3rd Trimester Induction Abortion: Injection and Stillbirth

3rd Trimester Induction Abortion: Injection and Stillbirth

My name is Dr. Anthony Levatino. I’m a practicing obstetrician-gynecologist and I’ve performed over 1,200 abortions. Today, I’m going to describe a 3rd Trimester Induced
Abortion, which is performed at 25 weeks to term. At this point, the baby is almost fully developed
and viable, meaning he or she could survive outside the womb if the mother were to go
into labor prematurely. Because the baby is so large and developed,
this procedure takes 3 or 4 days to complete. On Day 1, the Abortionist uses a large needle
to inject a drug called Digoxin. Digoxin is generally used to treat heart problems, but a high enough dosage of Digoxin will cause fatal cardiac arrest. The abortionist inserts the needle with the
Digoxin through the woman’s abdomen or through her vagina and into the baby, targeting either
the head, torso, or heart. The baby will feel it— babies at this stage
feel pain. When the needle pierces the baby’s body,
and the Digoxin takes effect, the life of the baby will end. The abortionist then inserts multiple sticks
of seaweed called laminaria into the woman’s cervix. They will slowly open up the cervix for delivery
of a stillborn baby. While the woman waits for the laminaria to
dilate her cervix, she carries her dead baby inside of her for 2 to 3 days. On Day 2, the abortionist replaces the laminaria,
and may perform a second ultrasound to ensure the baby is dead. If the child is still alive, he administers
another lethal dose of Digoxin. The woman then goes back to where she is staying
while her cervix continues to dilate. If she goes into labor and is unable to make
it to the clinic in time, she will give birth at home or in a hotel. In this case, she may be advised to deliver
her baby into a bathroom toilet. The abortionist then comes to remove the baby
and clean up. If she can make it to the clinic, she will
do so during her severest contractions and deliver her dead son or daughter. If the baby does not come out whole, then
the procedure becomes a D & E, a dilation and evacuation, and the abortionist uses clamps and forceps to dismember the baby, piece by piece. Once the placenta and all of the body parts
have been removed, the abortion is complete. Late-term abortions have a high risk of hemorrhage,
lacerations, and uterine perforations, as well as a risk of maternal death. Future pregnancies are also at a greater risk
for loss or premature delivery due to abortion-related trauma and injury to the cervix. As I mentioned at the beginning, I’m Dr.
Anthony Levatino, and in the early part of my career as an OB/GYN I performed over 1,200
abortions. One day, after completing one of those abortions,
I looked at the remains of a preborn child whose life I had ended, and all I could see
was someone’s son or daughter. I came to realize that killing a baby at any
stage of pregnancy, for any reason, is wrong. I want you to know today, no matter where
you’re at or what you’ve done, you can change. Make a decision today to protect the preborn. Thank you for your time. I will no longer do any more abortions. When you finally figure out that killing a
baby that big for money is wrong, then it doesn’t take you too long to figure out
it doesn’t matter if the baby is this big, or this big, or this big, or maybe even this
big— it’s all the same. And I haven’t done any since then and I
never will.

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  • I am sorry if I offend anyone with my statement but, this is murder. If the mother didn't want her baby, there are other options; she can choose other than taken an innocent life, like adoption. There are so many couples who wants a family but can't get pregnant. These couples would be glad to adopt her baby and give him/her a good life. Furthermore, if the mother didn't want any children, they can use protection. Besides, babies are a gift from God. And, mothers should think twice about murdering their baby.

  • Gun owners are repeatedly told that with rights come responsibilities. Don't reproductive rights also come with responsibilities?

  • He seems pretty calm for someone that performed over 1000 abortions. Maybe he doesn't really think it's murder.

  • a lot of people are assuming that a female all of a sudden decides late term “hmm i don’t want it let me kill it” but 9 times out of 10, that’s really not true. if that one female does decide if that late, yes she’s a monster. but mostly, it’s because giving birth or carrying the child to term can kill the mother, the child, both. or the child has a sever birth defect. there are very valid reasons for abortions. men cannot have a say in what they cannot understand. there are real issues that would cause someone to handle it in this manner.

  • I do not want to offend anyone, but in MY opinion, this is disgusting. Killing a baby? I mean, it’s your choice but this is horrible. This is very eye-opening and they should show these videos at school when learning about sex and how to stay safe. How can you carry around a developed dead baby in your stomach?

  • How can anyone deny the humanity of these babies. This is so sad. It breaks my heart. It is so much safer for the mother to carry to term and choose adoption.

  • Women are hard wired to protect children. Its maternal nature. How can you even live with yourself as a woman if you abort a baby??? All this bullshit "my body my choice" …. its TWO bodies involved here.

  • What's the point of this, she could deliver alive child and doctors can keep him or her alive and nurse them back to health. This should be illegal.

  • Oh my! This is horrible. My third child had a extremely fast heart rate (300bpm) in the womb. I took small dose of life saving digoxin orally during pregnancy to lower my baby’s heart rate. This was at a risk to my own life. I was told to be extremely careful with the drug , and I felt the negative affects to my own heart. Obviously it was used appropriately and helped save my child Thank God! Disgusting that abortion industry is using what intended to be a life saving drug to kill the most innocent. I can’t imagine poisoning a child with large doses. Sick!

  • Well this is a LOT better than ripping the baby apart while it's alive. Some people do that. And people who abort in the 3rd trimester almost ALWAYS have a baby with a health complication. Is it better to give a baby an injection or for it to live its whole life with a horrible medical condotion?

  • Just take a pill and be done with it. I don’t understand how these women can live knowing they got their baby suctioned out or being ripped apart. I support abortion but I don’t like how women wait or have it done with lots of pain for the baby.

  • Oh all of the sudden this doctor has made more than enough money killing all those babies, and now he wants to be against it? He clearly has his money bags in order by now 🙄

  • This is nothing to what Clinton said you can deliver a child half way and stick and scissor in the baby and pull the baby out from her cervix and still that won't be count as first degree murder.

  • I don't understand how so-called doctor would invent this type of endi g babies' lives in the womb.. The idea of direct injection to the baby is literally horrible…

  • Im liberal, but i support banning this type of abortion except in certain circumstances like the life of the mother. Its basically death penalty for baby. Adoption would be way more viable for mothers at this stage, especially considering how many people want to adopt.

  • 3rd trimester abortions are illegal and ONLY performed for medical reasons or extreme situations. Mothers this late usually wish to keep their baby. After all, they went through tons of work carrying that baby around for months just to abandon it. Terminating the pregnancy usually is very traumatic for the parents too.

  • PROPAGANDA. 3rd trimester abortion isn't legal in the U.S. Stop promoting more misogyny. You republicans want kids born but then complain about welfare 😂 and poison our kids with toxic chemicals from factories in our air, water, soil and food. Or use them to die in wars. And believe in the death penalty for non offensive crimes. And war… Stop killing innocent babies all over the world or STFU and leave women's bodies alone. Hypocritical war mongers. I'm here because an ad from this nonsense was put on my page. If you see this — don't believe the hype!! Read, research for yourself. This is not factual or how things really happen. You are being used as a politician pawn. #read #propaganda #reproductiverights #women #womensrights #prochoice #facts #research #science #profamilyprochoice #brain #useyourbrain

  • Can hardly understand why Abortion can be anyone's choice. This is barbaric…beyound cruel and inhumane.

  • Can hardly understand why Abortion can be anyone's choice. This is barbaric…beyound cruel and inhumane.

  • Sickening to know that a baby's haven in the womb actually became the tomb. The child's Eternity"s past was met with eterniy' s future in a horrific manner. What a sad ending! Then, to top it off…probably the baby was thrown away. This isv extremely difficult to stomach.

  • And people want this to be “safe and legal” just so they can have a choice. Don’t get pregnant if you don’t want a baby.

  • This has to stop!!!! To those careless women that hooked up with some strippers, or so on, even women that got raped. Abortion is murder and because it is murder, it is a crime! Even underdeveloped fertilized egg cell or fetus have life and deserves to be born and experience what is life.

  • The baby suffers extremely, he said it himself "if the baby is still alive" after being ejected. This world is evil

  • These videos with Dr. Levatino are really very accurate, educational, and overall, very excellently presented.

  • Why did it take so long to realize this?
    Abortion is murder. Abortions are genocide. Abortion is not health care when one of the persons has to die.
    Anyone who supports abortion supports murder. The entire left support this and every vote for these candidates by extension makes voters accessory to murder.

  • If you’re gonna have to be in labour and push out a baby anyways why not just give birth and put them up for adoption?

  • There is only one way how to stop this evil: vote Trump in 2020. Yeah, he may be an idiot, but at least he is against murdering babies – unlike the Democrats who are actually all in. In my opinion, it is always better to choose life before death.

  • Anyone who does abortion should be tortured and burned and then cut into pieces like the poor poor baby and then thrown in the trash cuz this is sooooooo painful to even watch and women are saying my body my power bull shit when they are taking an innocent life before its had a chance to live it also at trimester 2 the baby can feel the pain so u r murduring and torturing and innocent baby therefor u should burn and rot in hell.

  • Omg this is awful. Makes me sick. All these poor children being murdered because they’re not wanted. The baby feels all that awful pain omg!

  • Abortions is murder. Those that get abortions should also be manditory to have their tubes tied so they cant ever become a parent. They obv dont want to be a parent if they can kill a baby. The baby feels every bit. Just because its in the womb doesnt mean its not alive. My god how can anyone even want to abort. If they dont want the baby give it up for adotion.

  • @t
    How about a baby about to come out to live but gets pushed back and
    have the brain crushed to pull out. Even in a Catholic hospital in
    1970's. I believe it is now not rare nor hushed up. Even the baby come
    out is o.k. to be killed off; tissues on sale. I can tell who say they
    are Christians, but not, but angels of devil – demonkrats, damnocrats,

  • @t
    How about a baby about to come out to live but gets pushed back and
    have the brain crushed to pull out. Even in a Catholic hospital in
    1970's. I believe it is now not rare nor hushed up. Even the baby come
    out is o.k. to be killed off; tissues on sale. I can tell who say they
    are Christians, but not, but angels of devil – demonkrats, damnocrats,

  • This is the ultimate one-issue vote. I really think it's that important to determine the trajectory of human ethics and morality. It's responsibility and common decency against psychopathic selfishness.

  • My heart is bleeding.. My girlfriend just carried out an arbotion . She was 28 weeks .pg .. OMG! I cant watck anymore I imagine that needle went through my daughter to be. and caused cardiac arrest.. .. God !!.

  • Babies aren't scared, it's just the later stage of what usually ends up in the condom and gets thrown out. It's worthless bits of flesh and matter. You can always make more… Babies have never lived, no memory. They have nothing to miss.

  • There are so many families who can’t have children. Give the kids to those who will love them and who want them!

  • My hope is that ANY women that have this inhuman procedure come out of it NEVER to able to have babies again. It amounts to murder in my opinion and it deserves the worst possible karma that can befall her. There is couples out there that would kill to have a baby and have to spend thousands of dollars on the roll off the dice. I think these women should be forced to have the baby and put it up for adoption. Haven't any of them heard of contraception and than you also have those lose units doing this sort of procedure to get revenge on the father. I'm so over the so called human race. Abortion is not a form of contraception it NEVER was

  • Continue your freedom women. This agenda does not define you. You're body belongs to you. .. this video is a scare tactic. It's not a baby, it's a SACK of cells.

  • If a baby were just born and a doctor stuck it with a needle to cause cardiac arrest and death, it would be front page news ! Everyone would be outraged ! He would be charged with murder ! So why is it some how okay, to do the same thing to a baby inside of it's mother ? It's still murder !

  • funny how a lot of people are saying it's heartless having an abortion this late in the pregnancy but don't forget that late term abortions like this are normally done if the baby or the mothers life is in danger. no one is going to carry a baby for that long and then decide to have an abortion

  • How painfull it will be for the baby oh god this is really painfull to watch mother has to give birth and give baby for adoption many women dont have the gift to give birth to baby pls dont abort the child

  • This video is not just about a woman's decision, MEN should also learn to use protection and not get a woman pregnant. I hate the double standard 🙄

  • You guys do understand an abortion performed this late is usually for baby's with extreme deformities and health issues to the point they wouldn't survive or have no quality of life

  • We are the only animals on this earth that will make it an absolute point to kill our offspring before they even have a chance to take their first breath. And yet some call for gun control to combat school shootings while those same also call for a woman’s right to choose aka murder

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