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  • I just caught my first camponotus queen right on my front porch! She's in a test tube up in her own cupboard right now. I hope she's fertilized!

  • I caught 2 Black Carpenter ant queens last year and I kept them in a test tube setup ( 1 per test tube). They were doing good for a few weeks ( I checked them about 1 per 2 weeks) but then they died. Did I check them too often or what?

  • I was in my bathroom yesterday only to hear my hubby shout up the stairs.. "Honey I got you a queen" as I nearly choke brushing my teeth I run down to see what he found. And to my surprise a beauty carpenter queen was spotted.
    I then spent half an hour watching them fly around. Catching them and letting them go because I had no test tubes. I was determined to make this work. To my junk drawer I go I thought. Gotcha I said, today I have a new queen set up for the very first time.
    Thanks AC for the education on a pet I never thought Id have

  • Just today I found a nest of red and black carpenter ants in a tree we cut down. They weren’t quite woken up from hibernation and were sluggish, but I saw some majors and super majors wondering what the hell happened to their Yggdrasil (they were holed up in an old crabapple tree, slowly killing it.)

  • Thank you so much for the video. I have watched you for a long time and this year I decided to try my hand at ant keeping, the carpenter nuptial fight just happened in my little Canadian town and I got myself a queen who just today layed her first eggs.

    Happy mother's day to all queens ant everywhere.

  • I just caught 3 carpenter ant queens. Not sure if they are mated, but id assume they are cause they was in a celestial chamber they chewed out. They are in test tubes, waiting to see some eggs!!!!

  • What ground? Wood, sand, dirt? What is the best food, thats cheap and easy to get or buy, and do they need additional things, such as certain proteins. Also, thanks for the info.

  • where can I send you an image of the ants I have in my house every spring for you to identify They are big and black and I leave in Quebec. thanks

  • Hey. Have your ants ever farmed caterpillars and aphids? If so, do you have it on film or do you have any photo images?

  • Does the tubbing fit to aus ants outworld? I like ur nest more but there outworld more then urs so i was wondoring

  • I got My 1st Camponotus Queen! Locally camping chopping wood. I was really lucky to have captured her in tack. I also captured around 30 workers from the colony. I look forward to watching this colony grow. Thank you for your videos they have really peaked my interest in this hobby. =^_^=

  • Awesome vid recently caught one at the river my wife saw her pulling off her wings so she was listening when I talked about ants. Looking forward to seeing how she does, haven't decided on a name yet!

  • HEY MIKEY! check out this brand new ant keeping channel inspired by you! i introduce you to, My Antics!

  • Considering the possibility of buying an ant queen + 2-5 workers in spring, would it be possible to reach 20 workers that same year?

    I live somewhere without a lot of camponotus ants, but they're the ants I think look most awesome

  • Omg antscanada I finally got my carpenter ant to lay eggs after so many times of failing but now I'm stuck idk what to do I needs help can't take losing her

  • I'm sure this question has bin ask, you've cared for man species of ants including more voracious ants like fire ants, trap jaw ants, yellow crazy ants, and bull ants, have you tried army ants or are they more complex and to danger es to house?

  • So I caught a queen and a few works and they live in a small container. How should I move them to a larger container?

  • I assume these ants would encounter seeds in their environment too. Would they consider that a source of food?

  • So I looked at your shop and found the Camponotus Pennsylvanicus and I really wanted to buy it but I can’t find the sellers phone number/email. I’m slightly new to this whole Ant Queen shopping thing and wanted to know if there was a way to find the sellers contact information.
    Edit: Nevermind! Figured out what to do

  • i need advice i am looking for an ant camponotus which does not hibernate, it has different kinds of worker, soldier, big soldiers, etc. and it should be a great kind of best abi had black but also calmly different, do you know about what kind?

  • I need all your guys advice. I found a log in my backyard with a big carpenter ant colony. Should I take it and put in a fish tank and make it one of my colony's or should I leave it?

  • I have a question I have four that I have caught and I put them in a 5 gallon tank because will the Queen's all form one colony

  • I found a rather weird carpenter like ant. It has the black head and abdomen with a bright red thorax. The abdomen was rather large and long and had roughly 7 white tiny dots on it. There were two lines on it's upper thorax that resembled a v shape. Not including legs it was at the very least an inch long. It was super hyper as well. Never slowed down preventing me from getting a picture of it on my cell.

  • Who just like, decides to keep an ant (pretty sure mine rn is Carpenter ant) up almost killing them, but because they don’t have a pet, they watch this video instead.

  • The black laytex boots do nothing for your beautiful legs…they look like witches shoes or Halloween. I luv ya anyways.

  • Do those weird great lakes woolly dune-ant they found in Michigan's UP from a summer or two back i happened to be up there w/family when it was discovered made all the local papers. Not every day you see a live carpet of multicolored, inch long insects! Thx for the video, too! <3

  • Hey just wandering do they sale fire ant or any of those ant you got in the u.s.a??!! How do i get in contact with you about buying some??!! Thanks??!! Watching you from St.Paul Minnesota u.s.a??!!

  • This is the stuff I subbed to Antscananda for. It was the videos in the period that got me hooked into antkeeping (I tried for 3 years and always failed to keep my queens alive). By the time I got some queens with nanitics this year, he was already getting corrupted. I don’t want a goddamn soap opera every weekend, I want genuine, wholesome content, like Ants Australia’s. I’m fine if Antscanada doesn’t upload often, but if you start to milk the drama, probably purposefully create a bad situation for your ants, and use clickbait, then I’m out.

  • I found an ants nest with loads of black ants and loads of eggs I’m unsure if there’s a queen in there ? I have put them all in an ant farm have I done the wrong or right thing ? Want to make sure there looked after

  • So I didn’t put enough water in my test tube. It’s been dried up now for a couple weeks. So I bought the ants Canada mini nest. Super small. And I’m trying to get her to move there so I can continue to water them

  • Anyone here from the USA or in PA or around PA? I need a few of these Queen's. I can buy them or trade I have Salomon Pink Ts and females mated. So babies and tons soon. I have those and dwarf Scopions and dwarf Ts these aint close to grown yet. i have a dwarf Caiman. But anyone let me knowbIve seen the red & black ones here in PA as well as the all black ones. Would like to score both. Thanks great vid too my friend thank u.

  • So I caught a Camponotus penslvanivus (too lazy to look up the spelling right now) in my driveway during a nuptial flight this year but I’m already seeing different sizes of young even though there are no adult workers. Anyone have any thoughts about this?

  • wow, very good information. Do you have one on raising Big Heads from a test tube? I like how you included the seasons and timeline in this video.

  • In my agricultural highschool (I'm a senior) we have a new club called Creepy Crawly Club (reptiles, amphibians, insects, arthropods, etc) we're looking for a species of ant to keep to help with the school's animal education. At first I didn't want carpenter ants because I figured they'd be difficult and potentially dangerous. These however seem like a great species to keep if I'm right. Anybody else have any suggestions?

  • an aspirator with a fuel filter added to it. is amazing for catching ants and brood without injuring them! fuel filter is for formic spraying ants.

  • Just getting into ant keeping. Crazy part is I have been terrified of them lol. Things change I guess. I got a colony of the tiny black ants. Two queens and the egg laying is booming. Figured if I can keep them alive I'm going to take up carpenter ants. The little ants so hard to see what's going on. Been combing through the vids on your channel to hopefully be prepared when I get a queen carpenter.

    And it seems a found a wing myrmica rubra in my kitchen! Lost its wings a few days after capturing. Still alive little after a week. So I assume it's a queen. Only time will tell!

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