How To Relieve Tension Headaches When Pregnant

How To Relieve Tension Headaches When Pregnant

hey welcome back it Lynn JT from achieve the birth one and today i have three top tips for dealing with those tension headaches you get in the first trimester and third trimester of pregnancy i’m also going to cover when you do need to worry about your headaches as a potential sign of something more serious and what to do about it… This about the three possible causes: are you lacking in something? is there an excess of something in your environment? or do physically need to remove that tension? so first of all are you lacking in something that’s generally going to be dehydration was the last time you had a glass of water and i’m not talking about coffee or tea so it’s going to be good old h2o to rehydrate or maybe you’re a little bit low in blood sugars and you just need to have a fruit or a healthy snack so try those things first. 2: are your eyes just a bit tired? that too much light too much input too from your computer screen for reading loads of really tiny small text all those things are straining your eyes of reading late at night ? i have general light sensitivity and it got a lot worse during pregnancy for some reason so you can just get sunnies that’s what I do. i wear my sunnies throughout the year because I can rock these! even in the winter i dislike that white light from the clouds from it being overcast, shopping center lights like the fluorescent lamps… you can get loads of different shades of tinted glasses that aren’t too dark so you can see my eyes through these even but it does help filter all that light so make sure that they’re UV filter hundred percent. All this is exacerbated by general fatigue tiredness that you feel when you’re pregnant because your body’s working super-hard creating a human being so you are going to feel really tired and it makes all of this so much harder so make sure you get a good long night sleep you get your cat naps power naps at work if you can use those sunnies to just hide your eyes So number three: of all that fails you might just need to release a little bit of that tension you can really feel it building up down that is tight. i’m going to show you some pressure points where you can very very gently apply pressure just from your little fingers and combine that with your breathing exercises to let out that stress alow that tension out. people hold stress in so many different places. some poeple to the shoulders and people get tummy aches and people get cramps and a lot of people are going to hold it in there around the frown like that so if you’re a frowner it’s gonna be great for you and releasing that tension that buildup causing just stressed muscular discomfort when you’re really heavily pregnant so let’s give this ago: so you have three main pressure points i want to look at right here at the beginning of your eyebrows right in the middle and right at the end just past the end of your eyebrow you feel little indentation there it shouldn’t be super painful should be a good kind of releasing pain so we’re going to combine that with our breath to breathe in you’re going to breathe in all that calm that beautiful golden light around you in through the nose and as you breathe out when you apply pressure i want you to visualize that as a valve opening to release that pressure at all that stress or negativity that you’re building up for it up there and in your frown so let’s give this to go: take a gentle breath in through the nose hold and apply gentle pressure as you exhale deep breath in and glide your fingers to the center of your eyebrows and breathe out applying gentle pressure and you can just feel that dissipating the tention breath in you and glide your fingers right to the outer edge of your eyebrows and apply gentle pressure you feel that opening that valve and letting all that negative energy out and release and we can do that a few times as many times as you need but just doing that with your eyes closed just probably twice circle around twice and open your eyes after you can really feel that lift in your brow. now please be aware of this if you’re in your second or third trimester and your headaches are constant and they persist even though you’ve tried all these other cures then contact your doctor your midwife for your OB to get your blood pressure checked. elevated blood pressure is during pregnancy is not abnormal however you do want to rule out pregnancy conditions such as preeclampsia pre-eclampsia now I always give a bonus tip so the bonus tip for today is to use meditation guided relaxation if you can’t take a nap because you are at work then ring-fence out 20-30 minutes out on your lunch break and asked not to be disturbed put your eye patches on or your sunnies on and meditate if you don’t know how to meditate by yourself then download my guided relaxation mp3 it’s completely free and is great for releasing stress and tension moms who use it say they nod off instantly and because you’re hearing even when you’re asleep all of the benefits of the positive affirmations that I give you continue to trickle down your ears and relax that busy mind of yours and release tension in your body thanks so much for watching I hope you found this helpful if you did please give it a big thumbs and share it with your friends now don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any of my videos out all about your pregnancy now as promised the download the free Meditation so you can do this in time meditation with your eyes closed and applying the pressure front and if you want to just click on the link in the description thanks again so much for watching and see you in the next video

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  • Thanks for watching! Let me know what pregnancy pains you're struggling with at the moment and what you want me to cover in my next videos xx

  • This is great! I have a tension headache right now and I'm not even pregnant lol. Definitely keeping these in mind. Just subbed. 🙂

  • This is great! My kids are teens and grown ups, but my daughter is planning on getting pregnant as soon as she is done with her Doctorate program in a year. So I will recommend this to her. Found you on YTFB. 😃

  • You're so natural! Nice glasses How much time do you spend on each of your videos. I admire that you do so many of them. Right now I do 1 every other week and it takes at least 5-8 hours to do all the steps Sunny prescribed. Thans for the pressure points!

  • Fabulous video. Such great information, and I loved the guided eyebrow massage you did. It made me feel relaxed just listening to it. I'm sure your meditation is great.

  • You are adorable!  Thanks for sharing your insights with all of us!  Great work! I've subbed and look forward to seeing more to come!

  • Hey Lynn – love these practical tips. I don't get headaches when prgnant but I will pass on to my friend who dd x x

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  • Thank you for sharing! Found it very helpful. I am
    14 weeks pregnant and am slowly getting better with nauseous & headaches. Yay! Am hoping it will completely subside soon.

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