Тунис | Жизнь других |ENG| Tunisia | The Life of Others | 24.02.2020

Тунис | Жизнь других |ENG| Tunisia | The Life of Others | 24.02.2020

Why do I love my hubby? Well, because he makes money and feeds our family. We all idolize our wives. As this is the love for life. After the wedding, my husband asked me to completely cover myself and only he could see me. And I did not contradict. We never really ger a chance to quarrel. But in truth, it’s annoying that my wife sometimes behaves like a child. Before we got into huge fights and he even used to beat our children. But now they are grown-ups already. And they will never let me get hurt. You are very welcome to Tunisia. This is The Life of Others New York London Venice Amsterdam Tokyo Singapore Zheneva Rio-de-Janeiro Havana Paris The Life of Others Zhanna Badoeva Before discovering how people live in Tunisia, I am interested in understanding the difference between the life of a man and a woman. Is it true that teachers strike children at school? And what’s the parents’ attitude towards this fact? Or is Tunisia a paradise for living? So, let’s clear it all up today! If I was born in Tunisia, then probably in the family of Fatma Ferzhani. She is a cowgirl and a real businesswoman. I’d live pretty nearby the capital city, I would help my mother breed sheep and goats. Or I would be born in the family of Amira Gelassi. I would research the Quran at the religious kindergarten at the mosque, I would learn from my grandmother to bake bread to become a good housewife. Or perhaps I would be the daughter of a strong and independent Fide Sad. I would get a higher education diploma, and wouldn’t allow a single man to dress myself in a burka. But no matter how different all these women were, One common desire unites them all at the moment of giving birth. Tunisia maternity hospitals are over-crowded. From 30 and up to 50 women can be at the same time in the same ward. Just imagine! And if you have a problem with that, you are very welcome to a private hospital! Why not? Then you gotta be a queen, the one and only! Aizel Sanay, Director of Kindergarten I am already terrified by the very thought of giving birth in a free public maternity hospital. This is not a hospital but a conveyor. There are crowds of women who have contractions, and all of them are screaming. Doctors are so busy that sometimes they even forget to wash newborn babies after their birth. After listening to a couple of similar stories, no price would be too high for a private clinic. And the delivery in a private clinic will cost you from $ 480 and up to 880. The state covers a small part of these costs. The state returns $ 125 for a natural birth. Haruf Mahmud, a doctor And $ 250 for a cesarian section. Since 90% of Tunisians are insured, they can count on this amount. Despite the fact that there are many religious residents in Tunisia, it does not affect the choice of a doctor. Any man can easily take delivery of a woman, whom only the husband sees in all her glory. Even if a woman is fully covered that you can only see her eyes, at the doctor’s office, everyone is equal. Religion does not forbid me to treat women. And husbands are even happy sometimes when I am taking birth, as they trust me as a professional. Paid maternity leave in Tunisia lasts only 14 weeks. Therefore, if a woman is not going Therefore, if a woman is not going to devote her life completely to the household and children, then she will let her child attend a kindergarten. But this is not a simple thing in Tunisia. Aizel Sanay, Director of Kindergarten Only two state kindergartens are available throughout the capital. It is impossible to get there, therefore, a private kindergarten helps. We have a huge number of private kindergartens for any taste and allowance. Private kindergartens cost from $ 42 up to 125 per month. And in case this is expensive for you, you can choose a kindergarten at the mosque. It is free, and from the age of three, they study the Quran here. I decided to visit one of it. Look, everyone is wearing winter jackets as it is quite cold here. I’m not at the North Pole. It’s just a kindergarten. You repeat after the teacher, otherwise, she’d strike both of us. You heard it right! It is a strict discipline here. Many Tunisians passed via it. Ramseу Zhlasi, a carpenter Memorization of the Koran develops memory. And the punishment with a stick impacts perfectly on the training mode. Interesting! Now we find out from the teacher what works better the carrot or stick method. I see you have numbers here and now there will be a lesson in writing. And as far as I got, do you always walk with a stick in your hand? When and why do you strike kids? Naima Hammami, a teacher This is actually a pointer and I hit with it very rarely. And what if the children do not obey, If they indulge? How will you calm them down? I can scare them with a stick, hit on the fingers but not hard. Sometimes it’s enough to tap the board to calm everyone down. If I were you, I’d better sit still. I know that here at school they are allowed to beat children, if they behave not so good. Is it true? This is permitted but only for educational purposes. That is parents would be thankful to you for this. Well, they will not swear with me for sure. Naima is a strict woman. I wouldn’t joke with her. Her students are from 3 to 6 years old. Every day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. they sit at a desk. Except perhaps they are taking home for lunch from noon till 2 p.m. I am not sure about the kids, but in this class, I was almost frozen in half an hour. There you have an African country. Don’t you feel cold here? As you could notice, we almost don’t get undress here. We are dressed from top to toe. If you shut the windows and doors it gets warmer. As they say, you breathed up! Anyway, brains work better in cool air conditions than if it’s hot. Rulia Assit, a fitness club owner Such kindergartens have their drawbacks. Trust me, the way they are preparing kids for school here, they don’t do anywhere. Why is it better to give children here than in an ordinary kindergarten? It’s all about studying the Qur’an. My students have to memorize a lot of information. Therefore, they are more prepared for school. Khedia Ehlef, a senior And I’m ready to argue on it. my daughter and granddaughter did not go to kindergartens in the mosque and this did not prevent them from studying well at school. To each his own. When a Tunisian turns 6, he inevitably goes to school. And there’s a huge choice of those here. You can choose between a public free school and a private one. What unites them? That is their unusual location. Schools in Tunisia can be located either at mosques or in old buildings. And sometimes you walk around the market, admiring beautiful dresses and sweaters, and then out of nowhere, you get to school. Imagine that! Let’s get in! One of the best private schools hid in the very center of Tunisia in the middle of the market. Whenever possible, parents will send the child to a private school. Abin Ouni, a notary Twenty children study at such classes, not forty. Besides, they’ll get better knowledge. With such a certificate, you are much more likely to have a bright future. Parents pay from $ 70 to 350 per month for such a chance for a bright future. No matter where children study, secondary education will take them 13 years. They go to school for 6 years, then 4 years in college, another 4 years in high school. During this time, absolutely all students have time to learn 4 foreign languages. Murat Buazen, a teacher In addition to the Arabic language, second-grade children begin to learn French. In the fourth grade, learning of the English language is added. And already in college, children choose another additional language, usually, this is Italian. They are not children, but polyglots. September 15 begins every school year. And it lasts till June 30. Learning is good, but there’s always a high-school sweetheart. Even in Tunisia. Yasin Khalem, a pupil There’s one girl in my form, whom I do like a lot. I present her chocolates, carry her bag and accompany her back home. And she sometimes consults me in Maths. We, teachers, have nothing against it. The main thing is that students shouldn’t go beyond the pale. While students are trying to study well so as not to upset their parents, Pupils in a driving school apparently do not take their studies so seriously. Traffic on the roads is one of the features of Tunisia. Besides the fact that there are practically no traffic lights and pedestrian crossings here, Tunisians’ driving skills leaves much to be desired. You need to have nerves of steel when you drive onto our roads. Haruf Mahmud, a doctor In recent years, through the fault of other drivers, I have had an accident three times. Now I’m thinking about selling a car. Well, then it’s time to get where the origins of this are. Traffic on the roads in Tunisia made a huge impression on me. I was wondering where these people are taught to drive. And are they taught at all? I came to a driving school to find out everything. Hello! – Hi! I suggest taking a sit into the car, and you please show me how driving lessons are held here. Salah Ksontini, a driving instructor It seems to me that the people whom I saw on the roads absolutely do not know how to drive. Please, show me. You get behind the wheel then. Well, it’s time to get my driving license off the dusty shelf and try my luck on the roads of Tunisia. Please show me the basics of driving. It wasn’t the best idea to put on this coat. Right? Show me where the brake and gas pedal is. Mama mia! Salah is an instructor with a huge driving experience. He lived in France for 15 years and recently returned to his homeland. Now every day he works at his driving school, where students are taught theory and practice driving. 20 hours of theory will cost you $ 70. And 40 hours of practice will cost you another $ 350. When a student applies to you, first he goes through the theory and then he starts driving, right? Or probably he immediately starts with driving, just like I did? Until my student has learned the very theory, I will not let him get behind the wheel. He must feel confident on the road. I see, so after he passed the theory, he can get behind the wheel. So, let’s start! Start the engine! You don’t be nervous! And pull yourself together. I will support you. Senda Hammad, a tutor To cross the road, all Tunisians stop the cars by their hands, and cross the road whenever they feel like. Apparently, a ride with obstacles awaits me. Oh my, I am so nervous already. Now please turn left, we’ll get down to the road. Well, wish me good luck and pray for my cameramen. Who is taking the exam? Policemen take it. I heard that many can buy a driver’s license here. At the same time, having failed on the exam. It used to happen before, but now, it is impossible. Only 6 out of 30 questions on the exam can be failed. But you have to admit, the way Tunisians drive is just terrible. Many drive excellent, but against the backdrop of 20% of reckless drivers, it seems that all the drivers are like that. Look at him! Where are you driving? Where? Just look at him! He was wrong! Such drivers should be shot, you think so? And of course, I could not help but ask the eternal question. Who better drives a woman or a man? Women pass a theory exam excellently, they perfectly know the rules and signs. But as soon as it comes to driving, it’s like they’ve been a different person. On the road, men feel more confident. That is, men are still better, right? Because we women also need to put on some makeup, and fix the microphone so it won’t rub. I feel tired already. Well, the hour of driving a car flew by and it’s time to get back. But just before turning into the parking, I almost updated the car with a fresh dent. Did you see what he did? Let’s drive away from here! Mama mia! I will never drive. Did you see that? Crazy man! Here we are. Did I pass an exam? You get credit! It’s nice of course, But I’ll probably refrain from driving on the roads of Tunisia. I want to say that as I drove all my life, I am going to continue. These nerves on the roads of Tunisia are not really mine. I have already lost weight. That is it has its merits. In the same way, pupils refuse to get higher education. Graduating from high school, almost none of the children are eager to enter the university.
This is the life. No need to pass exams, no need to strain oneself! Anas Buheli, a pupil I do not want to be an economist or lawyer. I dream to become a football player. That’s why I won’t enter the university. I do not need a diploma because I will, therefore, find a job. Public universities are free. Abin Ouni, a notary You just have to pass exams with good grades. Only then is it very difficult to find a job or get into a state institution. There’s a lot of those who are willing, but the quantity is limited. Until you start your own business, you can look for work for years. Doing your own business, your income is much higher, than the salary at school or hospital. $ 280 is the average salary in Tunisia. Teachers earn from $ 420 to 700 a month. Doctors earn from $ 530 to 1230 a month. Lawyers and notaries earn about $ 980. But despite the fact that the above-mentioned specialists have a higher education, other occupations are valued in Tunisia. In Tunisia, professions such as the carpenter and mosaic manufacturer are very much appreciated. And these professions are very well paid. Let’s go and find out all the details. I am so much excited to get to know how much they earn, what do they deal at work with? I followed in the footsteps of my father and entered the local artisan school. Yassim Zeyud, a student I will study for six months, and then pick up the family trade. Another 1,500 thousands of students study together with Yassim. They want to get a labor occupation. Handicrafts are in every house. Tunisians adore traditional carpets, clothes, tableware, pictures and mosaics. Therefore, all students are sure that there will be no end to orders. Education is free here. The only thing students pay for is the materials they work with. It is around $ 175 per six months. You can buy their work in the workshops. But the profit is taken by the master who trained him, and not by the student at all. In the future, mosaic artists can earn up to $ 1,400 a month. Carpenters and technicians do not sit without work either. After all, all Tunisians are repairing old equipment and furniture. I am not only repairing old furniture but I am also making new ones. I can make a sofa in 2 weeks. And it will cost you twice less than in the shop. Ramsey earns from $ 60 per month. Despite how much he earns, he still has to pay a monthly guaranteed tax. That is around $ 60. No matter, you go into the house of a rich or poor man, there will be used equipment in his house. Domestic production is poor, Therefore, used equipment from Europe and America is massively brought to the country. And he is incredibly happy about it. After all, the repair of this junk that was thrown out somewhere in Italy or Lithuania helps him to make money. He did not receive special education. Only a few years ago he was an apprentice. After that, he opened his workshop. Aimen Baldy, a technician I can get from $ 11 up to 55 per day. This is enough to feed my family. Looking at the lives of others, you wanted to see everything with your own eyes? Would you love to feel yourself like a real Tunisian for a while? And without spending a lot of time? Thanks to the service of booking tours online “Level.Travel”, You will have such an opportunity. For the sake of it, I use level. travel app. Here tours from all tour operators are collected. Suffice it to say that I am going to Tunisia, and choose the dates of the visit, set the necessary filters. Now I can choose the tour which I liked via photos, Detailed information and reviews of thousands of people. The main thing is that you can forget about visits to a travel agent. And plan your vacation either at home, at work or while traveling, as I do. You can make a payment right on Level.Travel. Booking confirmation, tickets, voucher, and necessary documents will appear immediately on your App and email. Tunisians love tasty food, lamb in particular. When a girl is born, they butcher one ram. When a boy is born, they butcher two rams. No holiday is complete without this meat. Here is a local shepherdess, Fatma, who caught that this can make good money. While most men work as artisans, taxi drivers or security guards, she decided to become a businesswoman. For many years, she has been growing and grazing whole flocks of sheep on her own. Well, sometimes I am facing rams, and she deals with them all her life. Therefore, we quickly found a common language. She is almost a relative of mine. Fatma Ferzhani, a breeder Tell me, how many sheep do you have? I’ve got three adult ones and three little ones. Is it an easy thing to treat them? We mostly have a brief conversation. How should I treat him? Tell him “kush-kush”. Look, he gets what I’m saying. I guess I’m talking with an accent. They obey me when I speak up. Rams never get it from the first time, and this is proven. Fatma has been breeding sheep for 40 years already. She bought the first sheep at the age of 16, when her son was born. Now on she sells a minimum of 50 up to 60 sheep per year. One sheep costs from $160 and up to 210. This business makes around $ 10 550 per year. And of course, taxes are not even discussed here. Sheep fear Fatma like the plague. That’s why when they saw me, they decided to have some fun. Watch your steps! Look at them! What a scoundrels! Let’s go away from here. How did you start your business? First I bought one ram, then the second. So did not have time to look back as there were already a few dozen. Do you have rams only or do you have sheep as well? I have both. Is it easier to raise rams or sheep? Easier is to do nothing. And I have a big farm. Besides I am breeding cows. That field is seeded with pepper. Does anybody help you? I do it all by myself. The whole household lies on the fragile shoulders of this woman. Her husband never sought to make a career and earn enough money. Therefore, she became a bread winner. Thanks to her efforts, she herself built two houses for her sons. Each of which cost $ 28 100. And she paid her daughter the wedding and prepared an impressive dowry. Well, she is a real Tunisian businesswoman. Despite the fact that the children have long grown up, Fatma still works hard and supports everyone. I pay all utilities of the homes of my sons. I helped my daughter to equip their home. I’ve bought them all the necessary equipment and furniture. Let me hug you! You are a wonder woman! That is what I call an amazing woman. What does your husband do? You buy everything here. You do everything here. What does your husband do then? He works as a security guard in a shopping center. It has been like this all my life. He goes to work, and I myself mind the household. Why doesn’t your husband help you with your business? Because he is a bummer. He is happy with his work. He is sitting all the time, and either let or not people to get in. He is small and thin, here he would go crazy with all my duties. Neither Fatma nor her spouse received higher education. They got married and became parents when she was 15 years old and he was 17. While the husband formally goes to work and receives $ 210 per month, she makes the job of 5 men. Fatma is a religious Muslim woman who prays five times a day and always covers her head with a scarf. Women like her are half of Tunisia. Because Tunisia has long been split into two. Part one is religious and the other is not. Сovering yourself completely or looking like a European is a personal choice for every woman. We try not to judge each other and live in peace. I respect religious Muslims, as they strictly adhere to a number of rules. Many women all over the world love to show off their new clothes and coats, especially to brag to all your friends. Some Tunisian women show off their new clothes only to their husbands. Or to their reflection in the mirror. And the friends will wait. And that’s right! That’s the way things are going! But that is not all. Amira is well aware about the real life of such women. Therefore, now will ask her about everything. How long have you been married? – I’ve been married for seven years. Did you wear niqab before marriage or only started when you got married? Amira Gelassi, a housewife I began to wear niqab only when I got married. Suddenly, men begin to respect the man when his wife starts wearing the burqa and niqab. He’s started to be considered a cool guy, even if this man is nothing, truly saying. Are all women who get married obliged to wear such clothes? This is not necessarily. It is a personal choice for each of us. Was it your idea to wear a burqa or your husbands? When I got married I knew that my husband would ask me to dress like that. As he is a very religious man. If my husband asked me to wear a burqa, I would file for divorce at the same second. Amira isn’t disappointed bt such a wish of her husband. She is even glad that he is so conservative. Religious Tunisians are the best husbands one could imagine. They do not drink, do not smoke, do sports, and do not beat their wives. Generally in Tunisia, men beat their wives, right? It happens, but a wife is protected by the law, and she can write a petition. Do you know such cases? – I do. Are these men in prison now? Unfortunately, women suffer all this because they are afraid that other people will laugh at her because she complained about her husband. Fide Sad, a manager There is no guarantee that religious men will be decent. Among them there are villains too. In general, I believe that a normal man will not cover his woman from top to toe. Because a woman is a person and not his property. What are you doing here besides the fact that you bring up children and do household chores? I bring up children and do household chores, In my free time, I write fairy tales and love stories. It means that you can have some occupation, right? I cannot be a doctor or a banker. A woman who wears a niqab cannot work in offices or at state-owned enterprises. They can’t be officially employed. Unfortunately, terrorists and criminals often hide under women’s clothing. They invisibly penetrate inside the buildings and commit crimes. Therefore, women who cover their faces will not be allowed to work. No one sees how you look Besides you and your husband? Other women can see us. Do you get together with your friends, where you can show off your new dress? We get together, though we are all covered there as well. It’s not customary to show off here. Maybe someone does not have the opportunity to buy a new dress. I buy a new dress for myself. I do makeup for myself. Women in this world have forgotten that you need to preen primarily for yourself. And not in order to cause envy of friends. We can communicate with each other with open faces, but nothing more. Can you show me your face? I can. Wow. That’s so interesting! It turns out that you don’t need to do makeup and make your hair done. Sometimes it helps out. But still, I sometimes do hairstyles and makeup for myself or my husband. What color is your hair? – That’s a secret. You can’t even tell me, can you? – I can tell. But if other men find out about it, it won’t work well for me. Each country has its own customs and laws. And it’s very interesting. As it is 21st century now and we live on the same planet, but we are totally different. But do not think that when Amira and her friends wear a niqab, they can not live a full life. They also visit beauty salons, go for shopping, and attend fitness clubs for women. Especially for you, Level Travel agency prepared a promo code. Check it in the bio below. You can use it when buying a tour on the website or in the application. To check the life of others with your own eyes. If you are a religious Muslim, this does not mean at all that you should completely cover yourself and give up on yourself. One must remain beautiful, well-groomed and athletic. Rulia is the owner of this club. After the birth of her third child, she really wanted to do sports. She could not relax in the regular gym. As there were many men in it. In order not to workout in a headscarf and all clothes, I decided to open a fitness club for women like me. We have several hundreds of regular customers who can take time every day and get in shape. Meet Fide. She does not wear a scarf and burqa. Moreover, a year ago she divorced her husband. Apartments in an elite area worth $ 140,500 she with two daughters got after a divorce. Now we will pay her a visit to find out how women in divorce live here. Does her husbands help; does society condemn their choice? Hello Zhanna. Come in. I am glad to see you. So you show me everything, as I’ve never been to any Tunisian apartments. Get in. This is a restroom. Here we get together with our family or friends for a chat, we watch TV and play games. It’s very comfortable here, and it’s warm here. This is the first home in Tunisia where I came in and I just want to take off my outerwear. Do you have heating here? I do. Fide Sad, a manager I always turn it on, when it becomes cold. Just look at it! It is warm! Great! Then I can take off my hat as well. The inhabitants of the old fund either freeze or fork out to pay for electricity to warm themselves. What is here? – That is our kitchen. These are my kids, and my mother. Hello everybody! Is this your mommy? She is so beautiful! Do four of you live here? Well, my parents live separately with my brother. But she helps me a lot in a week. – Right, you must have time for yourself. Your kitchen looks like a European one. You have a gas stove over here. You have everything needed. A dishwasher. Two sinks in front of the window. It’s very comfortable to wash the plates and observe the street. There’s nothing to be surprised at. Fide, her mom, and daughters dress quite in European style. Therefore, it is very interesting for us to look into the wardrobe of the hostess and check all her outfits. Do you like to spend money on new dresses, and outfits? I do. A new dress, a pair of shoes, cosmetics is my passion. When was the last time that you’ve bought for yourself something? A week ago, I bought myself two dresses. Show us, please! Em…All right. Wow! It is a very beautiful silk dress. You wear it with a belt, don’t you? – I do. And this one is for office. Isn’t it a short one? No, it’s just fine. Do you fasten the buttons to the end? No way! Just like this! I see. So it means, that you can wear such a short dress in Tunis, right? I can !I love short dresses! I have a lot of such things. I love short dresses as well. But it seemed to me, that here in Tunisia all women should be chaste and wear a full dress. Wow. While some women are hiding under clothes from prying eyes, others are showing them off. These dresses are amazing! Congratulations! Did you show them to your friends already? They’ve already checked this dark one only. When I asked Fide, where she usually wears her dresses, I received an unusual answer. We often meet with friends and have a great time. We go to the bar with karaoke. My friends and I only go to visit each other. So many men are in public places, and without our husbands, we never go there. The bathroom and bedroom of the daughters are further down the hall. Judging by the number of photos with dad, the couple dispersed amicably. Photos of both mom and dad are in the daughter’s room. That’s cool! You have a good relationships, don’t you? We are in a great relationship. Why do people get divorced here? The reasons are the same everywhere. This is routine, misunderstandings, and various habits. In our case, everything was plain. We got that we are totally different, so we decided to get divorced. You are a woman who is divorced. You do not limit yourself to anything. That is, you can freely go out with your friends. For example. Am I right? I can go on a date, a movie. But concerning hugs, kisses, and other pleasures of life, it’s better to wait until the wedding. Is it easy for a divorced woman to marry a second time in Tunisia? Yeah, that’s quite easy! As many people get divorced in Tunisia. Everybody moves on. Fide pays $ 175 per month for utilities. And more than $ 350 per month goes for the girls’ studying. Despite the fact that Fide makes good money and could provide her family by herself, the ex-husband also supports them and he pays alimony every month. Well, Fide, I must say, that you’ve surprised me a bit. As I’ve heard that women here were limited in their enjoyment of their human rights. And you are a very relaxed and confident woman who lives well. You have enough money to support yourself and your children. For me, clearly, this is surprising. Well, there is nothing to be surprised with! There are most women like me here. We are independent and educated. We honor traditions. To be confident in the future, we rely only on ourselves. Men in Tunisia are also completely different. Like Carot, for example. While some cover themselves from head to toe, he often has to flaunt swimming trunks due to his profession. He is a famous TV presenter and due to his TV show about extreme he has traveled all around the world. He is not married, and he lives to the fullest. You are a TV presenter, and I wonder are there any limits here for you concerning your occupation? Mehdi Carot, a TV host After the revolution in 2011, we do not have any prohibitions. It concerns both men and women. Both have equal rights. How do other men here charge your occupation? They respect it. When they see me, we salute each other and make a selfie. They just adore my TV show about extreme sports. Do women pay you a lot of attention? You can flirt with them, you are a star. As far as I know, it is not customary in your country to date a woman before marriage. I have a lot of female attention. Many send me messages and want to ask me for a date. Intimacy before the wedding is not accepted in our country, but I travel a lot, and I find a way out of this situation. All the women in Tunisia keep their innocence until the wedding. Otherwise, no one will marry her. And it’s easier for men since no one can verify their innocence. Therefore, they often have affairs with tourists. What should a woman look like for you to fall in love with her? A girl should be with spirit, have a higher education, she should love sports and take care of herself. Should she sit at home, give birth to children and cook food? I want my beloved woman to have a career and her own business. if she herself wants to stay at home – that’s another matter. You break all the stereotypes about the life of men in Tunisia that I had. Cause as far as I knew Tunisian men love discipline, when their wives stay at home, cook, and take care of children. Imagine that your wife is an actress, and she will be shooting being naked. Would that be fine? There is nothing wrong with that. I can distinguish between personal and professional life. Check social networks, go to the beach, You will see there even worse! If your friend will somehow comment on your wife in a bikini, What will be your reaction? It’s not your business, man! Step off! Right you are! Keep your nose out of somebody else’s business. High five! Men and women should have the same rights. It is so here, in fact. But someone consciously chooses another path. Youth flies by and the pension comes very quickly. The retirement age in Tunisia is 65 years. But no one is in a hurry to leave work for a well-deserved rest. Continuing to work in retirement is very typical of Tunisia. It’s hard to live two weeks for a government payout of $ 210 to $ 280, and I am not talking about a month. What do those who have not worked all their lives do? I just can’t imagine! There are many of such people, especially among women. Who were housewives during all their lives. Haditha is one of such a kind. She is 72. She does not have to count on government payments. All hope for the meager pension of her husband and also for the ten children whom she raised. Hello! Hi! Haditha Gelassi, a senior Come in, dear! This is your garden, right? And here I grow my medicine. You don’t take any pills, do you? I don’t, dear. If my head hurts, I immediately take a pill. Which one do you take, if your head aches? A green one helps. Do you bite it? No, my darling, I don’t. It’s all is not that bad here. I got it! Here I have a cure for headaches, indigestion and temperature. Some plants I dry and drink or make a tincture. It’s awesome, as the medicine nowadays is not that natural, as yours here. Haditha lives ina typical Tunisian cottage. And very often right in the middle of the patio she makes bread. And very often right in the middle of the patio is bread. Fingers got used to it long ago. Look, let me help you! I am not yet 72, so I still have time to learn it. What do you do in retirement besides baking bread? I am cooking and doing household chores my whole life. Do you get a pension or not? I do not receive any payments from the state. I wanted to work, but I had to grow up my kids, so my husband worked, and now he gets $ 105 as a pension. And where is your husband? – He is still sleeping. Even in old age, while the wife cooks, launders and cleans everything from morning till night, her husband sleeps or walks with his friends. This is no wonder. Many families spend time separately, especially in old age. Men spend time with their friends, and women usually do their household chores. Moreover, four more children live with her. That is three unmarried sons and one unmarried daughter They will live with their mother while they start their own family. But none of them are in a hurry to do this. As none of them work, all expenses are borne by the mother. You’ve been doing household chores all your life, you’ve been married since 15 years old, you gave birth to 10 children, and now you are on retirement, you bring up grandchildren and continue to do household chores. Still, was it better to live for you until retirement or now? Or don’t you see the difference? Nothing really has changed. Sometimes it seems that life flew by, and I never had time to live. Sometimes looking back, you realize that life flashed like a moment. And so that later you do not have to regret about anything, you have to live your life here and now. It is very difficult for us to figure out the lifestyle of people in Tunisia. Secular and religious residents live completely different lives next to each other. But at the same time, they love and value equally their parents, our culture, mutual understanding, vintage thing, religion, peaceful sky above your head, my true love, rest and entertainment, handicraft, and our history, traditions, and our native Tunisia. The lives of others help us to have a look at our lives from the other viewpoint and make it even better!

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    Вы приоткрывае завесу, знакомите с другой жизнью, с другими людьми без упора на потребительство, как в орле и решке например.
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  • Отдыхали в Суссе, отель 4 звёзды, самые лучшие воспоминания. Много дешёвых экскурсий, гиды-полиглоты, наш знал 6 языков. Очень жалею, что не была на экскурсии в пустыне, подружки вернулись очень довольные. Страна дешёвая и к русскоязычным очень хорошо относятся, так как мы ездим по всем экскурсиям. Французы и немцы не выходят из отеля, сидят у бассейнов, даже не ходят на море. А нам все по барабану. Ходили по городу, гуляли, общались на смеси языков с местными.изучали местный колорит. Отличный шоппинг. Обязательно ещё там побываю.

  • О лекарствах. Тунис -это бывшая французская колония и лекарства в аптеках французского производства. Кто едет отдыхать в Тунис, советую составить список лекарств для дома. Они дешёвые и отличного качества, увы, пришлось воспользоваться в Тунисе. Только нужно иметь в виду, что в 1 Динаре 1000 копеек, а не 100. Мы не сразу поняли и вначале нас пугали цены.

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  • Добро пожаловать в Тунис ..Я тунисец живу во Франции .. Я могу быть вашим гидом во время вашей поездки в Тунис .. Свяжитесь со мной … это бесплатно
    Welcome to Tunisia. .. I am Tunisian living in France .. I can be your guide during your trip in Tunisia .. Contact me … it's free

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  • Когда вижу Контент Жанны: сначала ЛАЙК, потом просмотр, чуть позже – коммент:) #ГрузовичокГодноты

  • Бедуины еще они в своем большинстве с соответствующими правилами. Не хотела никогда в Тунис даже в отель 5 *

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