A Pregnant Man?!? What?? – Ep 3 Almost Ready

A Pregnant Man?!? What?? – Ep 3 Almost Ready

Morning 265 of me not sleeping. She just told me
that she looked up what hemorrhoids look like. – And it was terrifying.
– ( chuckles ) Sometimes it happens
after the labor, when you push. Shay: Like, remember when I
thought that I was big before? It’s crazy
how big you are. They can happen in labor
if you don’t feel anything. You’re not the one
giving birth, okay? Shay:
Calibrating. Matte:
Calibrating what? Shay:
My weight. I’m holding the phone,
though, Matte. Like, this is adding
extra weight. Matte: The phone doesn’t even
weight half a pound. Shay: Okay, well, 168.8. I’m just saying that some
of the things you’re scared of can be eliminated
or potentially eliminated. Giving birth
without an epidural or a couple hemorrhoids– I’m gonna take
the hemorrhoids. Why, honey?
You can–I know– – The thing is you work out.
– Matte. – No pain, no gain.
– It’s not you. – Yes, I feel great.
– You feel good. You know why? ‘Cause I have my cocoa butter
and I put it everywhere. You think
you can’t sleep right now because I use you as a
human pillow? What about when it’s like…
( imitates baby wailing ) That’s fine.
That’s fine.– ( Shay imitates baby wailing )
– Matte: That’s fine.
( birds chirping )Shay:
I’m so hungry.
We have to leave soon because
I do not want to be late
for that baby basics class.Matte, there are
so many more noodles in there. – You make it the best, though.
– No, I don’t. If you didn’t make it the best,
I’d make my own.– Shay: You’re such a liar.
– Matte: You do.
The way you make it
is, like, incredible. I honestly realized something.The reason why
I love spicy stuff so much
isn’t even because I like
the spice so much. It’s if I make it spicy enough,
then no one else can eat it. Okay, can I have some now? ( laughing )
Oh, my God, honey. – Can I have some?
– You could also make yours. I can’t wait till we’re
in class today and they talk
about partnership. Okay, I’ll talk
about partnership all day long. I’ll talk about how I make
enough noodles for both of us so you just have to get them
out of the fridge. Speaking of which,
what is this class? Do you know anything
about it? ( sighs ) I think
there’s diaper changing… which we both could use
a lesson in. It can’t be rocket science. Matte… technology updates itself
all the time. You have to keep getting
refresher courses. We’re talking
about diapers.I’m 8 weeks out, Matte.I don’t want to ever say this,
but I’m gonna say this. You never know when
you could go to the hospital… truly, so I’d rather be
prepared a little bit, since we have nothing else
that’s prepared. – ( crunches )
– Matte: Okay.
( grunting ) God.Shay:
It’s so hot.
What would I do
without air conditioning? – I don’t know.
– Oh, this feels so good.( hip-hop music )( Shay groans ) That is getting harder
and harder.– Shay: How’s it going?
– Debora: Hi, I’m Debora.
Hi. Matte.
Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.
Yes, you guys ready? These are the exercises I’m
supposed to be doing right now.Matte: I keep trying
to tell you that, yeah.
– ( laughing ) Yeah.
– You don’t tell me anything. You got to loosen up
your hips, too? My balance is fantastic,
actually. – ( laughs ) – Try putting 30 pounds
on your stomach. It kind of throws
the balance off. Oh, oh, oh, oh.Debora:
Please watch out. ( laughs )
I can do it.
( groans mockingly ) It’s like he’s
so competitive. He just picked up this baby and said, “This is the size
it comes out.” No, this is obviously
a little bit bigger than what’s coming out,
am I right? Yes, a little bit bigger.
We’re gonna talk about that. We’re gonna talk about how baby
looks when they come out.Debora:
But if you have a long baby–
that’s, like,
I would say 20 inches.
Some babies are born
at 20 inches.
– ( laughs )
– Matte: Yeah.
So let me show you
some real birthday pictures. That’s sometimes
how the babies look likewhen they are just born.You might see that your baby
has swollen eyes, flat nose.
Some babies are born
with this lanugo, – which is extra hair…
– Oh, my God.Debora:
But that goes away, too.
– It does?
– Debora: Okay? It does.
You just do a little wax
in the hospital room? There’s, like, a waxer
that comes around. ( laughs )
I love that. This is what I looked like. Look at that. I looked
like an old Asian man. – Yeah.
– Like Benjamin Button. ( laughs )
Very cute. Not that cute.Debora: So babies are also born
with some reflexes.
So, if you expose your baby
to a very loud noise, something falls on the floor,
the baby will just like, whoo! – Shay: Mm.
– They do that. They wake themself up. That’s why we swaddle them,
’cause then we turn that off.Debora: Okay?
Let’s do the swaddle now.
Why don’t you try it first? – Or I can do it first.
– Shay: No, no, no. Just let him mess up first, because he knows
how to do this, which is why he didn’t think
we needed to come here. Matte:
You’re wrap this up, okay? ‘Cause you got to get her feet. This is gonna
come across, okay? And then her feet are secure,
her arm is secure. Great. This has to be tucked in
some more. I was gonna tuck this in
right there. There you go.
Like that. Okay, are you done now,
before we step in? Mm.
No, I’m all right. – Shay: Okay. That’s wrong.
– Debora: You’re good? Matte:
I’m all right now. Okay.
So let me just revise this. This could work, okay?
This could work. Hold on, hold on,
hold on, hold on. Hold on.
Hold on. Let me see you go. And now, I don’t want to see
you use my technique either. Shay: I like to do it my way,
which is a different step. I don’t put the arm down
right away.( quirky music )Oh, my God, you’re putting
your forearm– What, are you arresting her? – ( light laughter )
– Uh-oh. – Maybe I don’t do that.
– Wow. But, like, you tuck it in. You can see who wraps
all the presents in the house. ( laughter )Debora: What do you know
about breastfeeding?
What is that good for
that you know?
That it really hurts. It is kind of normal
to have sore nipplesin the beginning–
to hurt a little bit.
But you have to see things
getting better.
Do you have a nipple cover,
like, a protector?– Debora: Yeah.
– Do you sell those here? – We have some.
– And do they work? They do work. I wish I could have this, so I could be like,
“Here you go–somebody else’s.” Shay: What is this thing about
pumping and dumping if I drink? So what we recommend
for mom’s to haveis one glass of wine.But there are on the market
little sticks
that you stick it in the milk, and then you can test it
to see if that’s good or not. – You should get some of those.
– Debora: Okay?
But it takes three hours
per glass of wine to get out of your system. Kind of, yes. – Matte: Wow.
– Yes. Is there a service to buy other
women’s, like, breast milk?Debora:
I mean…
– there is black market…
– What? Debora:
That I don’t really recommend. Matte: No way.
You have to be kidding. – I’m not.Debora:
So let’s go around
the store now and then see
if you need anything. – Shay: What’s this?
– Debora: Yes. This is the first time that I’ve actually been
in a baby store, like, for myself.Shay: I can’t really
the idea of having a babyand, like, put it on
the back burner, because
it’s becoming more and more
real to me every single day,
every single week.Now I’m having to face it.That one is a newborn size. Where does it say that?Shay: And I am terrified
of giving birth.
( exhales deeply ) There’s a lot of stuff in here.Debora: So this is something
that you put on your nipple.
Yeah, then it doesn’t hurt me. No, not as much. Matte: Where’s the milk tester
for acidity? Trust me, we’re gonna be using
that thing a lot. Yeah, I will get that. Yes.Shay:
Did you enjoy the class?
Yeah. I had a little who’s,
like, 16 years younger than me. – Debora: Okay.
– Yeah, so I was around a baby. – So babies don’t frighten you?
– Not really. And I have friends who, like,
have no business having kids who were able
to get through it, and I feel like
if they can get through it, I can get through it.– Shay: Thank you, guys.
– Debora: No problem
– It was nice to meet you.
– Matte: Thanks so much. – Thanks for everything, yeah.
– Debora: Yes. Yes, it was great. I’ll be back
for more nipple pads.Debora:
( laughs ) Yes.
– Bye-bye.
– Matte: Thanks.Shay:
Well, that was fun.
To me, I don’t know.
It just seems all so obvious.
Honestly, I wonder–
I’m like, “Yo… “how long have people been
having babies? All those babies
are all right.”Of course.And without breastfeeding,
they’re all right.– No.
– Oh, really? If you can’t breastfeed, I completely understand
the idea– Some women don’t want to. Okay, well, I’m against that.And I’m sure there’s a lot of
women who are against it, too.
I just think if you have
the innate ability to breastfeed
and the kid latches, why wouldn’t you want the best
for your baby? ‘Cause–
Anyways…– ‘Cause what?
– Nothing. No, be honest. Why? Because formulas
are good, too.No, they’re not.The physical connection,the things you get from
breast milk, it’s just, like– If you can do it. If you can’t
do it, of course, that’s rough. I get it. ( sighs ) What else did you learn?( soft music )( exhales deeply )
I learned I got to watch you – when you swaddle the child.
– ( chuckles )( music continues )( cell phone chimes )
Shay: Hi.
Hey, how’s it going? ( sighs ) I just came
from a Baby 101 class. Oh, how was that? Well, breastfeeding
with the whole epidural combo– I’m just, like–I don’t know
what I want to do yet. All I know
is that I just need Matte to “silencio” and give me
a little bit of space so I can figure that out. Unfortunately,
that’s the road you go down when they just don’t get it,
so you do what’s best for you. Yeah. I just need
to figure out a way to get Matte to understand
a little bit more about how this actually feels
and the struggle that it is. But that’s the thing–like,
he’ll probably never get it. Right.( mellow music )What are you doing? Nothing.
What’s up? Okay, so I’ve been thinking
a lot about his birth plan. Yeah? And I feel like… We need to be more
on the same page with this. What do you mean
“more on the same page”? You say no epidural.
I say epidural. Am I partial to no epidural?
Yes. Why? Because I’m
a hypochondriac, I’m afraid of drugs. My mom didn’t use an epidural.
Lizzy didn’t. I meet women all the time who
didn’t choose to use epidural. Would you get a root canal
without any drugs? – You love that analogy.
– But it’s true.
It’s like you’re
in excruciating pain, and I’m holding the medicine
like this, and I’m like, “You could have it,
and it wouldn’t do any harm, “but you don’t want it. Do you want to be a fighter?
Fight through it.” A root canal is not comparable Because you’re not born to go
through a root canal. As a woman, your body
is genetically engineered to give birth. Well, listen, next time,
you can do this. I would love to, honey.
I already said that. – Oh, you would love to?
– I would love to do it. You’d love to know
what it’s like? The miracle of birth, honey. Would you love to know
what it’s like? Yeah. – Today’s your lucky day?
– Why? Because… recently I’ve been putting
together a little magic bag
of some items that I would like you
to try out. You’re gonna wear this. – No, I’m not.
– This is a 30-pound weight. It’s exactly what
I’m carrying around. You’re gonna come with me
on this hike, and you are gonna wear this. Before we put that on, though, we’re gonna put on
these little guys, and this is gonna go
on your bear stomach. What is that? Don’t worry about it. It’s gonna give you the same
feelings that I get of getting kicked in your ribs
over and over again… – No way.
– While wearing this. Look how excited you are
about this. Yes, ’cause I want us to go
for a nice, romantic stroll and us both feel
the same thing. You think I’m wearing this
out in public? You are wearing it. I’m not wearing that
out in public. No one has to see this. You’re gonna wear
a sweatshirt over it. So you just want me to look
like a fat guy? Yes.( funky music )– You have an app.
– Of course I do. ( laughs ) Matte:
Let me see it. Let me see it. – Let me see it.
– Are you serious? No, no, no, no,
let me see this ting. – You know how to work this?
– Yes. Now, let’s put this on. – This is crazy.
– Yeah, well, so is this. This is crazy. This should be meant for every
guy that’s going through this. ( music continues ) Okay. This is crazy. Let’s see.
( imitates horn honk, laughs ) Your tits look
better than mine. How’s that even possible?Matte:
You’re crazy.
( birds chirping ) Shay: ( singing )
You got to move it, move it Is that tough
getting out of the door? This is definitely not
how you feel. I almost forgot about angel. Come on.
Good girl. ( car door closes ) Should I just put my hands
like this? ( laughs ) Matte: Some women gain
70 pounds, don’t they? That’s true. You could’ve got me
a 70-pound. Then you would’ve complained
that we really weren’t equal because now I got you one that
was way more than what I was. This is not equal.
You put boobs on me. I’m not putting
a penis on you. ( laughs ) This is def–
Ow! Enough. Honestly, less talking,
more walking. – Come on.
– Listen– It just kicked.
It just kicked me, too. I want you to feel the exact same sensation
that I’m feeling. What are you doing? I felt it.
This was great. No, no, no, no, no.
We’re not done yet. We have way more hike to do.
Come on. ( clicks tongue ) Come on.( laughing )Keep it moving.( funky music playing ) Question– what do you think
about changing the floors in the house? I don’t think about that. We’re about to have a baby
in two months, and now you want to redecorate
the whole house? – Your mama’s losing it.
– Losing it? Mm-hmm. Ow! I’m not losing it. It’s called nesting,
so they say.

100 thoughts on “A Pregnant Man?!? What?? – Ep 3 Almost Ready

  • Some women who can breastfeed choose not to because of the emotional and mental strain that postpartum depression can have. Some moms end up feeling like nothing but a milk machine and become overwhelmed, exhausted and resentful toward their baby… which is way more unhealthy for both mom and baby when a simple decision to use formula could ease the load tenfold. Some people become so consumed about “what’s best for the baby” that they forget what’s best for the mom matters just as much. It’s a daunting transition and I think it’s important that we allow women to make whatever decision she thinks is healthiest for both the baby and herself!!

  • He really has valid points though. Yes, she is going through labor. BUT it’s not just her child. By getting an epidural she is not only medicating herself but THIER child as well. Same with breastfeeding, it’s not just her child. The dad’s opinions are important too.

    And YES I am a mother.

  • Shay! With my first I didn’t breastfeed because I didn’t want to! I wasn’t comfortable! It wasn’t for me! A fed baby is a happy healthy baby! Don’t let anyone pressure you into anything you don’t want.
    Also join some breastfeeding Facebook groups. If your sober enough to drive your sober enough to feed. It’s all up to you.
    Maybe join some mom groups using an alias 😂
    Good luck momma!

  • Nobody asked but it feels like they're relationship as parents is one where they hooked up and she fell pregnant and now they're together cause they think they need to be. It doesnt feel right . But thats just my 2cents that nobody asked for

  • It isnt 'natural' for women to go through all the pain they do. Women's body's weren't envineered to give birth to the giant size that human heads have developed to. Human development over thousands of years has made it that the human head(babys head) has increased with size due to brain capacity, yet the birth canal has changed very little in shape. This is why women experience so much pain. It makes so much more sense to have an epidural, if you experience pain, have an epidural. No biggy. All because of the obstetrics dilemma, it's not supposed to be like that. Other mammals don't experience nearly as much pain as humans do. Education people c'mon

  • "I felt it this was great"

    I don't think Matte was being disrespectful at all. He knows Shay is a badass woman that can go through the process naturally, and just because you take the easier route doesn't make you less of a badass woman. Thats not what I felt from him, he never said you're horrible if you do formula or epidural, he seems to love the idea that letting the body run its natural course works just fine! Stop degrading this man and writing nasty comments on him, y'all are too quick to judge in such a negative way.

  • I’m sorry but I think Shay is not ready and doesn’t want this baby, the epidural thing is fine, but preferring OTHER WOMEN breast milk for her own child? It makes me think that she just doesn’t have it in her, I think motherhood is not for her

  • Y’all need to back off matte, this is his and shays journey that they are both choosing to share, he is allowed his opinion on what he thinks healthy for his daughter. You may disagree fine, but calling him names and stuff because you don’t agree is stupid as hell. They are both going to be amazing parents. Stop being so nasty and judgemental

  • just because women’s body’s are genetically engineered to give birth, doesn’t mean we should’ve have the option to make it less painful

  • Step 1. Go to YT Search

    Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art

    Step 3. Enjoy!

    Almost Ready Phần 1 • Tập 3

    A Pregnant Man?!? What?? – Ep 3 Almost Ready

    depends on your mindset and attitude.” “The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things into your life.” “Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity. The greatest problem with communication is we don’t listen to understand. We listen to reply. When we listen with curiosity, we don’t listen with the intent to reply. We listen for what’s behind the words.” “It’s your life; you don’t need someone’s permission to

  • I had to quit breastfeeding because I was getting so depressed. I had no time for myself. My son was on me 24/7. So the way Matt is taking about breastfeeding and the epidural is hard for me to listen to.

  • Hemorrhoids are 1000% worse than labor without an epidural (if you’re not induced). If you’re induced, labor is way worse because you are forcing your body to do something it’s not ready to do. Also, the cesarean rate is incredibly high on induced labors. I highly recommend to watch The Business of Being Born. Also, I thank my husband for encouraging me to continue breastfeeding, it is the best thing for your little one. Formula is really terrible, full of sugar, oils, and synthetic vitamins.

  • He is not being selfish or inconsiderate, he is thinking about his baby’s best interest. Birth is not supposed to be comfortable.

  • Obviously not my place to say and I don't know what Shay is like when she's not pregnant but her and Matte don't seem to like each other.

  • big yikes on mike talking about what women should do in terms of breastfeeding. There is a lot that goes into whether someone can breastfeed, or if they're willing to do so. Some women have to work and aren't given proper workplace necessities that make pumping easy (some women have to use maintenance closets in order to pump privately and as cleanly as possible, or some don't even get the ability to ask for time away from their desk to pump multiple times a day). Some women don't want to feel like a milk machine and therefore they don't breastfeed. Some women can't breastfeed because of their medication not being safe for baby. Some babies don't latch well. Some don't know how much their baby is actually consuming and using formula means being able to accurately measure how much is being ingested, vs. being put on the boob and just sucking for a while. Each person giving birth deserves their right to chose what they want for themselves and their baby, and I hope that this doesn't come off badly, but I hope Shay knows these things and makes the proper decision for herself and her baby. A fed baby is a healthy baby, and that's all that matters! ❤️

  • This was so disappointing to watch. Obviously every woman can choose their own birth plan that's best for them,but there have been numerous studies and scientific evidence that says breast feeding is one of the most important things you can do as a mother. There's also a ton of research about the benefits of not using an epidural, but that's a little more personal. But I do agree, if you have the ability to breastfeed, knowing all the benefits, why wouldn't you want to do what's in the best interest of the child?

  • Yo I breastfed an my baby got so chubby an big lol . My milk would just come an come . I would leak so bad it was so embarrassing at times.

  • I love that you had him wear the weight and the sensors. Men really don’t understand what women go through. While I understand him wanting to give you his thoughts and opinions, you have to be true to yourself and do what’s best for you and your baby. And as a mother of three and grandmother of one, let me say there is absolutely nothing wrong with formula!!!!

  • SOMETIMES its not all about baby sometimes its about what the mother wants too, if breast feeding is painful and uncomfortable formula is just as good. MEN DO NOT GET TO HAVE THAT INPUT IT IS NOT THEIR BODY OR NIPPLES BEING SUCKED DAY AND NIGHT RAW

  • When I was young, my mom had problems with breastfeeding me since I refused to eat, she had to give me "formula milk" bc it was the only thing working…turns out i grew up as a normal child and HAD AND STILL HAS a bond with my mom !

    So no, not ALL the mothers breastfeeding and even if they don't that doesn't mean they don't want the BEST for their baby

  • Idk how Shay has the patience to deal with her boyfriend. He's not the one pregnant and going through birth and breastfeeding. How is she able to stay with him?

  • I want another episode already 😒 these are amazing.. you should have your own tv show. I’m currently 7 and a half months pregnant with my little baby girl! Mommas don’t get enough credit… pregnancy is hard girl but you’re smashing it.

  • I love how he mansplained child birth haha. I'm glad Shay know how to respond ! I wish you well to both of you for this new adventure !

  • I like that everyone is demonizing Matt but like I’m routing for him. He is standing up for what he believes is best and that’s his kid too.

  • Oh sweetie don’t let him push into things you don’t want to do. Do the epidural and if you don’t want to breastfeed then don’t. I went crazy breastfeeding and I never ever want to do it again.

  • Just scrolled through a handful of comment and all the hate toward matt is crazy. His fear with epidurals is as valid as hers about giving birth! His opinion on breastfeeding is also valid! I am a mom of 3 so I understand her side very well, been there done that. Gained a fluctuation of weight with all of them but it was atleast 30lbs with all. It's hard, being a new mom is hard, but being a new dad is also! They have all the fears and none of the control. Just think about that before running your mouth 🤷‍♀️😔 on a lighter not, you look beautiful! And no matter your choice, your still going to be a wonderful mom! Fed is best, and healthy mom and baby are best, no matter what the journey to that looks like! Just try to not discount a father's fears also. 🤗😊

  • There are risk factors to have an epidural I had one when i had my son I still can't feel when I have to pee you get very bad back pain which I had and if you look it up there risks it can do that it causes that I'm paralyzed where I can't feel when I have to pee literally I'm sitting there until I'm like scrunched over where I have to pee and that's the only time I can feel it on the other time you can't feel when you have to pee only one that's gets the point when you're like running to the bathroom so I understand his concerns about it because it is something you should look up and get to know before you decide you're going to do it so I don't think he's trying to be mean or rude or inconsiderate of your feelings I get it is your body your choice but you also are now in a relationship with your other half so you do have to kind of consider his feelings too but it works both ways and I understand that but there are risk factors to have an epidural just like any other whole thing but they do commonly happen and they're not the best for you. Love you but i understand both sides just look it up an ask about it before you say yes.

  • Having an epidural does not make you any less of a fighter. Labour is beyond painful and women go through it for HOURS. If we had epidurals 200-300 years ago, many women would not have died from childbirth.

  • So weird he brought his mother into the conversation.
    It’s about her body , not yours or what your mother did or didn’t do.
    As her partner you should want her comfortable. I don’t think anything bad has ever happened from having an epidural.
    Get over yourself.
    What a weirdo.

  • My lord, Matte has been irking me ever since the gender reveal video but I kept it to myself thinking maybe I'm reading too much into it.

    But seriously? Mansplaining to a pregnant woman on getting an epidural or not based on what? Your zero experience of pushing a human being out of you? Bro you barely made it through a damn hike, which is like a daily thing for pregnant women and were giving opinions on labour? Shut the front door man.

  • Okay everyone's bitching about how Matt isn't being supportive (which he obviously is or he wouldn't be there at all, he wants to be a dad and they love each other) and how he was pushing his opinion, but he's not? You guys keep acting like you know these people and what they should or shouldn't be acting like and it's honestly kind of ridiculous. Shay's putting this up to share her experience with everyone. Not to have her life weighed in on. Being pregnant was rough on both the mom and the dad. I remember feeling like I was never going to be the size I was, how awful I must look to my husband, and all through it he would tell me how I was crazy, I looked beautiful. I see him doing the same thing. Niggas just always wanna start drama.

  • I absolutely love that he made him put on the fake belly, because the way felt sometimes, I just wanted everyone to stfu and feel my pain

  • Doesn’t seem like something he is ready for having a baby but rather something to “get through” according to him. Also, Gotta love when men speak on things they don’t have to go through. 🙄 if she wants an epidural or wants to pump or use formula it’s her decision!

  • I didn't like how Matte was speaking to her about breastfeeding & giving birth. He needs to be more supportive and less holier than thou

  • Shay, if you want the epidural get it. If you don't want to breastfeed, don't. Who TF is a man to tell YOU what to do with YOUR body. I wouldn't have been able to give birth without the epidural, without one I would've put not only my baby but myself at risk. I breastfeed, my sister doesn't. Both our babies are thriving. Some guys are just so ignorant!

  • Omg. Saw this on good morning america and couldnt believe Shay was putting up with this!! Ahh, hes so ignorant!
    I agree with other comments, birth stimulator is needed.

  • Oh my god please, Shay if you want an epidural do not feel guilty because your boyfriend tells you that you don’t need one. I tried to go through labor without one since my mom and sister didn’t get one for their labors, and I felt defeated because I got one thinking I was going to toughen it out. Do not feel guilty! Everyone has different labor and deliveries. Do not compare yours to anyone else’s. Just because your boyfriends mom didn’t get one doesn’t mean you don’t either. Your body, your choice. Also for the breastfeeding argument, my son couldn’t properly latch for a month and I felt like giving up but I kept on trying and eventually got it, but you do not need to breastfeed if you don’t have to and it’s okay! You’re a strong mama, you have the best instinct for your baby.

  • Just an fyi no one ever talks about is the benefits for the mom of breastfeeding. You stop bleeding sooner and you down stairs area goes back together quicker. And its basically like running a marathon every time you breast feed. You loose a lot of calaries.

  • Also I'm sorry the man in my opinion has no option in if the girl gets epidural. I tried holding off till I got as close to 10cm as possible. I gave in at 5cm. After laying there screaming and crying for an hour. Then i didn't feel any thing and they had to tell me when i was having a contraction to even push her out.

  • i can't stand how close minded he is. he has no idea. so other women have done things the "natural" way….but she's not those women. she is her own & that's what she chooses. ugh 🙁

  • All the people saying he looks like a douche bag, enough with it. Look how shay treats him. No respect whatsoever. Always rude to him. She thinks she’s above people. That’s why her assistant left, and that is exactly why he will eventually leave too! 🤦‍♀️

  • He needs to be more supportive. He will never know what child birth feels like. You can get ptsd from having a traumatizing birth experience with no medication if that’s not something you’re prepared for. I really wish men had to go through it at lease once! Do a birth simulator please!!!!!!

  • I mean Matte is not really to blame here. Everything he believes is what MOST MEN believe, they need to be educated about the whole thing.

  • Men that aren't willing to try and experience a fraction of what actual pregnancy feels like don't deserve to voice their opinions to that level lol

  • I love how men have such an opinion on something they wont ever experience or if they were to experience it (pregnancy) they would be such wussies 😂😂😂

  • Step 1. Go to YT Search

    Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art

    Step 3. Enjoy!

    A Pregnant Man?!? What?? – Ep 3 Almost Ready

    after our nightmares the way other people chase dreams.” “He has no right to threaten my boyfriends. I'm eighteen. An adult. I don't need his help. I can threaten my boyfriends myself.” “I would always rather be happy than dignified.” “Being open with your insecurities paradoxically makes you more confident and charismatic around others. The pain of honest confrontation is what generates the greatest trust and respect in your relationships. Suffering through your fears and anxieties

  • Honestly I’ll do that to my boyfriend when I’ll be pregnant and he’ll be giving me advices that are useless because he’s a man and doesn’t understand how women feel when they are pregnant

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