Condoms: Birth Control and Protection Against STDs – Planned Parenthood

10 thoughts on “Condoms: Birth Control and Protection Against STDs – Planned Parenthood

  • Did he just say that there's a 2% chance a woman could get pregnant while using a condom? I don't like those odds. It's better to wait until marriage. My favorite birth control device is willpower.

  • Seriously?
    60 people are against condoms?
    Where's the "baby killing" logic?
    Or are we now concerned about dead sperm cells?

  • Just a question: who ACTUALLY uses condoms for oral sex? Also, is it possible for a woman/man giving a man a blow job to receive a sexually transmitted disease from that? Is it possible for the receiver to get an STD from the giver?

  • I want to have sex with my boyfriend but I'm paranoid about pregnancy. I have a few questions. While putting on a condom is there any risk of getting precum on the outer tip when it's put on correctly (pinch the teat, place and roll down)? Can my boyfriend go semi hard in the middle and can a little bit of sperm leak out the sides? The second question is unlikely if the guy hasn't ejaculated in the first place. Also, if we use a condom and he pulls out correctly what are the chances of me getting pregnant even on fertile days?

  • Now, I want to be up front with this, I am not saying I believe everything I hear on the radio. However, I will note it and ask around about it.
    Some radio broadcaster was talking about how condoms are not nearly as effective as people claim at protecting you from STDs. She didn't mean there's only a one in a hundred chance, but real risk that you you will still contract it. All STDs are nasty and some stick with you for your lifetime. Anyone know if the radio is talking out her ass?

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