Giving Birth behind Bars

Giving Birth behind Bars

Picture this scenario a woman shackled to a hospital bed giving birth as a guard with a gun drawn stands nearby Twelve thousand pregnant women are behind bars every year in the us and many may experience a similar fate We’re about to give you an inside look at what it’s like to give birth behind bars and discuss whether the systems are in place Well are they helpful or harmful to women? in 2007 I sold drugs When I went into prison I was five months pregnant It was hard thinking about are you gonna be able to keep your child or are they gonna take a child from you? That’s all you have in your mind while [you’re] pregnant February 15 a nine o’clock in the morning. They just came to pick me up and then [they] shackled me. I had to walk down two flights of stairs when my feet cuffed and to fall down the stairs when I get to the hospital they Lay [me] on the bed [honk] off my feet and my stomach a cup one hand to the back Line Childbirth is painful my hand got [swell] [until] The tough kept getting tighter and tighter in my hand I felt like an animal being shackled My daughter she looked like an angel. She was my new beginning. I was allowed to hold her for Two minutes and then the doctors took over when I was in the hospital. I was only able to see her for eight hours Didn’t breastfeed there were Male officers in the room that wouldn’t me when I went back to The prison I did found out that I was going to be in the nursery So I was going to be able to keep my [child] I Was feeding my daughter and I had fell asleep [with] her on the bed that was against the rules Because of that I went back to general population A nonprofit organization came to pick her up for eight months. I was able to see my [daughter] once a month. It was hard today, I am doing very good my daughter then know about how she came into this world and when She gets to the age will she will understand that I was in jail when I [had] you

20 thoughts on “Giving Birth behind Bars

  • Well i'm glad she's out of jail but you wasn't concerned about your baby when you were selling drugs 5 months pregnant so all of a sudden because you went to jail you care now!

  • That's so fucked up that she got privileges taken away because she accidentally fell asleep with baby. Have they ever cuddled a newborn baby after going through labor and birth???

  • I'm sure she felt bad when she got arrested but this goes to show we have to think about the consequences of our actions before they're done. It sucks but jail sucks.

  • I can't believe that this is how some prisoners are treated! Look, what she did was wrong but she's still a human being. Having a baby is already painful enough but chaining her to the table is just barbaric! Also, taking the baby from her just because she fell asleep in the nursery?! How cruel can you get? Nobody deserves this kind of treatment!

  • Half of these comments are despicable. She is a human being, not an animal. She made mistakes, but she doesn't have to be treated like shit. We need to treat pregnant women better.

  • Praying for all the women in prison that there would be programs and parenting programs and babies will be able to bond with their mommy. They need their mommy it's so important

  • and all of that could have been prevented. they even gave you a chance to have your baby with you but you also failed at that?! when is this lowlife going to admit she is a loser?! how can you fall asleep with your baby in your arms when its literally the only thing you gotta do that day?? pathetic!

  • Wtf how lucky was she!! Fuck 90% of pregnant women have to give the baby up after birth to family or child services and you'd be lucky to get a visit at all with the baby I live in Australia and have spent 6yrs in the women's prisons in NSW and there is one jail were you can have your baby there or your children under 5 yrs old can live with you.. But no one wants there child to grow up in a jail its dangerous too u have to be lucky to get in it

  • This person really should have thought about the "choices" that were made let alone get a real job to pay for the future.

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