FULL BODY DIASTASIS RECTI WORKOUT – Diastasis Recti Safe Exercises for Your Mummy Tummy

FULL BODY DIASTASIS RECTI WORKOUT –   Diastasis Recti Safe Exercises for Your Mummy Tummy

in today’s video I’m gonna show you
diastasis recti safe exercises that you can do for a full body workout a lot of
you mummies have been asking me for it so here it is it’s quick it’s not easy
but it’s very effective and it’s diastasis recti friendly you can do this
workout right at home and all you’re gonna need is a mat and some light
weights or if you choose to you don’t have to do the weights but if you are
going to I recommend anywhere from 3 to 10 pounds depending on your strength for
those of you who don’t know me I’m Linda with bodiesafterbabies.com I help
mummies just like you fit back into their jeans get their sexy back and find
a life of happy if you are new to my channel welcome to my channel and please
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coming your way with that being said let’s get started
the first exercise is a breathing wall sit get into a squat position against
the wall with your legs bent at 90 degrees make sure your knees don’t go
over your toes take a big belly breath in and then pull your belly button to
your spine while you’re holding the position hold for 3 to 5 seconds while
breathing out if don’t want to hold your breath and do these 4 5 repetitions
you should start to feel it in your legs and your stomach next is a reverse lunge with a bicep
curl you can choose your weights anywhere from three to ten pounds
because we are doing 12 reps with these make sure your weights aren’t too light
you’re going to step back with your right foot into a lunge position making
sure your front knee doesn’t go over your toes and as you step back with the
back foot you’re going to do a bicep curl then alternate the legs do this for
12 repetitions and just as a side note I’ve seen women’s purses heavier than
five pounds and then they grab too light of a weight and they can sit there all
day doing reps with them you want to give yourself a bit of a challenge but
not go too heavy as you’re stepping back you take a breath in and as you’re
coming back to the starting position you breathe out next is called a mid-back toner stand
with your feet apart and your palms facing up holding the weights at waist
height in front of you you’re going to open your arms while still keeping your
elbows at your side and do this for 12 repetitions as you open your arms you
breathe out and coming back you breathe in you next our plie with shoulder press you’re
going to stand with your legs apart and your toes turned out get into a squat
position and then hold your dumbbells at shoulder height palms facing in lift
your dumbbell overhead rotating them as you go up so that your palms are facing
out alternate each arms and do this for 12 reps as you push up you breathe out
and as you come down you breathe in next is a chest wall press up stand in front
of a wall a short distance away and extend your arms out in front of you
touching the wall and do a push-up make sure that your abs are tight and your
belly button is pulled in towards that spine if you are finding that you can’t
do that and your stomach is pushing out and step a little more closer at the
wall so that it’s a bit easier the further you place your feet the harder
it is breathe out as you push away from the wall breathe in as you go in repeat
this for 12 reps next is a kneeling tricep extension
kneel onto your mat and make sure that your abs are tight with your belly
button pulled in towards that spine extend your arms above you with your
weights palms facing each other lower your weights behind your head while
keeping your elbows beside it lower the weights behind your head while keeping
your elbows beside your head and not flailing out as you come up to the
starting position breathe out make sure not to let your tummy pooch out on this
one be mindful of keeping that core tight and your belly button pulled in
towards your spine do this for 12 reps next is called the clamshell lie down on
the floor when you go into a lying position make sure you do so on your
side and slide down this will protect your diastasis bend your knees with your
legs stacked on top of each other lift your top leg up while keeping your
foot on the other foot opening like a clamp you should feel this in your butt
in legs and also your stomach breathe out as you are lifting your leg do this
for 12 reps and then switch sides you the next exercise is called the dead bug
lie onto your back with your feet up and bent 90 degrees make sure you do a log
roll onto your back and not the way I showed in the video this will also
protect your diastasis extend your right leg out while extending your left arm
above you so you’re alternating your leg with your arm make sure you have your
belly button pulled towards your spine if you aren’t buying this move a little
too hard you can always just do your legs or keep them bent while you tap to
the floor do these for 12 repetitions you can always do this whole sequence
again and do two rounds or three rounds whatever feels best for you if you liked this video be sure to give
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together and also subscribe if you haven’t done so already thank you so
much for watching until next time

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