Dog Breeding & Pregnancy : Pregnant Dog Care

Dog Breeding & Pregnancy : Pregnant Dog Care

Hi, my name’s Pam Nichols, I’m with
I would like to talk to you about the proper care of a pregnant dog. First of all, before
your dog becomes pregnant it’s really important for her to become current on all of her vaccinations
so that when she is having puppies she delivers the proper protection vaccination production
to those babies. So, before she gets pregnant have her checked out by your veterinarian,
have her vaccinations current. Once she is pregnant, at about day thirty, you can have
a blood test done to confirm that she is actually pregnant. By day fifty-five, gestation in
a dog, by the way, is fifty-eight to sixty-five days, by day fifty to fifty-five x-rays can
be taken to determine how many puppies she’s going to deliver and how big they are. In
some breeds c-sections are very common so if puppies are extremely large your vet might
offer you a cesarean section. Throughout gestation regular checkups are kind of important for
your mom, you want to have a chronological history of her weight to ensure that she’s
gaining proper weight and a chronological history of her body temperature because just
before delivery, her body temperature will drop, pretty drastically, and that will give
you an idea that she’s about to deliver. I’d like you to make sure that your dog is on
a good quality puppy food. My two favorites are Iams Puppy Food or Eukanuba Puppy Food
and Eukanuba is very specific to the breed that you’re feeding, which is really nice,
it eliminates a lot of hassle. When your puppies are about three days old, you’ll want to have
your mom checked and you’ll want to have the puppies checked and, at that time, anything
appropriate, with the puppies, can be done either de-claws can be removed or tails docked
or anything else that needs to be done and your mom can have a general physical examination.

22 thoughts on “Dog Breeding & Pregnancy : Pregnant Dog Care

  • Docking tails at the proper time (2 days) does not hurt. The nerves have not completely developed in the tail until around 4 days old.

  • …you're superdupersonic, and you have different views than supahypasonic? What is this? Anyways, I've seen tail docking done, the puppy screams in horrible agony, and that's at 2 days old. You don't think that puppy feels that? Very incorrect, they sure do feel it!

  • Puppies caan feel it when their tails are docked. Ive seen it done and the squel like pigs it shouldnt be done at all. Thankfully it is ilegal in Britain!

  • if you doc a dog's tail or crop it's ears you are maming it!! plain and simple…and that makes you cruel and stupid!

  • If you're against docking or cropping then you must be against spaying and neutering too. They are much more invasive and the pain lasts much longer with those surgeries, even when done correctly. So I wouldn't be calling those who dock and crop stupid.

  • That dog food iams uses dead dogs and cats in there food and too many by products and not a good dog food. I recommend taste of the wild a grain free diet and meat as the number one product! And a fair price

  • Iams uses other dead dogs and cats in the meal of it. Gross. For 12.00 I get taste of the wild a grain free diet and meat as the first ingredient. No products like iams!!!

  • Dog usually go into heat for their first time at 6 months. A female can get pregnant after 6 months, it is not ok for this to happen however, she is not completely grown nor is she mature enough to have babies.

  • I have a few questions. I have a puppie who is 10-11 weeks. She was born April 24,2014. I am planning to breed her. Not right away but I am wondering how old a morkie had to be before she can breed.

  • You have to be an idiot to x-ray your dog and consequently the entire litter just to know the number of the puppies. Video full of bad advice.

  • dogs aren't pregnant for long.. why the hell would you even need a blood test to see if she was pregnant, it would definitely start to show. exrays are harm full to any living thing pregnant. Pretty sad that some people only see it as money and actually need to know how many babies will be born. I'd prefer to feed wellness or blue buffalo…. even dog chow is better than Iams

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