Kitten Care : How Soon Can I Hold a Newborn Kitten?

Kitten Care : How Soon Can I Hold a Newborn Kitten?

Let’s talk about how soon you can hold a new
born kitten. This is obviously not a new born kitten, but the principle’s the same. With
a new born the first thing you want to ask yourself, is this an orphan. If the queen
or mother cat is present you want to let the queen take care of the kitten and basically
not handle it for the first couple of weeks if you can help it. When you have an orphan
you basically are forced to go ahead and take care of them and so handling them as soon
as possible is better because you want nutrition in to them. You want to be gentle, you want
to keep them warm, and not over handle them either. As they get a little bit older you
obviously can handle them as much as they’ll allow you to, but when you talk about real
young ones again, let the queen decide, let mother cat decide if she is present. And you
don’t want to go too fast. It may take days to a couple of weeks to before she’ll allow
you to handle a kitten because queens can be more aggressive. But as they get older,
they generally are going let you handle them and it’s safe to do so.

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  • What if the mother cat has a history of losing her kittens? Also, A stray gave birth in our kitchen this morning and has yet to feed the baby? So should we feed it?

  • My cat delivered this morning and she lets me handle her kittens without any problems… Just petting them softly. She greets me with her "cat hugs" (when they rub their head on your hand) and purrs. She even picked one in her mouth and put it right on my lap, then 2 minutes later she picked it up again to put it back in the nursery box to feed all of them.

  • I was able too hold her right away I pet her first then pick them up let her see I'm holding them she follows me everywhere she wants me close

  • There was a stray cat that was pregnant and I fed it for a while then it had a babies and she let me touch them the first day they were born

  • my cat when she was pregnant she was.calm she let me touch her stomach and yesterday they were born and she let me touch them and have a.look at one

  • My cat literally just gave birth yesterday so I should wait until she feels comftorable with me holding her kittens?

  • This was not helpful at all the mother cat won't probably let you touch her kittens if she doesn't know you that's just common sense. But the mother cat will if she knew you for a long time.

  • My cat I got when she was 4 weeks old just had 7 kittens a few days ago, she's 11 months now, and I pet her kittens with no problem she doesn't even care or bother to look at me

  • about a week ago my cat had 4 baby's and I haven't yet held them I'm waiting till next week to do that

  • my kitty gave birth to 5 kittens and i cant wait untill it would be a suitable age to hold them as i dont want to cause any if them distress

  • I remember we had a mother cat that would get in your face and demand attention whenever you tried to touch her kittens. Needless to say if the kittens didn't grow up to be demanding they were lapcats.

  • I had a queen who was over protective. If anyone touched her kittens she would relocate them to a hidden place. She abandoned her box and started moving them under the couch which was under a recliner portion of sofa which was very unsafe. Needless to say, it was not easy moving them each time. I had to stop touching them except to move them when mom put them in a dangerous place. So not every cat will let you touch their babies.

  • My kittens are 4 days old I just touched them in presence of the mama cat……. She allowed…… Will she take away the kittens now????

  • Sir please i need your advice my kitten is already rejected by his mother since i touched him yesterday. I dont want this kitten to die and i really saw her mother roaming around my house. Will the mother cat still get my kitten 😢

  • My cat Luna let me handle her kittens with my glove as soon as the first day they were born (one of them was shoking so we had to take it)

  • Hello can someone please answer me.I am buying a kitten from a friend which is one week old.It will not be with it’s mother although it will visit quite often.Is this ok?

  • The guy should have been clearer. It's not that you can't handle kittens before a couple of weeks, it's that you shouldn't try to if it'll piss off the mom. If the mom is okay with you picking up the kittens, there's no problem, and it does no harm as long as you keep them adequately warm and comfortable while doing so.

    Please be advised that cats run hotter than humans, and kittens under 3 weeks old can't regulate their own body temperatures, so if a newborn kitten sits on your lap too long he may become chilled, which is dangerous to him. Generally you don't want to take him away from his kitty cuddle puddle for extended periods. They need the body heat of their momma and littermates.

  • Okay so my cat had kittens yesterday and my sis went to pick her and the eating chord is on her and my cat she can't get it off so how do I get it off please tell me?????

  • i know this is a old video but I was wondering if I can pick up a newborn when the queen is around is there a possibility that she will disown the kitten?

  • We have a queen in our apartment complex who just had 5 kittens about a week ago and she has been very surprisingly sweet to us when we come to check on her and feed her. Hoping to have 5 healthy kittens up for adoption in the next month or so! 🙂 Great video very helpful

  • I need a little advise on caring for a possible premature kitten so if if you have any tips it'd help allot
    Can premature kittens live an average life? And what are a few basics in caring for it ?

  • my cat gave birth yesterday for the second time (can't get her spayed). She has 8 kittens now. Four from the first litter and four from the second litter. She let me touch them. i have 9 cats at my house now lol

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