How to Get Pregnant with Poor Sperm Morphology?

How to Get Pregnant with Poor Sperm Morphology?

Hi, I am Dr Richa Sharma, Senior IVF Consultant,
Medicover Fertility. Today I am going to discuss about How to get
pregnant with poor sperm morphology? And how can Medicover Fertility help you in
this regard? Male fertility is dependent on the quality
of the semen. And there are three factors that determine
the quality of the semen they are • Sperm number
• Good movement of the sperm i.e. motility of sperm • Sperm morphology i.e. shape of sperm
If any of these three factors are low, then it may cause fertility issues in a male. Sperm morphology refers to the shape, size
and appearance of the sperm. If the shape of the sperm is normal, then
it gives us an understanding that proper sperm development has happened in the testicles. A sperm with abnormal shape would not be able
to penetrate the egg and fertilise it. According to latest WHO criteria, a morphology of>=4% is
considered as normal, but men who have less than 4% of normal sperms would need fertility
treatments to make their female partner pregnant. Very poor sperm morphology may result in fertilisation
failure in conventional IVF. Because when the sperms and egg are combined
in a petri dish and left to fertilise on their own, then they won’t be able to form an
embryo because if the shape of the sperm is not proper, it won’t be able to penetrate
the egg thus resulting in fertilisation failure. So, males who have poor sperm morphology should
consider intracytoplasmic sperm injection i.e. icsi In this process sperms and egg are taken from
the male and female, and a single good quality sperm is selected and injected into the cytoplasm
of the egg, thus reducing the chances of fertilisation failure so it is like 1:1 ratio we have to proceed the fertilisation rate of ICSI is 70-90%, ICSI can be done when the sperm morphology is less than 2% and even sperms are absent in semen How can Medicover Fertility help males with
abnormal sperm morphology? Medicover Fertility is a renowned european
brand with 23 years of experience in infertility We have a team of highly skilled and experienced
doctors who help couples to deal with infertility. With ICSI, we have been able to solve the
problem of abnormal sperm morphology as it is a very successful technique of fertilisation
and it is not affected by poor sperm count, poor motility or bad morphology. We have successfully treated many patients
with ICSI who have had fertility issues due to abnormal sperm morphology. Thank you for watching this video, if you
have any questions or concerns regarding pregnancy with poor sperm morphology, you can drop your
questions in comment section or call us on 7862800700. Do subscribe to our channel for more informative

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  • Madam
    This is kapil poswal
    I m facing the infertility Prob
    I and my wife planned a baby
    We intercourse at correct time of evolution bt got failure evrrytime.
    I examined my seman it was 3 ml qty and 31 million.
    What should I do
    Pl direct me

  • How can my husband active motility is 10% how can he increase it. I'm from Nigeria, please I need ur help on this

  • Hi I'm from pakistan my friend have sperm motility problem . his sperm motility is only 3% .what should he do.
    Please answer me i am waiting

  • Madam greetings
    My husband having poor sperm morphology the value is 2 . is there possible of getting pregnancy naturally . we want to pregnant naturally.

    Other one doubt is poor morphology can pregnant. I was married abt 2 yrs not even single time I missed my periods.

  • Hi
    My name is siraj., from hyd we Ara also trying for baby.
    But not sucess. Due to not having good mortality
    And my wife have pcod problem.

  • We trying for 2 yrs no tablet are working on him ,My husband sperm count is 10 million n motility is 30 with wht u suggest me a treatment ivf will be is good or any other treatment , plz reply thanks dr

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