That’s a chainsaw. Every time I sit down to
film there’s a chainsaw, or some other kind of noise. Hi guys, so today is going to be
my 15 and 16 week pregnancy update. It was all going so well with the updates, but last
week when I was due to film my 15 week update my eldest son Fraser had a really bad sickness
bug, and he just needed constant cuddles, and then when he was asleep our building work
was really loud, and I couldn’t have filmed. So, today I’m going to do both weeks in one,
and it hasn’t been too eventful, so you won’t have missed anything. If you do hear any building
work in the background, those of you that follow my channel will know that we’re having
an extra room built for this baby, so it is just been like, non-stop noise.
In my 16th week now and the baby is now the size of either an avocado or a large orange.
My two different pregnancy apps say two different ones, but pretty big. It’s about four, and
a half inches long now, and it’s looking more and more like a baby. It’s ears are in the
right place, it’s using and moving all of its joints, and it’s even breathing in and
out the amniotic fluid, learning all of those, kind of skills. And it can even suck its thumb
now in there, which is amazing. So, it’s sucking and frowning, and smiling
and stuff like that. So, that’s pretty cool. By now as well, it’s body has caught up with
the size of the head. The head was much larger in proportion before, but now the body is
in proportion to the head, so that’s cool. So, exciting news. I have convinced my husband
that it is a good idea to have an early gender scan, and we’re going tomorrow evening. I’m
so excited. We’re going to a private clinic near where we live, and they’re going to hopefully
be able to see, even at this early stage. I’ll be nearly 17 weeks and yeah, I just have
no idea what to expect. Although we’re actually having the scan tomorrow
we have a bit of a gender reveal planned, so we’re going to have the scan tomorrow,
but we’re going to get the midwife to write down what it is in an envelope, so we won’t
actually know what it is for another week or so, because what we’ve decided to do, is
something that we’ve talked about in the past. I heard this story about this woman who, when
she got married she already had two little girls and when she got to the altar, and they
exchanged rings her husband had, had two of the diamonds in her wedding ring changed to
little pink diamonds to represent their children in their wedding ring, and I said when we
have all of our kids I’d love to have three stones in my wedding ring changed to the colors
of our children, to represent them in our marriage and stuff.
So, we’re going to take the envelope with the sex of the baby in it to a jewelers that
we’ve already spoken to, and so they’re going to know before we know what we’re having,
and we’re going to hand over my wedding ring, and they’re going to change three of the stones
for either three blue stones or two blue and one pink stone.
And then we are going to find out by getting the ring back and looking at the ring, and
obviously I will film it so you can see what it is. We’ve had so many comments from people
about, “What if it’s a third boy? Are you going for the girl? If it’s a third boy are
you going to do a Victoria Beckham and have a fourth?” And all of these comments.
This is definitely our last baby, and we think that … Sorry about the building work. We
think that it probably is a boy. I feel so similar to the way that I felt with both of
the other pregnancies and if it is another boy we will absolutely love that. A girl would
be nice, because it would be a different experience, but I kind of think in a way she would be
a little bit outnumbered, whereas a boy would slot in to our family really easily. It is
already … Like, I’m so outnumbered, what’s one more going to do?
So, I think in a way three little blue diamonds would be really beautiful, or if not, a little
pink one would be really cute, so I think it’d just be a nice way to find out.
Obviously I will share it with you as soon as I can, I’m so excited to share it all with
you. Oh, I did a recent Primark haul video, but at the end of that video I also include
some maternity bits that I’ve recently purchased from ASOS and Topshop, so if you wanted to
have a look at those I’ll link the video down below.
Also, symptoms wise this week and last week, I haven’t had too many new symptoms. I’ve
still felt a little bit tired sometimes. I haven’t really been very good at keeping up
my water intake, and I feel like my skin has been a little bit dry or dehydrated from it,
and I know I haven’t had enough water, because if I don’t drink enough water in the morning
by midday I have a really bad headache. It’s just like, your body’s obviously telling you,
“I should have drunk more water than this, and now you’re going to have a really bad
headache.” So, I’ve been trying to keep that up, but
it has been hard. Herbal teas and lemon water again, have been really helping with that.
The tiredness, I’ve definitely been feeling less tired and better in all of those ways.
I think I felt the baby move. I know it’s really early, but I went and had my eyelashes
done the other night and the bed that you lay on is so flat. When we were chatting away
and she was doing my lashes I thought I felt like, a little flutter in my stomach and I
thought, “That must be the baby.” But I haven’t felt anything since, but I’m sure that, that
is coming up very soon, because I felt Fraser and Caleb in my tummy at about 18 weeks. So,
really, it’s not far to go at all. I think that is all that I wanted to tell
you this week, and thank you so much for watching. I can’t wait to show you my gender reveal
and find out what I’m having myself, and yes, I will see you very soon. Bye.

45 thoughts on “15 & 16 WEEKS PREGNANT and GENDER REVEAL PLANS

  • can't wait for your gender reveal. my sister is having her early gender scan tonight. she has 3 girls already 🙉 xxx

  • Aww this is such a fab way to find out gender! Out of the 'norm as well! So exciting 😊 Can't wait to see whether you're having another little boy or a girl this time. Although I'm not pregnant (just have a tantruming 2 year old!) I'm loving following your pregnancy, newborns are too cute!! Xxx

  • So exciting. Love watching your vlogs. The ring idea is great! I bet it totally was the baby. I felt Parker at 13 weeks and Paige at 16 X

  • Aww I love the ring idea. I think it'll be a boy. But maybe that's because you already have two. If I had no 3 I imagine myself with another boy but again maybe that's cause I have two already.

  • The ring idea is fantastic never heard of that way before. And to think your sharing that with everyone,I'm so excited,hope the time goes quick . Your hair seems to have grown quick just over the last few weeks. Xx

  • I would grow it so you can tie it back,with three children you will have days where it's just easier lol. It looks so thick as well. Pregnancy really suits you,you are really glowing. Thanks for the great video,just waiting for the next now 😁 xx

  • Ahh I love this idea! How beautiful! I can't wait to know what you're having, I have a feeling you're having a girl, I don't know why! I'm the same though, either way it'll be absolutely wonderful!

  • I had an early gender scan too at 16 weeks as we just couldn't wait to find out!! It's very exciting and lovely what you are doing with the ring xx

  • What a lovely idea!! You look so well..I found out the sex with both of mine so would love a surprise with the next xx

  • Such an exciting idea for the gender reveal but I have to say I admire your patience to wait for the ring to be redone and everything hehee … Oh and you look fabulous!

  • Congratulations on on your pregnancy!! I just found your channel today and subscribed. I love your style and looking forward to following your pregnancy journey.. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant with our fourth baby. It's such an exciting time..

  • Just hope you don't get a doctor like mine!!! :/ he didn't even ask if we wanted to know or not, we were not expexting to know the gender at that point but he noticed it was a boy so he just said it loud 🙁 hahahah I wanted a surprise but the doctor ruined it hahahaHowever if it's a boy it's really difficult to get it wrong, it's girls the problem at early scans since they have a similar development than kids at the beginning

  • Very excited to find out the gender of your new baby!? I also hope you will film your nursery and your new baby to come.

  • By the way, how old is now Fraser? Has he started any activity outside of school? My best friend who has four boys, has put two of them into ballroom dance classes and they are doing so well and I can' t believe that the boys enjoy it so much and the two that are close in age compete with each other and they just came back from The competition in England winners. They are of course already dancing some years and they are ages 13 and 10. But it is amazing to watch them, so cute and I think it is a good skill to have.
    We are originally from Estonia and she is so busy so we only seldom talk by skype. And I am to scared to put myself out there for the rest of the world.
    Did you not fear that in the beginning to become so visible for everyone to see??

  • Even though it seems fine and usually the comments are from decent people. I am also afraid of criticism, I guess. How are you dealing with the bad feedback? Even though I think that by now you are used to it. You have been in it if I understand correctly for few years now.

  • I am just now starting to discover more of this world, because I was in the beginning very skeptical of the new technology and actually it is my mother that introduced me first to Skype and Facebook, funny, yes. And I am starting to realize that it can be quite fun.
    Sorry I am really bombing you now a lot with my comments, but I like your channel so much and you and it almost feels like I know you.
    You don' t have to respond, I understand you have a very busy life.

  • And yes, I did look at other mom vlogs but you stand out for me more, maybe there is also something to do with you reminding me of my friend from my youth. And yes another issue with me, I am old 43, I feel that I am late for everything, that I have missed my train

  • I stop here, because it is becoming too private to share in public maybe. Just wanted really for some reason to share with you. Again just repeating myself, don't need an answer just wanted to you to know that you are inspiring and love to watch your vlog. And that my small family , we are your fans. All the best! And since I, and most of my friends are much older than you then I can't really share your videos or my excitement today with my 7 month old, because they have done all that and are having now already teenage children, with completely different issues and they are also quite skeptical off all this YouTube life. Sorry if making mistakes, I know your mother has been your grammar police, but English is my third language, so I hope to be excused. 😀

  • What a lovely gender reveal idea!! And so lovey to have your wedding ring altered, I've never heard of that before! Eeeek I can't wait to find out what you're having 😍

  • I always felt mine at 15&16 weeks. a nurse told me the trick:
    before you eat, while you're hungry, drink orange juice and about 10+ minutes later lay on the floor with your knees up and your hand on your belly and wait. when the sugar hits your blood stream baby gets some too and the wiggles begin.

  • so you had your early gender scan at 16 weeks and you were able to see it clearly? im having one too and by then will be 16 weeks and 7 days so im hoping i can see the gender clearly xx

  • Hi! I've been binge watching your videos and Emily.. you are keeping me sane!what an inspiration you are! You keep it together and always look amazing. I'm going to keep watching your videos because as a mum to one boy and mystery baby on the way I feel that I could learn alot from you!!! Anyway. Heres a question.. how do you never have lipstick on your teeth!!!?!?!

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