicing hypnobirthing there
was a one point I even wanted to do it in have like a water birth so I had
everything planned in prepared I even had packed my hospital bag and I had
actually recorded a video back then of what’s in my hospital bag I was planning
on hiring a doula but I ended up not doing that and thank goodness that I did
because they’re quite expensive and once you pay them you pay them Hey so
another thing oh so what I decided to do instead was to actually make my own
doula bag things that we’re going to be that a doula would use during birth so
I had my doula bag packed, I had all my snacks on my energy stuff, let me tell
you how extra I was with all things that I was taking to the hospital I had like
LED candles, I had a music speaker, I had wireless headphones, I had essential oils
packed, I was just gonna like decorate the room I had my affirmations that I was
gonna put up I had everything there was a whole list of stuff maybe I’ll redo
that what’s in my hospital bag and I just had this whole idea of my birth
even though I was trying to do it natural but I had this whole idea of it
going to be just so beautiful so special which it was, it was, I’m not saying that it wasn’t. everything was gonna be all butterflies and you know glitter and just happy
everything just going perfect but did that happen nope nope nope no no no there was another plan that was not God’s plan so what happened is after I had
already done all of that packing my hospital bag recorded the videos had my
doula bag bought all this extra stuff I went to my 36 week appointment and
before my 36 week appointment everything had been just fine my my
pregnancy was pretty, like an easy pregnancy I would say. no pregnancy is
easy but it was not difficult I didn’t have any morning sickness I had some
pain here and there and at that point the most pain I had was in my feet and
in my pelvis area which my doctor was just telling me hey it’s all fine
because that means the baby is getting situated lower and just getting ready
for you know make it out this world make it out to the world so I was feeling
good but then at one point right before like maybe days before my 36 week
appointment I the pain that I had in my pelvis that was like very uncomfortable
like so hard to even sit just miraculously went away and I’m like
this is kind of strange because why would this just go away
so the pain went away and then another thing that I noticed was now I had this
like bump like under my rib it was so painful I mean not painful but it was
very uncomfortable and it was even harder to sit down and except the pain was
not in my pelvis now it was like up under my rib so that was like the first
thing I was gonna ask in my 36 week appointment
what is that bump and what’s going on when you’re pregnant you every little
thing that happens you’re wondering like what is this? so I go to my 36 week
appointment and my doctor actually wasn’t available she was on vacation
that day I mean that week or two while I’m there and luckily at this
appointment I had my mom because this was gonna be the appointment where I had
my last ultrasound, just to make sure everything was good because I was almost
going to be full-term so my mom and both of the grandmas were there my mom and
Kai’s dad’s mom was there so that was great because I needed their support now
once we’re at the hospital and we’re having the appointment the first thing
when it’s first things I mentioned to the doctor is hey I have this bump right
here under my rib on the right side what is it and she’s like oh maybe it’s the
baby’s butt you know or maybe it’s a foot or something so we need to check that out
and see what it is so she checks it out and immediately she
was able to tell it was not the baby’s butt, it’s not the foot, it was the
baby’s head and she’s like oh the baby’s breeched and she immediately … you know she checked everything else she said everything else is good
he had she could see that he had hair she showed me his legs and arms everything was good but she said the fact that he’s breeched is you know she went over some
things with me and she said I’m not gonna be able to give birth that
way we need to have him turn she started talking to me about an ECV which is I
believe it’s an external cephalic version and the short term for it is a
version so she was talking to me about this and she gives me this paper and
she’s like I’m just gonna schedule you for it you know for next week because
you’re already at 36 weeks and we need to get it done, actually she ‘s scheduled me
for it that week like that Friday or something and she said we need to get it
done as soon as possible because usually they do it before 37 weeks before you’re
full term so anyway now I’m looking at my mirror so while I do my makeup
definitely running late for this wedding I’ll probably miss the church but that’s ok, I’ll make it there when I make it. so she schedules me for the ecv and she gives
me this paper and she’s like oh read this when you know when you get a chance
we know when you get on well I read this paper and it had so many warnings like
oh I had to come if I was gonna do it I had the day that they scheduled me for
which was that Friday days later I was gonna have to come prepared for an
emergency c-section because often times it can lead to that if this happens if
the placenta ruptures at this and that there’s like so many things that could
go wrong and the the the success rate was like 50 percent or something or less
than 50 percent I’m like oh no that’s failing that is not a good success rate
and so I just was not gonna do it so I called and I canceled the ECV I just
said there’s no way I could do it like I’ve already done everything I want to have a
natural birth they were gonna have to have me on IV just in case if something
goes wrong they could just rush me over to do an emergency c-section so I said
uh-uh cancel cancel cancel so I canceled the appointment and then I had my next
appointment now which the hospital I was going to that I was having all my
doctor’s appointment was like a few hours a couple hours away
drive and at the time I was you know when I started going to that hospital I
was living in the area but then I moved to my parents house in the midst of all
that but I wanted to keep the same doctor so now I was far away and everybody’s
like you do not want to drive two hours or more with traffic when you’re in
labor you need to talk to the the hospital that’s closer to you and it’s a
chain of hospitals so they said I could definitely give birth there so I had
another appointment scheduled to go meet with a different doctor so I can see and
have a tour of that hospital to see if that’s that hospital will work fine for
me so I go to this next appointment with this new doctor and the doctor is like
she checked and the baby was still breeched and she’s like no we’re gonna
have to schedule you for a c-section so she immediately was trying to schedule
me for a c-section I’m like hey now this is my first time dealing with this
so I had no idea what this all meant I’m like can’t I just go through natural birth?
like I can’t wait till my water breaks? why can’t I do it the natural way? why do we
have to do it this way? I don’t want to schedule the birth and she’s like this
is the way it has to be done and I didn’t really like that doctor too much
because she didn’t … I understand it’s like a stressful job that she has and she just
wasn’t really trying to listen to me you know I told her this is my first baby
like I didn’t know, and she already knew the process I had no idea; she didn’t want to
take the time to explain it to me so I decided I’m not gonna give birth in that
hospital because I didn’t … that would have been the doctor that would have done the
c-section for me if I went through with it so I went back to my doctor that I’d
been seeing all along and when I went back to this doctor mind you
in the meantime before I even went to this new doctor just pretty much as soon
as I found out about what the ECV was I started researching because that’s what
I do I’m a person that likes to research Googling, YouTube, I like became obsessed
with finding ways of how I can get this baby to turn naturally so I don’t
have to do a c-section because I was like scared I’ve never had any kind of
surgery in my life and I was just freaked out there was a lot of I was
scared oh there were a lot of Tears and thank you to my mom for you know helping
wipe my tears during this time because this was just all unexpected and just
scary for me so I did my research and I found all these different ways of how
you can get your baby to turn naturally and I’m like one of these ways is going
to work one of the first things I saw was seeing a chiropractor and that the
Webster technique is actually more successful than an ECV so I already been
going to a chiropractor during my pregnancy and so I was like oh great
I checked with them and they had a doctor that you used to be like a
pediatrician and he was familiar with the Webster technique and did it so I
started seeing him and we tried but at that point I was like already like 37
weeks or almost close to 37 weeks and it’s best done throughout your pregnancy or
like before you’re full term because 37 weeks is full term so anywho he tried and he
was very positive and he was like he didn’t want me to do the ECV because he
said it was like stressful on the baby and it’ll be stressful on me so that even
freaked me out more so so yeah so I’ve been seeing I went I was seeing my
chiropractor going to him often then also I started to see an acupuncturist
because that was another way to turn the baby and they do shoot I can’t remember
what it’s called but it starts with an M (Moxibustion)
and what they do is they strangely but they take like two pins and they put the
pins or the needles two needles they take two needles and they put the needles
at you pinky toe like right at the corner of like right after the nail hard to
explain but they put the two needles there and then they take this like mugwort stick which is like herbal stick I mean it makes like smoke and then you
use it you put it near where the needle they well when she did it she put it
where the needles were and she gave me some to take home and to use at home if
someone could help me I had to lay I had to go oh gosh
I had to do it be like inverted so like my butt was up in the air and my feet I had
to be laying a certain way like up on all fours but then inverted with like a pillow and
my mom helped me with this and she would just take the little mugwort sticks and
will hold it by my by where the needle pricks were and just you know work on
that so then we did we did that I did I used the bouncy ball I used the
forward-leaning inversion where you’re like edge of your bed and then you go
forward and you hold it there and come back up you do that over and over again
I did the pelvic tilt which is like you get on a ironing board that’s like
slanted just enough and you lay upside down like backwards so the baby can get the idea
of flipping oh my gosh I did a lot of stuff I don’t even think that was it
let’s see what else I did so yeah so I did forward leaning versions, I went to the
chiropractor, I went to the acupuncturist, I did the mugwort stick, I did the pelvic
tilt pelvic tilt with the the ironing board, I did hypnobirthing,
yes I did hynobirthing, I did music and light at the bottom of the belly and
at my crotch area so so hopefully he follows music and can go down that and
flip around and go that way, I did essential oils, like oh my gosh I tried
EVERYTHING! and so I tried to do all this before I went to my next doctor’s
appointment which now I was like at 37 or 38 weeks or something and my next
doctor’s I think might have been 38 weeks so this time I see my actual doctor doctor
and she just like sits me down and she already knew I’d already emailed her
about what was going on and she already knew what was happening
so at that doctor appointment I had my mom and also Kai’s other grandma Marcy
was there and she straight up just sits sits down and she looks at me and she says I know you don’t want to do the version but and and you want to do
natural spontaneous birth but your baby could die like she looked at me and said
that with a straight face I was like oh shoot like okay she said while she did
not you know she understood that the version was not
didn’t have a good percentage of success but she said it was worth a try because
she also did not want me to have a c-section because she said c-sections
were going to be are usually she said c-sections are usually just harder to
recover from than natural birth than actual I mean not natural birth but
c-sections were just a little bit harder to recover from so she talked me into
trying the version and she said that she would do it herself and I trusted her so
I decided I’m gonna try the version and so now when we set up the version it was
gonna be that Friday which was like I think like two days later and she told me
you know you’re full-term so if the baby has to come and the baby comes it’s actually
fine and not to worry so she said that if the baby had to come like through
emergency c-section that it was going to be okay because I was full-term and he
was at a healthy weight and she said the version we had a good
chance of it working because he wasn’t too big and that it was worth a try so I said
okay I trust her I’m going to have both Marcy and my mom there to support me
so we set it up for that day and also Kai’s dad was going to be there too just
in case it was going to be an emergency c-section so we got all ready I had
everything there everything all set and we did the version and of course like I
said I like to research so before I went into the version I got on the internet
and YouTube and started just researching what this thing is like and I’m telling you
most of the videos I saw it was like it just looked so light and gentle and easy that everything was good so I’m like what was my chiropractor talking about this
is simple I can do this so we go into the version and I should
have known it wasn’t gonna be that easy it was there had to be two doctors
there to do it but so my doctor was there and there was another doctor there
and they were all very kind nurses were so kind and like helpful to me so they get
me all hooked up IV and I had to do all this I couldn’t eat before because in case I had to do c-section I had to just be ready so yeah so I was ready and we
do the version and I’m not gonna say it wasn’t okay I mean it wasn’t painful
it wasn’t anything that was painful it was just very it was just very uncomfortable so what
they do is one doctor is like on one side the other doctor is on one side and
they try to like guide your baby to the right way and they’ll try one way, if
that way doesn’t work that direction doesn’t work they might try a
different way so they tried but it was not “a come on baby, go go go” it was not like they had to have like a good grip, their feet like on the ground and they were
turning like it was I had this little breathing mask thing where they give you
like the gas or the air or whatever it is they give you and that was what
was helping me to not pay attention to it but it was very uncomfortable and I
was like scared because I’m like what what what what if something happens to
my baby? but they were monitoring him and they were watching him and watching his
heart rate and nothing like his heart rate didn’t change he was all good
everything was just fine so my baby did not budge he was not moving he’s like “no
this is where I’m staying nice try mama this isn’t gonna happen” so
anyway so next thing was to schedule the c-section and she’s like we cannot
have you go through spontaneous birth because the way he’s breech it would be
really bad if his cord came down first before he did and the cord gets like stuck
or clamped and then now he won’t have his way of life that cord is his life
line so it could be worst and she’s like but with the scheduled c-section look at the benefits of it and not look at the negatives and the benefit is that
it’s not an emergency c-section so it’s gonna be way smoother you know I
already know when it’s gonna happen and it’s just less stressful so I said okay
we scheduled a c-section for the next week and mind you meanwhile I was
like more comfortable now with it but this was a very stressful like sad time
for me I didn’t, I told this to like no one like only the people that were there
and maybe one other friend knew and that was just because she was also pregnant
at the time and she would call me we had our we were going through our struggles
together so it was nice to have someone to cry with because she had her own
things and I had my own things and pregnancy not easy so I just was lucky that I had
someone that I was close with that was going through it at the same time so she
always was calling and checking on me and I’m someone that I can’t really it’s
hard for me to keep things from people so I definitely have to share it and she
helped me through that but I told it to no one because I just did not want to
talk about it I just was so sad because all these plans that I had with the
fairies and you know the magical birth now it was like I’m having surgery like
I’ve never had surgery before so I just this time I just prepared for the
c-section you know it was a good week because that weekend my pastor prayed with us and was just like hey like we are there’s modern medicine
we have to thank God for that and that the main thing that’s important is not
that this baby flips is that we get the baby here safely so everything is
supposed to be fine so it did work out because everybody knew when the
c-section was going to be and that it was scheduled for a certain time so it
was gonna be Friday at like 7:00am and that Friday I was sad because
the friend that was pregnant I was gonna be missing her baby shower which is
another why I had to tell her because her baby shower was that weekend I’m like I can’t be
there because I’m gonna be giving birth so now the day comes and I’m going to be having a c-section and it worked out and
it was scheduled because I was able to book a hotel you know be comfortable my
family was gonna be able to be there it wasn’t like a rushed situation and mind
you I told you the hospital was like hours away so I was able to be there the
night before so I did all the things that you know
they want you to not eat like I had to stop eating like at midnight or something I
can’t have fluids I had to be, do this whole bath like wash like there was
there’s a lot of stuff, preparation that’s a whole nother you know story there but so
I was all ready all ready I get there bright and early
I bring donuts for the hospital staff because they had been so kind to me
before and I just wanted to thank them also and just also make sure that
they were going to be nice to me during the hospital stay and I get there and
unfortunately my c-section that was scheduled now was not gonna happen when it was scheduled in fact they were booked they just had a bunch of like
people come in to give birth they were just booked every room was actually
taken I had to stay in like a recovery room people for some reason that night
decided or a lot of babies decided they were going to come that day or that
night so I was waiting and every time while I’m in there waiting they’re like okay we’re gonna get you ready you’re gonna be next and then next you know you hear this
like sound on the like intercom and it’s like all code
I forgot what the code was but every time I heard this code something it was like
emergency c-section so they had take someone in and that happened for the
whole day like it happened from like 7:00 a.m. from when I was there and to
like I didn’t pretty much I was supposed to have him around 7:00am and I didn’t have
him till 5:30pm so mind you aww shoot what am i doing
see when you talk too much all types of crazy stuff so mind you the night before they told
me I had to stop eating so I had dinner like a decent hour like I had dinner
like maybe like at 8:30 or something so was like late enough but yeah I was
starving starv-ing like I couldn’t eat anything and they’re like nope you
can’t eat yet then at one point like maybe around like
two or something they came and brought me apple juice, two apple juices I was so
thankful for that because that was like all the food that I had all day
I had my apple juices I’m sitting there waiting oh and at this point they’d
moved me into a recovery room because they have the labor and delivery rooms
in the recovery room that you go to after you give birth and they’re like
you know what you’ve been waiting here all day and we want to get it done since
you’re already here you’re already prepped you can stay in this room and
this will be the room you come back – so it was nice cause I was able to leave all my
stuff there so finally we go to have the c-section I was like scared out of my
mind you could have one person with you and I had Kai’s dad with me and I was shaking like what it gave me the medicine like my arms were like but when they gave
me the anesthetic or whatever it is that they to give you which is like I guess
it’s like an epidural but just stronger they had me on the bed like so I had stopped feeling from like my chest down and I’m like there with my arms out and I was like
shaking like I was shaking and I had to just like calm down and the lady that
was there was like hey you know she was so good the anesthesiologist she kept me
distracted and was just telling me jokes we were
laughing and before you know it she was just like hey
um hold on one second you’re about to have a baby in a few seconds so let’s
you know you’re about to have a baby and all the things they said I was gonna feel
like tugging and all that I didn’t really feel it and it could be because they
had to give it to me they had to inject the painkiller or whatever into me
twice cause the first time I still was like feeling it and I think it’s cuz I was
like shaking that was actually the most painful part of the c-section them
giving me that shot that epidural so then after that I was good the baby came
everything was fine it was beautiful and it wasn’t as bad the c-section
wasn’t as scary as I thought it was gonna be it was actually quite easy I
got to hold my baby and his dad was there to you know go with the pediatrician
with him and while I got taken to the recovery room it was beautiful and while it
didn’t go the way I planned it it was beautiful and I was happy that
everything worked out so now we’re he’s here he made it and it was around 5:30
5:27 p.m. or 526 something like that 527 p.m. he was six pounds four ounces he
was completely healthy he was loud I was able to hear him cry almost immediately
and he was beautiful I was just so happy that all that was was over with so Kai
is here everybody’s happy we’re in recovery I didn’t use anything from that
hospital bag that I packed none of the the doula bag stuff only thing I really
used was my nightgown that I wanted to use instead of eating hospital gown so
I did use that I don’t think I used anything else there and pretty much all
those extra things that I bought you don’t really need you have to check with
your hospital cause they provided everything so it was I barely open that bag I mean
I used Kai’s stuff I made a hospital bag for him so I did get the wear the clothes
that he was gonna wear on him but so I had packed matching outfits I
packed my makeup I was gonna just get glammed up I had like my hair was done in, what was it the faux locs, my hair was in faux locs
so I didn’t have to pack a flat iron or anything like that
and I was just gonna we’re gonna have a photographer come take pictures, no no
no because I just was not like when I see people that were able to get dressed
and get ready and do all of that I’m literally like I was looking for my
eyelashes well yeah when I see people that were able to do that and be all glammed
for their after they give birth oh my gosh like I wish I was able to do that I
didn’t open that makeup bag at all I just was like I look crazy and I maybe
I’ll share the pictures now but I looked crazy
I was like forget the pictures we did take a few pictures but probably nobody’s seen
it unless you were there and yeah I pretty much didn’t use much in that in
that hospital bag but everything went well after that and they’re like you
know what you’re doing so well I was able to like do everything they asked me
to do I had to be able to go pee within like 24 hours or something I had to be
able to get up from my bed and walk to the hospital the room bathroom oh my gosh and that was one of the hardest walks I’ve ever taken in my life it was like this
short there wasn’t it wasn’t a far walk at all but it was so hard and I’m
just like you know I’m gonna make it there because I’m leaving this hospital
like I don’t want to stay here much longer
so everything is good and now we all get ready to leave and we go we were
actually able to leave the hospital within two days like I gave birth on
Friday by Sunday I was like ready to go home and they were releasing me
everything was great and I know what you’re thinking this is where the story
ends right baby’s here c-section went well everybody’s good released by the
hospital story over nope nope no no no this is where the story actually really
begins and this is another untold story I might have to split this into two
parts part 1 and part 2 because obviously the first part is already long
enough so this is part 2 and this part right here involves police car flat
tires tow truck shady tow truck drivers hotel rooms like why was this happening
I don’t know In Krio – me nor kno, ar nor sabi (I don’t know why)


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  • I can imagine how scared you were… My daughter turned in my belly when I was 34 weeks pregnant. I freaked out, I thought I would have to go for a c-section, but then my midwife adviced me couple of excercises to try, she said it might work since the baby just turned… I spent the whole evening doing all the things she said and my baby actually turned back herself… it was very painful, but I was happy because I was able to deliver her naturally…

  • Glad it turned out alright for you during the csection as you were scared before hand. I enjoyed watching as you were also getting ready.

  • Girl when I gave birth I was unrecognizable. Sweaty and greasy looking😂. I would have been so scared if my baby had turned omg.

  • Beautiful video, Abie. Probably a bad idea to watch RIGHT after working in the sun lol so I'll be sure to watch it again to make certain nothing is missed. I am not a parent yet so I have no baby stories. I definitely don't have "getting dolled up" stories 🤣 I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you and look forward to the other vids 😊

  • First of all Your are soooooo stunning !
    Wow can’t believe how many techniques there are to turn a baby !
    Your so brave ! !
    There was some concern of my bubs cords coming out first too cause she wasn’t engaged enough.

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  • With my first and 3rd baby I was able to get my make up down as I was induced and my 2nd baby I was out for dinner so I had my make up done already when I went into labor

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