hi everyone Shawna here glad to have you
guys back I hope you all had a chance to watch my get to know me video last time
my last video might get to know me I’m today I’m gonna go ahead and go over
some subchorionic bleeding that I had throughout my pregnancy I want to start
with this video because I feel like there’s not a lot of information out
there for subchorionic bleeding during the pregnancy I know when I
started bleeding I freaked out I talked for sure I was miscarry I know a lot of
women feel that way so I want to go ahead and give this video out they’re
talking about subchorionic bleeding and the other things that leading could mean
if you start bleeding during pregnancy so for me I found out I was pregnant on
July 3rd and I was only four weeks pregnant I found out really early and
I’m we were so excited of course but we were a little worried because we had had
a miscarriage just a few months before in April but we were have excited but we
didn’t tell anyone yet about a week later during week 5 I had waiting it was
pretty heavy that night and it was kind of like a period heaviness um like
your second, like you’re heavy day of the period and I got scared and of course I
thought I wasn’t miscarry again since it happened at night I waited until morning
to call my doctor because it wasn’t too heavy that I needed to go to the ER or
anything in the morning though when I woke up it had pretty much stopped there
was just a little bit of spotting left but not real like bleeding anymore I
still called my doctor someone into the office they did an
ultrasound on that point and they couldn’t exactly tell what was going on
since I was so early I was only in by at 5 weeks all I could see was a
gestational sac and a lot of blood in my uterus so they couldn’t tell if I was
miscarrying or if it just wasn’t far enough along to see something and since
it was the first time they had seen this pregnancy they didn’t know how doctor
that time went ahead and took some blood to test my hormone levels and she also
gave me some progesterone that she wanted me to take for the next 48 hours
so just website check at night and then I came
back 48 hours later to have them checking on the pregnancy again since
they weren’t sure what was going on when I came back so I went in on a Tuesday I
came back a Thursday and they did another ultrasound and this time there
was a yolk sac inside of the gestational sac which means that the pregnancy was
progressing it means that there was stuff going on the good the good route
not the bad route which was very exciting for me my doctor came in and
she told me she was off to her she was cautiously optimistic this is hard she
is I remember but she still doesn’t know what it caused the bleeding since it was
so early into my pregnancy so I was scared she told me to take it easy rest
no exercising nothing like that just taking it easy I
think the term is moderate bed rest so basically I was able to still go to work
since I worked in a job where I sit all day but I wasn’t really doing much else
going to work coming on laying down at that point I was just going with the
flow and then about a week later during week six I had some more bleeding which
of course again freaked me out thought I was miss caring I was scared
like almost women are when you believe there in pregnancy again though it
started at night so I couldn’t call my doctor right away I did call the next
morning but by the next morning it did slow down again and stopped pretty much
I called them talk to them I already had an appointment scheduled for the
following week during the seven so they told me if I wanted to come in I could
but they probably wouldn’t be able to see any difference one way or the other
and so they suggested I wait so I decided to go ahead and wait until week
seven at that point during week seven I went in for an ultrasound another
ultrasound by this time this is my third ultrasound I’m only seven
luckily for me the Sun my husband was able to come with me and we got to
actually see the baby the ultrasound technician had been with
me through my previous miscarriage and through all these scary moments in this
pregnancy so far so she’ll be really excited to tell me the good news and we
got to see the baby on the screen the little my husband says it looks like a
lizard the one picture we have I think it looks
like a ninja turtle if I can I’ll post it in here
but it’s just little teeny tiny little baby that doesn’t look like a baby yet
it just looks like alignment be here or something but we were able to see the
heart flickering and we weren’t able to and they were able to see the heart
flickering and get a heart rate which was perfectly normal within the normal
ranges at that point they were able to see the sub chorionic bleed and and
notice that it was chorionic bleeding that was happening where so crying
hemorrhage or some coronary Okemah tilma at first they called – stop chorionic
hemorrhage um later on they ended up calling us a chorionic hematoma so I
don’t know which one it is I’ve started as referring to his sub chorionic
bleeding to be easy um they were able to tell me that point that that’s what had
been causing the bleeding and so my doctor told me you know we’re still
gonna take it easy we’re still gonna wait a little bit
longer before we get too excited but everything is going good at this point
and I forgot to mention from the week five appointment to the week seven
appointment I continued taking the progesterone because my doctor said
there wasn’t any harm in taking it but they weren’t sure if there was any
goodness and taking it but since I felt like it had helped me that was forty
first 48 hours I wanted to continue taking it at this point though during
week seven I stopped taking it at that point since the fetus had already
started to form so we went on with life I was taking it easy no lifting no
cleaning the house no anything which was really hard because at that point is
when we moved into our brand-new house and I’m a control freak and it was very
hard not to lift boxes and put things away and get my house in order but I was
on moderate better so basically I’d go to work and I come home and later on and
that’s about it so during between week seven and nine
everything went good and there was no more bleeding I had a couple little
spots here and there but it was nothing nothing
massive and it was a and so they told me not to worry about
it so one lorry I was excited and happy nothing was going on week 9 up when we
came along I got to see the baby again it actually looked like a baby this time
which was awesome I got to see the heartbeat flickering again and they it
said the bleeding had almost cleared out there was hardly any traces of it left a
little little anybody spots that not much nothing to worry about I’m son was
really excited that bout were past this bump and my doctor told me I could
resume normal activities go back to exercising just try to start slow and
build my way up so super excited and so the next I think I went to the doctor on
a Friday Saturday and Sunday both nights I just a little exercise it is I think
they were like 20 minute prenatal like yoga type videos that I found nothing
hardcore nothing strenuous it did get my heart rate up a little but nothing –
nothing too bad and I did those Saturday and Sunday night Sunday night a couple
hours after I had done the video I started bleeding again so mad and it was
just a little it wasn’t much it was just spotting at first its I
wasn’t too worried and at this point and so I wasn’t too worried but I did stop
working out I just was like you know what I’m just gonna take it easy for a
little bit longer so that was at that point that Sunday I was nine weeks and
six days few more days went by and then when I was exactly 10 weeks and three
days I started bleeding again and at first there was just some spots I
was up doing laundry or cleaning the bathroom cleaning outs doing something
and I noticed I could feel that I was something was happening and so I when I
looked and I was spotting a little bit of red blood at that point I went and
put myself in bed and laid down and it was already later in the evening so
and lay down I put a pad on so that I could try to sleep because we have white
comforter I didn’t want to get blood everywhere and about 10 to 15 minutes
later I woke up and I could just tell that there was blood everywhere I ran
into the bathroom and I was dripping blood all down my legs
um it was more blood and I’ve ever seen in my life both of the other two times
that I’d had bleeding was just like normal second day period type believing
it was it was heavy but it wasn’t too bad
this leaning was scary that’s all I can say I was just I was coming out it was
it was so heavy I don’t know how else to describe it it was scary and my doctor
had told me before that if I was bleeding through more than a pad within
an hour to go to the ER since I went through a pad in about 10 minutes and
still coming pretty heavily we went ahead and edit to the ER especially
because we live about 30 minutes away from you from the emergency room from
the nearest hospital on my way to the emergency room I called the on-call
doctor and he was like yes if you’re bleeding that much go to the ER I’ll
meet you there so I get to the ER at this point since the bleeding was so
much heavier than the times before I was pretty sure I was miscarrying but at the
same time when I gone to the bathroom I hadn’t seen any of the gray pregnancy
matter like they told me what happened with a miscarriage and so I was still a
little optimistic they took me back to the back and the first thing they did
was hook me up with some IVs but then they went in took me to her with her
sound right away luckily for me that I told her sound
technician was there on call that night and was ready she’d just done another
ultrasound right before me so she was ready she of course as soon as we got in
she told me you know I’d like to tell you anything I’m not allowed to show you
the screen I’ll record the results and then I’ll send them to radiology and her
doctor will come down and what’s going on which stinks not being
able to look at the screen every other time I had an ultrasound I been in my
doctor’s office and so I’ve been able to like watch what wasn’t going on and
immediately know what was happening and so I’m not being able to do that this
time was really scary and they wouldn’t want my husband or my mom come back with
me girl both at the hospital with me that night but she did she went ahead
and did the ultrasound and she was like so I have to tell you that nothing that
I’d say here is final but your baby has already and that was just a huge relief
off my Janice and she’ll said the baby was wiggling around like crazy which it
has been every other ultrasound too so that was just a huge relief right away
and I just heard crying right there in front of her but she was like you know
I’m still gonna have to send it off and they’ll come and tell you what’s going
on lucky for me the OBGYN that was on call
had ended up getting there right about that time so he out she came in while I
was in the hole sure sound and was able to look at his screen and be like yes it
looks like it’s more that’s up quite a cleaning that you’ve had previously and
so that was great and so we left the ER then I was only there for a few hours
then and I’m doing the pelvis name and some blood tests it’s up to you just to
be safe and they send me home again on bed rest
this time on actual bed rest and until the bleeding had stopped they didn’t
want me getting out of bed basically which was really hard
luckily it was a weekend well it was a Thursday night so I called him to work
on Friday and then Saturday and Sunday I stayed in bed and then for Monday I was
able to go back to work as a leading had pretty much stopped at that point at
that point from about ten weeks when that happened
tell writing around 14 weeks I’d had consistent spotting it wasn’t some days
it was there some days it wasn’t it if it’s usually always brown so I wasn’t
too worried and it was usually it was really white it wasn’t me more
I had another doctor’s appointment at 13 weeks and they went ahead and gave me
the all-clear said everything was good I could go back to normal
Tippie of course since they it’s thought that once before I think wasn’t all good
I got scared and I did not return to normal activity and tell about by the
week you know which was at about 17 or 18 weeks but I just wanted to get this
for me out there and let you guys know I am now almost 19 weeks pregnant and the
baby is great healthy I am going in for my 20 week anatomies and here in a
couple weeks which I’m so excited about we’re gonna get to find out the gender
and of course they’ll do all the measurements of the baby and make sure
everything’s going good but every scan I’ve had before even though there was
that bleeding in my uterus that they could see the baby was doing fine the
baby had a heartbeat and was going right where it was supposed to be right on
track right where they thought my when they thought my due date was every time
the baby was doing great it was just me that was bleeding which is scary but it
didn’t hurt the baby at least my case it didn’t hurt the
bleeding I have been told that so cry feeding does lead to higher risk of
miscarriage but for me that’s it ended happily and I want to thank in this
video Jessie smiles and I’ll need her her actual video where she talked with
her son bleeding down below because I had
watched that video probably six to eight months before my experience and if I
hadn’t have known about her experience I never would have known about sub
chorionic bleeding and I feel like it would have been a lot scarier because I
watched her experience and heard her story it gave me a little bit more peace
of mind and a little bit more reassurance my doctors did tell me that
this actually happens quite often to women I knowing that I didn’t happen to
this other youtuber and I watched her video and her story about it just helped
give peace of mind so I want to put this
video up there for you guys and for other moms going through stuff like this
that bleeding during pregnancy although always scary doesn’t always mean it’s
ending and just to keep your head up until you talk to your doctor and until
you know for sure what is going on I hope you guys enjoyed this video stay
tuned in my next video is gonna be all about my first trimester all my symptoms
and how it went and then I will get you guys all caught up to where I am now
almost 19 weeks today almost 19 weeks I’m 18 weeks and five days today but
I’ll get you guys all caught up with this pregnancy very shortly and then
take you along for the rest of the journey thank you guys for watching make
sure to subscribe below and click the like button thanks like the thumbs up
button for me so you can see all my videos here to come bye you guys

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  • Hey… thank you for the very informative vlog… I am 5 weeks 5 days long and I had the worst scare yesterday. Started with bright pink spotting but then progressed to bright red bleeding.. it’s like my whole body went numb. No cramping or any pain. Went to me doc. Went for an ultrasound. A tiny little baby with a faint heartbeat was visible. There was blood in the uterus… doc prescribed a higher dose of progesterone… and that’s about it. Didn’t say why it was happening… I have a follow up ultrasound in 2 weeks. Hope all is ok.. so stressed, confused, angry, anxious, tired and uncertain 😔

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  • Hi there, I am 5 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I am having bleeding and cramps since last Wednesday, 24. I went to the doctor and I did an ultrasound. Which they couldn't see the embryo, just the gestational sac. What is abnormal is that my HCG levels is low for a normal pregnancy. I did a blood test on Wednesday, 24 and got 3100 and last Friday, 26 I got 3700. The level is not increasing properly. The doctor told me that I am having a miscarriage. Someone here having the same experience. Please leave a comment. Thank you

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  • Going through this currently. 7weeks3days today. My OB sent me to the ER to rule out ectopic. Baby's heartrate was 125. My beta and hcg looked great. They said I have a 2 millimeter subchorionic hematoma. That's super small so I'm hoping it goes away and that baby continues to grow. It's so scary especially because I do have some cramps 🙁 my bleeding was never full on blood. It's been traces of blood in the discharge sometimes pink and has now turned brown

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