24hrs Post D&C | Infertility Journey | Pregnancy Journey [CC]

24hrs Post D&C | Infertility Journey  | Pregnancy Journey [CC]

I was like, “Nope, nope, nope; not dealing
with that”. [Music]
Hi ladies. I am obviously out and about, so forgive any children or dogs that you hear
in the background. Today is Thursday and I had surgery, my D&C, yesterday early in the
morning at 7:30. So, about 24 hours post-op and doing okay… to fill you in from the
last update. Got it {indistinct 00:33} yesterday what the husband, went to the surgery center.
It was really easy; way better than last time. Checked me in, got me in really quick. The
lady was reading me off all those questions they ask about, “Do you smoke?” and all
“Are you allergic to anything?” She was like, “There’s no students training
today” and I was like, “Thank you” because last time, a student tried to start my IV
and it was just did not go well. And this nurse, while she wasn’t the friendliest, she
was really good and took one look at my hand, it was like, “Nope” and gave me my IV
in my wrist, which I think is what they resorted to last time.
So, I was very thankful that. The anesthesiologists were lovely and my doctor actually got to
do the surgery. So, that’s nice. The last time, it was just some random doctor I didn’t
know because obviously, my RE doesn’t do that. Recovered really well. The only, if I super
remember, coming out of the anesthesia was my blood pressure had dropped really, really
low and they were talking about that and how my color was starting to come back as my blood
pressure went up. I know I found that amusing because my blood pressure has been so low
the last few weeks. Other than that, I did have quite a bit of
pain. I didn’t remember hurting that much last time. And I also don’t super remember
like what meds they gave me like this time, whatever. This time they gave me prescription-strength
ibuprofen and hydrocodone. So, yesterday I was using hydrocodone to feel better, because
like the cramps were bearable, but when I was trying to move around, like even shift
my position, like sitting, I was just getting really sharp jolt of pain. I was like, “Nope,
nope, nope. Not dealing with that”. The husband stayed home and didn’t really
work, except when I napped around noon. So, yeah, he stayed home. We watched quite a bit
of Silicon Valley, we watched Once World, I watched some Hoarders. It was just a pretty
low-key day, which is why I needed to get out today.
So, thank you to all my friends who texted me and offered to pick me up cherry limeade
or whatever else I needed to meet with me. That was really sweet.
I did indulge in McFlurry, McDonald’s, Pumpkin Pie Smoothie from Scooters and a Baja Breast
freeze from Taco Bell in the last few days. So, don’t worry, I’ve indulged.
And then last night, my friends brought over wonderful gift basket. I’ll show you now.
And it was just really sweet and it really touched the husband a lot. He just didn’t
expect. I didn’t ask anyone to do anything. It was nice to see him feel so supported.
Before I went to bed last night, I did what I normally do for work, which is write down
a to-do list. So, before I leave work every day or get away from my desk, I write down
what I’m going to do tomorrow and I just felt like yesterday was so worthless. I mean, obviously
I had surgery, but I was like, “I can’t do another day where I just binge, watching
shows. So, I wrote down a list, before I went to bed, of what I wanted to get done today
and I have to say it’s been very productive, which is good.
I’ve also been mobile, obviously a lot less pain. I switched over to ibuprofen just because
I wanted to be up and about today. Tidied the house, started a load of laundry, loaded
the dishwasher, called to meet with my follow-up, post-op appointment.
Unfortunately, I have a week long work trip; the week I’m supposed to go follow with up
her. So, I’m going to have to deal with that afterwards, but that’s fine. It should be
fine. Emotionally, I’m fine. The husband said I
did a lot better this time than last time, which I was having a hard time telling. So,
I’m glad he said something to me. I guess he more or less {indistinct 04:10} the last
time. So, the fact that I was doing anything the last few days is better. But it also is
a lot less hassle and a less pain, because indeed, I found out on Monday, had my D&C
on Wednesday. I think it’s better this time just because
I know. I think it’s scary the first time you feel that devastated, like you’ve never
felt that way before and you’re kind of afraid that it’s going to be that way forever. In
this time, at least I knew it would stop. So, I think that’s helped a lot.
And just knowing kind of how dealing with this strong of emotion works, like you can’t
stay that way for very long. And then it kind of {indistinct 04:45} away and you have a
sort of normal day and then your, I guess, capacity to feel that sadness again builds
up throughout the day and maybe something triggers you at night. So, it’s good to know
that now. Anyway, I don’t any of that makes sense.
We did talk a little bit yesterday about our game plan going forward, just because it makes
me feel better. Husband is very much a one-step-at-a-time guy and I’m a programmer, I need to be able,
I used to think I was Type A, but I’m not really type A; it’s a little bit different.
I don’t need to control everything, I just need to be prepared for everything, because
in programming, it’s a bunch of ‘If/Then’ statements, “If this happens, then you do
this, if this happens, then do this” and I think that’s how I’m kind of dealing with
this situation. So, we talked over all the ifs last night.
It depends a lot on when the genetic code results come back, as well as whether or not
my RE agrees that we can do idea and my fertility insurance agrees that I can do IVF. I think
we’re both over doing hybrid cycles right now. I don’t have much more endurance left
in me. It’s been over a year and a half of either being on medications or being pregnant.
Unfortunately, I’m not in a job right now where I can just coast along and do what I’ve
always done, like I really need to step it up and learn. I was hired for this position
on the premise that I could learn what I needed to, not because I was already capable of doing
it. I can’t be incapacitated, you know, month after month after month with meds.
So, I’ll let you ladies know as soon as we get those results back. Once we get those
back, then I’ll make an appointment with my RE to sit down with her and also call up the
phone number for the fertility insurance and talk to them to get that started.
The infertility insurance also does consultations for adoption. So, I might chat with them about
that as well. Anyway, that’s how it’s going now. I’m going
to go tackle the best way to-do to keep myself busy today. Bye ladies, keep on fighting.

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  • I’ve been thinking about you! I’m glad to see you’re doing ok… sometimes just forcing yourself to move forward is better than sitting in such grief for too long… I’m also a variables planner, I like to have an idea of what our steps are in any given scenario, but I also want to be able to control those variables 😑

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