How Big Government Hurts Women

How Big Government Hurts Women

The bigger the government, the better for
women. Is that statement true or false? Well, if party affiliation is any indicator,
most women under the age of 40 would say “true.” Young women, especially single women, are
among the left’s most loyal supporters. This isn’t surprising given that programs
like government-subsidized childcare and government-mandated paid family leave sound like things that make
life better for women. But do they really? Most European governments provide subsidies
that allow women to stay home for months—even years—following the birth of a child. And some European countries require employers
to offer female employees part-time and flexible work arrangements. So, have European women benefited from these
programs? The answer is no — unless you think lower
wages, fewer jobs, and few management opportunities benefit women. Why is this the case? Because these supposedly women-friendly government
mandates change the way businesses evaluate female employees. It encourages companies to assume that women
will not only cost them more, but that they’ll be less productive than men. Spain is a good example. In 1999, that country passed a law giving
women with young children the right to work reduced hours. But a study by economists at the IE Business
School in Madrid and at Queens College of the City University of New York, found that
women paid a big price in lost opportunities. Companies were less likely to hire women of
childbearing age, less likely to promote them, and more likely to dismiss them, compared
with men. When Chile tried similar policies, similar
outcomes resulted. In the words of Maria Prada, an economist
for the Inter-American Development Bank: “[The purpose of the law was] to help [women] participate
in the labor force and achieve more work-family balance, and it’s doing the opposite.” A study of 22 countries by two Cornell economists
showed that in countries with the most extensive benefits for women, women are more likely
to be in dead-end jobs, and less likely to become managers or top executives. This is because once the government mandates
additional benefits for women, employers place them on the “mommy track,” meaning they
assume women will want to work fewer hours, whether that’s true or not. This might explain why in the United States,
where these benefits are not mandated, women account for more than 40 percent of senior
managers while in more “progressive” Europe, that number is a little over 30 percent. But Big Government doesn’t throw obstacles
only at women trying to get ahead. It throws obstacles at women struggling to
get by. Here we don’t have to go to Europe to find
examples. There are plenty in the United States. Take the issue of occupational licenses—government
regulations requiring a license to pursue particular professions. Sure, people operating dangerous and complex
equipment should have to get special training, take tests and be licensed. But why are occupational licenses required
for hair shampooers and braiders? In some states, licenses are even required
for interior designers and florists. Getting licenses can require hundreds of hours
of schooling and entail major fees. That’s not about protecting consumers or
public safety. That’s a source of revenue for city and
state governments, and a way for some politically powerful lobby groups to keep out competition. And since more women obtain occupational licenses
than men, women are disproportionately hurt. So, what’s the solution? Less government, not more. Since 2017, a combination of tax cuts and
deregulation (meaning less government) have been a boon for women. Women’s weekly median earnings have gone
up by almost 5 percent. The unemployment rate for women has fallen
to 3.4 percent – an historic low. And more women are starting businesses than
ever before. Between 2017 and 2018, women started almost
two thousand businesses a day! Right now, there are an estimated 12.3 million
women-owned businesses, a 6% increase since 2016. And here’s the topper: Since 2017, more
and more businesses have voluntarily offered family benefits to employees. Why? Because the more companies have to compete
for workers, the more benefits workers receive. That’s how the free market works — and
the opposite of how big government works. The free market, it turns out, does a much
better job at creating opportunities for women than big government does. This not only means better jobs and better
pay for women, but also the chance to craft the lives they actually want. After all, not every woman needs or values
a generous childcare package. But when the government mandates benefits,
they become, in effect, taxes that every woman and man has to pay. The bigger the government, the better for
women? You might want to rethink that one. I’m Carrie Lukas, President of Independent
Women’s Forum, for Prager University.

100 thoughts on “How Big Government Hurts Women

  • Not true for Russia – 18 MONTHS of paid maternity leave and still country has 40% of women on management positions throughout economy.

  • Always tears flowing dont matter what. Rights are at the highest equality point in history and the fukn whining just dont stop.

  • I wonder why they chose countries who implemented this poorly instead of the ones that did well like the Nordic countries where women have it best. Example, in most of them both men and women get paid maternity leave to balance out this gap that can be created. I would say that this is biased but that can't be true can it?

  • One thing for sure, women are the friend of big government.
    In aggregate, women get more in benefits than they pay in taxes. So in general, our government runs on the excess generated by men. It's a wealth transfer from men to women, even before counting court child support payments, which also generally run from men to women.

  • Women should be at home, taking care of the children and teaching them stuff, instead of competing against men in hunting mammoths.

  • I live in Finland, we have this huge problem where a woman gets a job, she works for few months and becomes pregnant, then gets money from the employer and if the employer is very small, it might bankcrupt the business… you cant kick a worker from ur company for being pregnant even if its obvious that she did it for free money… that is wrong.

  • So, wait a moment here:
    Government mandates telling companies to make it more difficult to hire women, result in less women getting hired and lower wages and fewer opportunities for promotions for those same women.
    Which means that women will find that their ability to enter the workforce is limited.
    And this is a bad thing… why, exactly?
    Why is having women in the workforce a GOOD THING, or even a necessary one, especially given that every European nation has a severe demographic crisis either already upon it, or in the making? Western, Central, and Eastern European women are already giving birth to far too few children – but family-friendly government mandates in countries like Hungary and Poland are beginning to turn that around, while the more degenerate Western European nations insist that having women in the workforce is good, because diversity and patriarchy, or some such nonsense.
    The answer to whether government intervention in the workplace is "good for women" depends on what you mean by "good". If you think that women should spend their prime years of fertility working and striving for careers, then sure, it's a bad thing. But if you think that women should focus their efforts on having children and raising families and keeping good homes, then it's absolutely a good thing.

  • It's hard to convince people that an added benefit the government provides will do harm… until you look back, see the studies, and see the outcome of most government programs.

  • But women still do everything im their power to increase government size and power…
    How does it feel Ladies, to live with Congnative Dissonance ?

  • I think this is the reward for the women to reap but unwilling due to unrealistic expectations… shame 🤷‍♂️💁‍♂️

  • Every party is big government. Don’t you see? “Hate the Democrats so that we can become the Government”

    And vise versa

  • I live in European country which mandate 1 year of 100% paid maternal leaave for 1st and 2nd child, and 2 year for 3rd and 4th child.
    The result is that women start to gave birth to more children 🙂
    So, if you dont want immigrants, then give benefits to your own womens who want to be mother.
    This terribe approach give clear message, dont have children because society will not help you.
    Shame on pragerU for such agenda

  • If you don't have money or great idea, business will fail. Small business fail within few year mostly. I don't agree big government but this video doesn't talk about how difficult to start business or surviving business.

  • I really wish we would just all go back to the days where women stayed in the home and men did most of the work, and we were taxed half as much.

    It sounds mysogin-whatever I can't spell it -ist, but women were actually happier in the home, raising their kids, decorating. Nowadays thanks to Netflix they'd love it more than ever.

  • or we could just keep women at home and avoid all these problems. I don't blame Europe, at least they realise that women want to take care of their kids

  • Maternity Leave is not bad, come on! I want to see when the US is going to have a declining population and you will cry for women to have children.

  • Are wahmens starting to get it,


    They still don't get it,

    This is just a
    "hey look at me guys
    I'm a wahmen who is woke to the Nonsense that is feminism and feminist drool"

    You see



  • Message to Dennis prager: can you please push for airing your movie to those under the most democratic control like Illinois, new York, new jersey etc? I want to see the movie but I'm not even close to a theater that's showing it

  • What do you think of food reguulations ? Here in germany for example the american european FTA TTIP has problems, because the people are cared of the food and chemical regulations

  • Businesses are right to employ men rather than women…. Its basic business sense….. why employ people who will likely cost you more, when they go off pregnant, and you are then paying for them and someone to cover them. Also women play the sexist card and make false sexual assault claims in work more. I don't employ any women. Period.

  • Yes, I agree. Women Suck. But, with all aside; what's the difference between conservatives and Lardass Liberals ? They both pander to every group imaginable. And besides; what's the difference how many women are in management? Most importantly, they're not having kids. Mainly because of a cultural war being waged against us.

  • I like this video because it shows were pay inequality and such examples are coming from. Up till this point didn't know where it was coming from.

  • Surprise! Prager is a liar. What? Why? Could it be that he and the rest of the white boy good ol boy club spout shyte in order to keep their mediocre butts in position? Naaaah 😉

  • A license to be an interior designer, you have got to be kidding me. What's the governments explanation for that, "If the Feng Shui of a room is misaligned, it could cause damage to your meridians."

  • I gave this video a thumb's down for a reason. A woman younger than me is trying to dictate how it is to be a working mom. My parents divorced right at the end of prove fault divorce when i was a toddler specifically because my vietnam vet dad decided tobecome an alcoholic intentionally and really got violent almost killing my mother. That was the original push for women's rights and entering the workforce. Violent men who prefominantly in white middle and upper middleclass america have used the "you willbe on welfare" asa threat overa woman's head to control and reek havoc in areas of real domestic violence. Being a grandmother myself now and having worked in male dominated fields… have not changed. They are worst. They have used feminism as a reason to be even more irresponsible. Women should not have to work at all…. Men are supposed to be doing a better job at being good men. All this other talk is just bull…. People are more hatfeul now thanks to crazy feminism and single childless women than ever bfore towards working moms and violence in america has done nothing but increase. Our kids are a mess. Uneducated and lazy. Most american kids really are that immature. So policies that improve the quality of life for families with tbe goal of helping men be better men so women donot have to work are much better than trying to force women intothe workforce. Like it or not America got poor and ending welfare only decreases the lifespan for working moms. Men still do not pay any share of their kids. They see a bill. Not an obligation to take care of the children thwy make. Men have a choice. It is called self control and keeping it in their pants. Bottom line is there is no real way to sincerely juggle family and work. Because raising a family is a job that requires work. However no woman ahould have to take being abused in order tofeed the kids. Thoseproblems are even more pervasive now than they used to be. Single women are not moms and are not going to be…. they are incapable of understanding anytjing that impacts a home with a family.

  • Well, successful countries with high social welfare and social safety have the happiest women with the lowest recordings of sexism, abuse and highest levels of opportunity and personal freedoms. But sure, lets hear what right-wing science denial PragerU has to say about it.

  • Hillary is anti-woman and PRO-RAPE. She openly and repeatedly attacked the victims of her husband's life-long obsession with sexual assault. hillary is a horrible person!

  • This video starts off with a straw man position and then devolves into a Gish gallop. I look forward to the various hour long takedowns of this trash.

  • oh yeah… lets look at Spain, a country famous for letting bulls run trough the streets despite it causing deaths and quite a bit of property damage, for an example of a European country with focus on protecting women… Man you are bad at this…

  • Do you know what is a weird i live in the netherlands and we never had talked about a gender wagedgap or angthing like it but after this video suddenly it’s everywhere on the news right now that really is a weird coincidence

  • The left wants equality, they don't care about an increase in women-owned business but weather women and men has an equal amount of businesses in proportion to each other which can only be achieved if women revolted and seized the means of production from men which in effect would dissuade men from working causing there to be fewer women and more seizing the means of production to equalize the two until the nation is entirely dissolved by envy.

  • Ah yes, the completely conservative youtube channel that thinks it's a university, funded by a fossil fuel producer trying to say big government is bad. PragerU is only saying this because their beneficiary wants less government intervention on fossil fuel use so they can make more money selling it. It baffles me anyone falls for this.

  • Mr Prager, please stop dodging Aron Ra's challenge. You said that you are obligated to believe that which is true; I have the timestamp of this video to prove it.
    Why don't you respond to Aron Ra about the truth behind evolution? Unless of course you have something to hide.

  • PragerU, please look into the recent COPPA issue that affects most Youtubers lately. Your videos include animations and FTC considers those are "kids videos"… and they could hurt your channel very very badly. Perhaps you could pull in some strings? Get some powerful people that you know to help everyone? Please.

  • How's that "4th wave" feminism working out for you huh, ladies? <<RANT>> You wanted to work, demanded to be equal to men, but 50 years later, this is what happens. Not only have you screwed up everything in the working world (which continues to kowtow to your ever increasing list of wants and needs) but you've screwed up society in general. More divorce. Kids growing up without fathers. Men (who are supposed to be strong protectors of women and children) who have become nothing more than cowardly, namby-pamby girlie men and immature soy boy vegans who can't decide if they are male or female. You demand to equal work and pay in the same roles as men, yet it's constantly proven over and over that women can't keep up with men in demanding jobs like firefighting or the military. HEY GUESS WHAT? WE'RE NOT THE SAME! Your demands have ruined families and created scores of single mothers who may win the kids in the divorce, but are then forced to work because they can't afford not to; on top of which, they're forced to use expensive daycare only to have their kids raised by strangers. You've forced men into backseat roles and have made them so completely confused about their own manliness, they worry about doing even the simplest of niceties like giving someone a compliment, or holding open a door, for fear of being called chauvinist or worse. But remember, *Eve*ate the apple first…and then Adam followed suit. And so it has ever been throughout history. You complain that there are no good men out there…you only need look in the mirror for the reason why that is. A good portion of the reason why our society is in the state it's in because of the demands of women who want it all, yet refuse to give anything back in return. Women want it all but it's not enough, because it's NEVER enough, is it?! But this is not the true order of things that was created by God for us to have happy, loving, fulfilled lives! Let men be men and women be women!

  • You can't have it both ways ladies. You can't take time off and hardly be at work and still promote and run the office.

  • Government promotes and incentivises women divorce raping men. Women emotionally abuse, mentally violate and financially rape men for their own sick pleasure and profit.

    Men are tragically regarded disposable and expendable by women for sport, relegating men to nothing more than her payment method.
    Feminism is a hate movement. Women's cheapest favorite weapon is deception.

    Gents: MGTOW
    The only winning move is not to play.

    It doesn't go anywhere good and won't end well.

  • Sexist nonsense. The government is not here for women, or men, it is here for everyone. You dont matter as a women, at all, nor should you. You matter as a citizen. Welcome to equality.

  • Women hurt women. They are like children and dont even know what's best for themselves. Feminism is destroying women. Its destroying culture. Its destroying men. Women are overwhelmingly victim libtards. They are the very definition of cutting your nose to spite your face. "I will be a career strong whaaaamen to fight the patriarchy even though it makes me miserable and destroys traditional family structure mankind needs to survive".

  • 82% of women file for divorce, and live of the government. Don't date divorce women with kids, they have already proven they make bad decisions.

  • Have to disagree with the Prager U here… The purpose of those government programs was not to help women move into top management positions but rather help women not stay out of employment completely because they may naturally want to attend to things which are more important to them such as family and children.

  • Even if it wasn't the case, these types of state regulations would still be unethical. No third-party has the right to control voluntarily accepted agreements.

  • Now watch some freakshow Breadtuber like Shaun, Some More News, Big Joel, Innuendo Studios, Knowing Better, Contrapoints, and everyone nitpick and call people with the same skin color as them (tolerance, amirite?) every ism and ist there is in the dictionary!

  • So women should have more time off, but at the same time be paid the same. Hmmm can't see the problem in that. If you want to be taken seriously try to be less contradictive and represent statistics correctly. Equality means equal, men should get equal time off as women with regards to child birth and then see the wage gap difference. This is just one of the many misrepresented "facts" you peddle.

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