Healthy Food For Pregnant Women (with Weekly Balanced Menu Plan)

Healthy Food For Pregnant Women (with Weekly Balanced Menu Plan)

Hello friends. In today’s video we are going to talk about
the lunch and dinner. Before few days we had uploaded a video of the breakfast for pregnant women. So if you
have not watched that video, then please watch that video first. Link of that video is given in the description. Lunch should be properly planned for a pregnant
women, which should include rice, dal , roti, vegetables, beans, salads and chutney. Right now her requirement of
proteins , vitamins , minerals etc. needs to be taken care Rice should be planned in the lunch surely . Evenings
you can plan some different things or recipes. Lunch should be surely consisting of rice plain dal and
top it up with Ayurvedic ghee and lemon. In case of vegetables, all type of fruit vegetables should
be eaten like , bottle gourd, ash gourd, ribbed gourd, tinda, padwal etc. together with that you can plan leafy
vegetables like spinach, chakwat, fenugreek, chawalai etc can be planned. Few days if you don’t feel
like eating leafy vegetables, replace it with beans. In general when you make 2 vegetables for lunch then,
one should be fruit vegetable and another should be 3-4 days of leafy vegetables and 3-4 days
of beans in a weekly plan of your diet. The beans should be germinated if possible,
it will be more nutritious and easy for digestion. Which types of beans is fine for you? One can eat moong, matki, kulith is fine. They are small in size and easy to digest so can be eaten regularly. All big beans
like chick peas or kidney beans should be planned rarely. Vegetables like paprika , cabbage, cauliflower, gawar
beans etc. should be avoided as it increases vaat dosha in the body. Don’t plan it regularly,
once in 30-45 days is ok. Any vegetables which are very heavy for digestion like sweet potato, elephant’s foot, mushrooms etc. should be avoided for whole nine months. When you are making vegetables or dals, try to avoid too
many spices, gravy, too much oil or chilli. It will increase the problems like acidity or nausea.
Instead use simple and Satvik things like freshly grated coconut, coriander powder , cumin
powder, fresh coriander. For making gravy one can use dry fruits like melon seeds, cashews or khas khas. While making vegetables and dals, try to use Ayurvedic
Ghee. If it’s not possible to use for everything then try to make one vegetable or dal with ghee. If ghee is not available then one can use
unprocessed peanut oil. Salads options could be cucumber, carrot, beet root,
leafy vegetable etc. one can eat different fruits also as salads if not
consumed at breakfast time. Plan different grains and millet for breads. So instead of
eating wheat chapati all the time one can eat breads made by pearl millet, ragi etc. it will
add to the nutritional value of the food. But don’t plan bajra as it’s hot in nature Now what should be avoided by a pregnant women? In fruits she should avoid papaya, watermelon and banana. Papaya can cause uterine contractions if consumed in
large quantity, watermelon is very heavy and banana increases kapha dosha in body. So even if you feel like
eating it, make sure that the quantity is less. If you feel like eating outside then it’s better to make things at home like savory, pizza burger etc. try to avoid fermented things, plan it only once a week.
Processed and packaged food abound be avoided. Even if you are non- vegetarian , try to avoid non veg food in pregnancy. If you wish to eat it then plan it in lunch and eat in less quantity. Avoid it in dinner. A pregnant women should plan the lunch properly but
dinner should be very simple and easily digestible. It should be consumed 2-3 hrs prior to sleeping time. For example if at lunch you have eaten 2 vegetables then
make one vegetable at night. If chapati is eaten in day time then plan bhakari at night. If you have
consumed beans and dals in the morning then eat some vegetable or moong dal soup at night. For your ready reference I have planned 7 days balanced menu which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will get the link in the description of this video. Pregnant women has different wishes of eating in
pregnancy. In Ayurveda it’s called ‘Dauhrud’ means who is with two hearts. From 4th month onward this wishes are prominent and are called cravings. It’s a common belief that if these cravings are not fulfilled then it’s not good for baby’s health. When baby is born and wants some specific food, and
it’s not provided then the child throws tantrums. So it’s good to fulfill the cravings. But if it’s an unhealthy
craving then one should try to take it in less quantity or give healthy option to it. Like if a women craves for
eating clay. Then it is obvious that she has low calcium. So instead of eating clay if one chews Santulan
Pittashanti tablets then calcium is also provided and even the clay eating wish is not being neglected. So while eating anything, please give a thought;
if that thing is good for your health or your baby’s health. We have a saying that a pot is filled drop by drop. So if we are careful then it will affect the baby’s health
positively and if neglected can result in negative effect. So eat healthy, stay healthy and
impart health to the baby.

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