Birth Vlog | Adoption Of Our First Baby Girl | Adoption Journey [CC]

Birth Vlog | Adoption Of Our First Baby Girl | Adoption Journey [CC]

JAKS: We’re here and we just got a call from… Oh, sorry. The Husband: Smooth. JAKS: All right. We’re here. We just got a call from our social worker
saying that things are moving quicker than anticipated and she’s getting on the schedule
for a C-section. So, I am a thousand percent grateful that
we left early and did not listen to them because we’re here three hours before they told us
to. And essentially, that call was from our social
worker to be like, “You should head out.” And I was like, “We’re in the parking
lot.” So? Husband: Just like that. JAKS: Yeah, just in that creepy voice. So, we’re going to go text the other social
worker who’s here and immediately start the process of getting admitted and get our insurance
all setup. Husband: Boring stuff. JAKS: Boring stuff. So, we’ll check back in probably when we actually
have a room. Okay? Bye. [Music]
JAKS: So, lots of things happened very quickly. We got admitted into our room. We found out that there is a 10:00 AM slot
for C section, which you can see that is like two minutes away. And there’s also a noon slot, but someone
else came in, I think, with ruptured membranes is what they said. So, she’s probably going to get priority. And considering no way he’s texted us or come
into our room, I’m going to guess that we’re not expecting her at 10:00. But this is what our room looks like here. Hold on. I think they brought in all the hookups for
the warmer. See, warmer. And then it’s just one of the stations, big
old bed, nice bench that we filled full of presents and that’s the husband; who you can’t
see because my camera refuses to focus. Turns out we only had to wait a little longer… Evangeline was born at 11:25: AM. I got to do skin to skin right away. Lots happened I didn’t record so let me
know if you want a birth story as well. Husband: Feed me. Feed me. JAKS: {indistinct 2:50}. There you go. Husband: You’re a funny one. You know that. JAKS: Yeah. We’re giving you some {indistinct 3:15}. Stick it in her mouth. All the way down. Hmmm. There you go. That’s about some stuff in a heat. Don’t it? Husband: There you go. JAKS: Look at how cute she is. Husband: Look at that adorable baby. JAKS: The cutest. I’m so happy. Husband: Presh. JAKS: She is precious. Husband: How much did she weigh? JAKS: She weighs six pounds, two ounces. Husband: She’s adorable. JAKS: She’s now almost four hours old. We’re finally done with all the checks and
all the shots and visits. But we went over and we visited birth mom
and her friends and she got to hold her, which was great. And you were back in our room, just waiting
until the next feeding time in like an hour. How are you feeling, husband? Husband: I am feeling great. Let’s see the baby face. Oh, look at that baby face. JAKS: Yeah, we got a cute one. Husband: A cute baby. JAKS: We got a cute one. I mean, I’d love her regardless, but let’s
be clear; this one’s pretty darn cute. Like she’s {indistinct 5:23} already? Husband: Already, great. Good. JAKS: Oh, very concerned face right now. It is 7:20 and we’re finally back in our room. We had a little scare. Evangeline’s breathing got a little stressed;
like it was becoming really hard for her to breathe. So, the nurse wanted us to just be on the
safe side and go down to the nursery and have her monitored. They ended up suctioning out some amniotic
fluid that had gotten in your stomach to see if that was the problem and they laid her
on her tummy and just let her work out a bunch of stuff. After an hour of monitoring and a check by
the pediatrician, we were given the okay to come back to our room. We’re obviously just going to be monitoring
it pretty well throughout the night, just to make sure she doesn’t have any more struggles. But a very common occurrence and I think we’re
all good now. So, we are going to go see your birth mom
again because she wants to see us and then probably go get dinner and then sleep because
we are so tired. We are so tired, right? Husband: Yes. JAKS: Yes, we’re very tired. But look, see. Minus a few scratches that she gave herself,
she is perfectly fine. Yes
So, it’s almost 9:30 and we just had little Miss’ footprints redone again so that we
could get her footprints. And we got her all nice and swaddled back
up and she’ll get one more feeding tonight and then we all turn in for the night. Well, look at how precious that is. Yeah, look at how cute you are. We got to go see birth mom and her friend
again, right before last checks. And that was really nice; everyone got to
hold her and we got to chat. Yeah, that was just a good first day, but
we’re exhausted. I didn’t really sleep a lot last night. I woke up every like hour like to see if it
was time to actually get up. Yeah. And then today was just stressful between
obviously you getting born and the little scare, going to the nursery. I just think we’re both a little exhausted. So, goodnight for now. The next morning. JAKS: Morning, ladies. Little Baby Evangeline is officially a day
old. We made it through the night. I have to say it’s a little weird; every nurse
that comes in here asks if we slept. I think they get some weird pleasure in us
being like, “Not really.” But we tag teamed it. We did pretty good. We have packed up all of our stuff, we’ve
got box and stuff over there. The only gift basket I have left to give out
is to a birth mom, but obviously we can’t do that until relinquishment is over and that
is in 30 minutes. So, then we’ll take Baby Evangeline down there
and sign all the paperwork and talk over everything with the lawyer. But the husband went out and got a Starbucks
because it sounded great; like I needed it. We’re both feeling so much better after that. Chai Tea latté was what I needed. How are you doing, honey? Husband: Good. JAKS: Good? How is baby Evangeline? Husband: She’s good. JAKS: Can I get a cute picture? It’s a little bit better in videos. We’re struggling; I don’t know if I just
don’t understand how baby photography works, but we can’t get a picture that really shows
how cute she is. So, hopefully it comes across a little bit
better in video and a little bit better as she gets older. But we think she is going to have some blonde
blonde hair. We’ll see. Some of the nurses are claiming that it looks
red, but I’m not buying it right now; are you? Husband: Leave your guess in the comments. JAKS: Oh, thank you. That’s adorable. Speaking of which, we should be close to a
thousand subscribers. So, thank you so much. I really appreciate your guys; your support
and your support of our gender reveal and our match video. It’s been great to be able to share all this
with you guys and it just warms my heart whenever I get a comment that says one of my videos
helped somebody do something with adoption process because it certainly is big and hairy. But I am so excited to be reaching kind of
one of the last big milestones in our journey. We went radio silent with our family and friends
and we told them that. I just kind of needed to do it for me. I was not going to be texting updates or sending
pictures before we had done our relinquishment. We really did not anticipate anything going
wrong at all, but there’s just too many people that care about us. Well, it’s like a humble brag; like “There’s
just so many people that will like us.” No, but seriously, we would have had to set
up like a giant group chat or something. And I don’t know, I didn’t want everyone kind
of riding that roller coaster with us. I just wanted to be able to call them and
tell them that we have our daughter and it’s all done and good and we’re on our way home
and they can come see us as long as they bring food. We are hungry. All right. I’ll check in with you ladies later. JAKS: Somebody has the hiccups. So, that’s just going to be in the background
for a little while. Oh, yeah, it’s like {indistinct 11:59} is
so cute. That’s okay. Everyone just wants to see your cuteness anyway. So, it is much later. We had quite the day. Around noon today, right after Evangeline
turned a day, we went over to Birth Mom’s room and her lawyer was there and the hospital
social worker and her social worker and we essentially went through all the relinquishment
papers. And that was hard. It was it was really hard to be in the room
while she had to do that and it was just very humbling. Because not only am I your mom (yeah, I’m your
mom) and your birth mother is trusting me to be your mom, too, which is a huge deal;
a huge deal for someone to trust you with that. But she’s really happy that we get to be your
parents. And while we’ve been here, lots of people
have said lots of different things to us and some of it’s been fine and some of it’s like,
“Oh, it’s not really what I want to hear as an adoptive parent”, but birth mom looked
at us today and just said, “You know, you really deserve this. You really deserve her.” And it was just like touched my heart because
we tried so long for this and we worked so hard and it was just nice for her to recognize
that she was giving us a gift; we’re not saints for doing this. Like this is something we really want and
we’ve tried for it and we’ve earned. So, that was just good to hear. But as you can see, we aren’t discharged. We thought we might be discharged after that. And after she passed all our tests, what she
did, (You passed with flying colors. Yes, you did). Her hearing test, her blood glucose, her oxygen
saturation; she passed all of it. But because we had that little scare yesterday,
we got locked down for another 24 hours. So, that’s a little disappointing because
it’s another night in a hospital bed. It’s another night of getting interrupted
by nurses and not being home. But that’s okay because we did get to share
with family today. So, I mentioned we kind of went radio silent
until finalization. So, we got to send them photos and tell them
all about you today. So, that’s been really, really nice. And I just couldn’t love you any more. And look at this face. Look at this little face. Do you see the screen? Oh, gosh, I think I busted my camera. There we go. Do you see the screen? Oh, man. Yeah, you go. The hiccups; we’re going to have to work on
that a little. Okay. Well, I’m going to go tend to her, but I just
wanted to check in after that; it’s just been a very emotional day. And it was just more draining, I think, than
either of us thought. The husband’s over there eating dinner I got
him. So, all in all, its positive day and everyone
in the room wanted the same thing, but it just doesn’t make it any easier. And man, that’s adoption. Every adoption is born from loss first before
gain. All right. Talk to you ladies later. JAKS: Good morning. Yeah. Good morning. So, it is day-3 here at the hospital. We are hoping to be discharged today. Just doing a little tummy time; yeah. Made it through the night okay. Super looking forward to going home today
because I don’t need any more nurses coming in in the middle of the night; no. Oh, my gosh. Okay. I think tummy time is over and it’s time for
feeding time. Oh, my gosh, she’s so adorable. Okay, bye. We got discharged after lunch and made it
home fine!

88 thoughts on “Birth Vlog | Adoption Of Our First Baby Girl | Adoption Journey [CC]

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