How to Know You’re in Labor : Going Into Labor: Sequence of Events

How to Know You’re in Labor : Going Into Labor: Sequence of Events

So you think you are in labor, here are some
ways to know for sure if you are in labor or not. The main way to know is contractions,
are your contractions getting closer together and are they lasting longer? If this is happening,
these are “progressive contractions” and you are in labor. If your contractions are going
away when you change positions or move around, if they are not very intense and if they are
not really that often, then you are having “Braxton Hicks contractions” and you will
definitely to know the difference. Other things that might be happening is nesting, that is
an uncontrollable urge to tie up any loose ends, it is a primal instinct. It is something
that you really can not control, you might decide you need to clean your house, many
times; you might decide just to get all your emails, your mails, everything in order or
might just want to put finishing touches on the baby’s nursery. Or can have the opposite
thing where you just want to be in your house and you kind of want to hold up and just be
where you feel safe. Another thing that is happening is “lighting”, that is when the
baby is dropping deeper into the pelvis. So before lightning happens your baby is up here
and then what is going to happen is that baby is going to drop down into your pelvis. How
you are going to know that is your going to feel intense pressure on your bladder, so
before you felt like you had to urinate a lot, now you are going to feel like you have
to urinate all the time. Another thing that is going to happen is “losing of the mucus
plug”. Here is your cervix right here, it has been nice and closed up for these full
nine months, you have got a little plug in here that helps protect the baby, that plug
is going to come out. It might look white, it might be clear, it might be pink, it might
be bright red, it is going to look mucusy and you might or might not even notice that
happening. Other things that might happen is that your water is going to break, it is
most likely if your water breaks and you have not started labor yet, that you will start
labor within twenty-four hours. Once your water breaks and you are having contractions,
your contractions are going to probably speed up and get a lot more intense. The two things
that are happening with your body at this time also are effacement and dilation and
another thing is station. So your cervix is going to dilate, it is going to start at zero
and it is dilate all the way to ten centimeters. Your cervix is going to “efface”, that means
it is going to get soft and melt away. It is going to start a “zero percent effacement,
fifty percent effacement” all the way to “one hundred percent effaced”. The last thing that
is happening is the baby is getting deeper into your pelvis, this is different than “lightning”
and this is measured as “station”. This is at “zero percent station” it is relation to
your ischial spines on your pelvis, anything above that is minus, anything below that is
plus. So you have to be at about “plus three or four” to push your baby out. So those are
the signs that labor is happening and if these things are going on with you, guess what,
you are in labor.

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  • Thanks for taking the time to share this info. Even though I have already had a baby, I didn't really know what my midwife was talking about when she was saying that I was effaced etc. Thanks for clearing it all up…:)

  • Yeah, we would know that we were in labour, for a start you would Be going AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • @alllmaraz

    After 37 weeks my doctor checked my cervix each visit to see if I was dilating. I will be 39 weeks this Wednesday and I'm already 2cm dilated. Your doctor will let you know.

  • @littlemisssexy94

    I dilated 2cm at 38 weeks, and I'm now 39 and still at 2cm. It doesn't mean your going in labour but it does mean you are getting close and your body is preparing for it.

  • I have been having braxton hicks for 3 days so I hope nothing happens soon Im ike 33 weeks and Its freaking me out lol

  • You are going to KNOW the difference between the Braxton Hicks and the real Contractions?
    I did not. In my second pregnancy I woke up at night from something I thought to be Braxton Hicks (had been having those for a month or more) and 4 hours later the baby was born..

  • This is my first baby and this video really helped me understand what kinda of contractions im having….thank you so much!!

  • I have been having them for two months! I am learning through watching all these videos and reading blogs, that EVERYONE is sooo different! I am at 39 weeks now and feel frustrated and confused but I know each symptom means I am one step closer! 🙂

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  • 40+3 and still nada. I've just made a pot roast and a lemon cake. Bet the little bubba decides he wants out just as I'm about to eat, haha.

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