Лос-Анджелес – Голливуд-США | Жизнь других |ENG| Los Angeles-Hollywood |The Life of Others|1.12.2019

Лос-Анджелес – Голливуд-США | Жизнь других |ENG| Los Angeles-Hollywood |The Life of Others|1.12.2019

That’s a day-off today. Therefore, Rick plans to roam the streets of Beverly Hills all day long, chill in the restaurants, drink coffee and take photos. Though, he looks more like a typical tourist with the most average camera, one of his photos may cost 10, 000 dollars, 20, 000 dollars, and even up to 60,000 dollars. The thing is that Rick is a professional paparazzi. You are very welcome to LA! And this is The Life of Others! New York Venice Dubai Jerusalem Tokyo Paris The Life of Others Zhanna Badoeva Life in LA reminds a lot of a Hollywood blockbuster. As it is as well colorful, full, and interesting. But around hundreds of ordinary people always stand behind each blockbuster. And there is neither fantastic aliens or rehearsals, no doubles in their lives. It’s about such people today that we’ll talk today. Los Angeles is called “the city of the American dream”. It is for her that millions of people from all over the planet come here. Frankly speaking, that’s the reason of my visit as well. First, I wanna figure it all out. And then, I will return back home. If I was born in a city of dreams, I would be born in the family of Monica Gallegos. I would live not far away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Mario,my husband, would be a professional actor. Both sons of school age were beginner actors. Even my cat would sometimes appear in commercials. I myself would be a novice actor. Same as Sakka Samer. He is a waiter by now, but in his future, he would be a Hollywood star. I would play in unknown art-house films, on the set of which I would not earn practically anything. Therefore, in between filming, I would work as a waiter in the nearest cafe, dreaming of becoming a Hollywood star. If I was born in the family of a world-famous actor, Oscar nominee, Eric Roberts, I would surely be his own sister. Even though my name is not Julia Roberts. But no matter how successful actors would be my relatives, In any case, I would have been born under heavy guard. As at the entrance to any hospital, there may be a metal detector frame. The visitor’s bag can be checked by a security guard. Strictly and carefully, same as at the airport. Though the very clinic and the childbirth process doesn’t differ from European ones. That is spacious wards, polite doctors, and no diet. Lana, an obstetrician-gynecologist If childbirth has passed without complications, a woman who has given birth stay in the hospital for another two days. Within these two days, the nurses teach her to handle a child if this is her first child. Several times a day, a lactation specialist comes in and shows how to properly feed the baby. Then the woman gets out of the hospital, and she will have another 6 weeks of maternity leave. Giving birth without insurance will cost 3600 dollars. Almost every person in the United States has health insurance. Los Angeles does not stand out in this. But it is unique in something else. Being born here, in the center of the television industry, every baby has a chance to become a star from the cradle. Samer Sakka, an actor It’s much easier to become a famous actor if you have been living in LA since childhood. Firstly, there is a huge number of shootings. And that means practice. And secondly, it’s much easier for a child to become a member of the Guild of Professional Actors. After all, all major film studios work only with the Guild. And thirdly of all, there are even more acting schools and cinema courses in LA, then the stars on the Alley of The Stars. There are two and a half thousand of them. That’s why everybody who weren’t born here, but dream of becoming a cinema star, come to enter the universities specialized in film production. Den Makler, a director of the film academy. At this moment in our academy, there are more than 500 students. Most of them came from other cities or countries to get a quality education. And to learn from guru. After all, except for teachers who work in Hollywood, We have such speakers as Al Pacino, Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg. Our graduates starred in many famous films. Starting from the movie “Predator” or “Spider-Man” and ending with “The Game of Thrones” and “Stranger Things”. To get a bachelor’s degree, you need to study for 4 years. And it will cost about $ 50,000 per semester. In general, such training will cost a lot. You have to pay for the dream. It is called American for that. Charles Hamilton Alen, a first-year student I worked for several years after school just to save money to come here and succeed. Many people even take a loan. Despite the fact that I am from a small town in the north of the United States, I will have a great future in Hollywood. In fact, here it as well as everywhere. A good education is not a guarantee of a good job. Many people with a degree in cinema operator, director or actor remain nobody. In the worst case, they return back to their homeland. In the best of cases, they stay here but turn into ordinary Los Angeles residents. Usually, I go to visit typical residents and families and show how they live. But in LA there are so many world stars that they are also typical residents of this city. The owner of this house is Eric Roberts and you know him well from hundreds of Hollywood film and Oscar nominations. And while he still finishes his business and Eliza, his wife, works, I’ll walk through their house and take a look, if the stars of Hollywood live, as we imagine it. It’s so dark in here. I am so excited. The house is pretty old. This should be a salon. Here you can see some sofas, arm-chairs, a TV set… Let’s see what’s next.. This is obviously a desktop. At this table, people must work and read the scripts. This is so cute, as in the movie. Look, this is a kitchen over here. This is a very comfortable kitchen. Therefore, the house is obviously very many years old and it is very uprooted. Interestingly, the countertop is made directly from bricks. The houses are surprisingly very modest and simple. On the second floor, there is a small bedroom with a large bathroom, a couple of restrained wardrobe rooms and almost a dozen cats all around the house. There is one more office. Hello Zhanna! Hello, my dear! Here you are, Eliza works right while riding the exercise bike. In general, an ideal figure worthy of a glossy cover is a separate topic for California. You see, she is working, and working out the same time. Or maybe I should also run the program like this and also train on the simulator. This is so tiring. I want to say. Let me go on my tour around your house. I will not distract you from work. The yard is as modest as the house itself. There is a small pool, gazebo and a two-car garage. There is no collection of expensive cars, no own zoo, or helipad. In short, Eric lives without any pathos. And if I hadn’t been told in advance, I would never have guessed that this was the home of some celebrity. You have a very beautiful and comfortable house. When you go to visit a star you usually expect something supernatural. Your home is actually very, very homely and very cozy. Eric and Eliza Roberts In fact, we once lived in a very large and expensive house. When the children left there was no reason to stay there. Therefore, we chose this one because it is very simple and very pleasant. The two of us live in it just fine. Especially since most of the time we spend here. I am wondering. How do you spend your usual day when you have no shootings? It can sound very boring, but in the morning I usually go to the gym, and in the evening I read the scripts and prepare for the shooting. My schedule is usually arranged for me by my wife because besides she is also my manager and my boss. And in the evenings, she tells me which movie we’ll watch. That is, we live an ordinary life. How often do you meet friends? Will you answer? – You go, dear. Just all the time when I ask a question. They agree who will answer. Of course, we go to visit our friends or they come to us, our doors is always open. You already know it. Friends can easily come without any invitation. We are people who are always happy to meet guests. I don’t even know where are the house keys. Where do you usually rest? I don’t even know where are the house keys. We rest at home, not because we save or something else. Just at home we really rest. Here I understand Eric and Elisa like no one else. Just what is the point of flying to relax in Bali if you just had a shoot in Bali? Do you even know how much you earn? Of course I know how much I earn. I was told that the stars do not know how much they earn in this, only their agents know. But the stars do not understand how much they earn? It happens, but Eric is interested in his earnings. In general, the fees of actors on the Internet are much higher than in real life. In reality, it doesn’t happen that you starred in one movie, received a fee of several million dollars and you can relax all your life. Everyone is constantly working, as there would be nothing to live on. Is it true that in America, the more you earn the higher tax you pay? I was told that the stars pay almost 65% of their fee. In fact, you get no more than a quarter of your fee. 10% is given to the agent, another 10% is paid for the manager; 5% goes to a lawyer plus some extra payments to the publisher. And this sum can vary. Well, in the end, there are already state taxes that you asked about. It is from 33 to 60% depending on the amount of your fee. They kill us with their taxes. On the one hand, I understand what we pay for. America is a beautiful country and life here is simply magnificent. But still they kill us with the size of their taxes. It’s highway robbery in broad daylight! Poor stars! World celebrities really have to pay for a lot of things. Well, for almost everything. It turns out that even a star on the Walk of Fame is not enough to deserve only. For it, you have to pay for yourself. One such tile with a name costs $ 30,000. This is why many celebrities simply refuse such an honor. After all, they believe that this place is on the most ordinary street. The Avenue of The Stars is a place where any tourist wants to go. And for local residents, this is an average alley, you use when going to work, to take children to school, or going to the store for bread. If you look at the nearest store to the Walk of Fame, you can see that the prices of products are no different from the prices in any other store in Los Angeles. A baguette costs 2,5 dollars. 1,5 liters if milk costs 3 dollars. 350 g of cheddar cheese costs 6 dollars. A kilogram of apples costs $ 4. So, I spent 15,5 dollars for all that food. Monica Gallegos, a businesswoman If we consider only food expenses, we spend about 1,000 dollars a month. For shopping, I usually go to the supermarket which is located on the Walk of Fame, because it is close to our house. However, no matter how trite the Walk of Fame looks like, millions of aspiring actors are dreaming that their name will be here. In pursuit of a dream, they run daily on castings and act in film almost for free while earning money at another job. I wanted once to be a waitress. And you know why? Because I watched American movies. Where a girl worked as a waitress. Later the director came to the restaurant. And then immediately she turns into a Hollywood star. Is it true that in Los Angeles any waiter can become a film actor and act in films? Let’s find out about this! Purely for the sake of the experiment, I decided not to agree ahead with anyone. And stick with my questions to the first waiter that comes across. Honestly, it turned out that he had already starred in several budget films. In the future, he plans to become a famous actor. It’s true that in Los Angeles, working as a waiter, you can still become a Hollywood star? Samer Sakka, a waiter, and a Hollywood-star-to-be And so it happened completely by accident. One film director went to our cafe to have a bite and suggested that I would try my hand at the movies. I already starred in a dozen small films and went through a hundred castings. But I continue to work here. A lot of young actors work as waiters. It is easy to build your own schedule here, which means you can combine it with other work and filming. And those who do not work as waiters, they work in a taxi. For the same reason. We can definitely say that every second taxi driver or waiter is also an actor. How long are you ready to go to auditions to get a world fame? As much as I need, I will. An old age is not a sentence for an actor. We are not sportsmen. The roles can be different. You can become famous both in infancy and retirement. You never know where you would be lucky. I know that almost all actors here have their own agent. An agent is a person who offers you a casting or a role. Do you have one? I don’t have an agent yet and I’m doing all this myself. In addition to the agent, it is also necessary to join the Actors Guild. From there, the actors get into a Hollywood movie. On the other hand, they won’t accept you if you haven’t played in the Hollywood movie yet. It sounds like a vicious circle. Bred Markovitz, a producer To become a member of the Actors Guild, you need to play in a Hollywood movie. In addition, every month you need to pay a certain fee. Which young actors can not afford. But then the members get more payout. Tell me what is very important for a novice actor. Muscles, snow-white smile, hair, or lips? What must be and what are they paying attention to? It depends on the role for which you are applying. I believe that you can have everything together. You need to work on yourself. I have a small salary of 12 dollars per hour. And I invest all my salary into myself. I eat healthy food, I look after my appearance, go to the dentist and train in the gym of course. In California, and especially in Los Angeles, this is practically a religion. Almost every resident of Los Angeles shakes his biceps every day and counts his abs cubes. He is running, jumping, riding a bike and surfing. On the other hand, how could it be otherwise? As it is the city of the most beautiful people in the world. What if I have a shooting tomorrow? Now I understand why I do not do sports. Because I was not born in Los Angeles. And it’s simply impossible to do without sports here. Everyone runs, jumps, skates, and all of them are so beautiful. Just like me. Eric Roberts, an actor Having beautiful sports figures for anyone who lives in California is a matter of course. For example, I go to the gym every day without any break for the holidays, or weekends. Yes, I have a six-pack at the age of 63. It should be noted that the love of sports is connected not only with the cinema. It has been in California since the very childhood. Here I came to an ordinary high school in Los Angeles. It feels like a music lesson is taking place here. Look, there is a huge brass band playing. Here they are playing soccer. This is American football. And there are cheerleading lessons. You remember that cute girls from American movies. Well, I am confused. And, you look there. Boys are playing basketball. Sports and music are everywhere here. Of course, the student has all the usual lessons for us as well. They have geography, history, mathematics, all the lessons except one. Can you guess which one? Right you are, they don’t have any physical education. Huan Herera, a headmaster We don’t have such a subject as physical education. Therefore, there are no standards or ratings for these or that exercises. And for the child to love physical education, he must choose for himself the sport that he likes. It is quite strange because I personally saw in American movies how schoolchildren were taking fit tests. But if the very headmaster says that it is not true, then it means it is not true. All the lessons had already finished. And the children can go back home. But those children whose parents had not yet taken home decided not to surf their phones or tablets, but to do some physical activities and to dance. Lessons at the local school begin at 7:45. Students are not divided by age but by students’ performance. If by age, the student should be in the sixth grade, and by knowledge, he has long been ahead of his peers, for example, in history, so he will take history lessons with high school students. Books are free here. In recent years, it is less and less use of books. Schools are transitioning to digital technology. Each child is given a personal laptop for the entire school year. This is how all information is stored and not in school lockers as before. We often see how in American films children come up to their school lockers and put something there or get something out of there. They have their own world in it, to say so. It turns out that many of America’s public schools don’t have any long such lockers. And for 20 years now these are not working at all. There are several reasons for it. First of all, they kept something forbidden in it. Secondly, they often stole from it all the things. And thirdly, all the information now is collected on the Internet and it makes no sense to store books there. This is already called Past. I don’t know about you, but for me, personally, the courtyard of the American school reminds me of a military base. It’s like a parade ground, surrounded by the barracks. Attitude to school discipline cannot be called the army. On one hand, everything is quite democratic. We don’t have any school uniform at all. Tattoos, as well as makeup, we do not prohibit. If a girl wants to come to school with painted eyes, then this is her choice Or for example with a small tattoo. On the other hand, such minor offenses as cheating, are punished here more strictly. One American schoolgirl, whose name is Monica, has already been kicked out of school three times. First time, for being rude with a teacher. Second time, because she had a fight with a girl. Third time, for cheating on the lesson. So this is her fourth school. I hope she got smarter by now, and they won’t kick her out of this school, because otherwise, she can afford only homeschooling. Here it is the American educational system. However, in homeschooling, there is nothing to worry about. I’ll say even more, almost all the children of Hollywood stars study like that. The difference is that you don’t go to school about the teacher comes to you. You don’t have any schoolmates, but only one teacher, who takes with you private lessons. After graduation, which takes place in the Disneyland in Los Angeles, most students dream of getting a good education and mastering prestigious occupation. And if at first glance it seems that it is in no way connected with Hollywood, then, in fact, it turns out that it is connected and even how. What do you associate Hollywood with. Of course, this is a Hollywood smile. But can every American afford a Hollywood smile? Now we will find it all out. If you do not take into account the work in the film industry, then the work of a doctor will be considered prestigious. And a dentist, in particular. The young doctor will earn about 250,000 dollars. That the dentist will get around 300,000 dollars a year. For comparison, an experienced school teacher will not get more than 100,000 a year. Getting a dentist’s profession is very difficult because there is practically no free education in the United States. Such an education will cost an average of 150,000 dollars per year. Whether such investments pay off, let’s ask it a doctor, who possibly drilled caries for Angelina or filled Arnold’s upper teeth. The client does not mind, so you please come in. Your client looks like an astronaut. You are right. But this is only a consultation. How much does it cost to check your teeth? Avo Babian, a dentist Well, it depends. If a client needs a pair of new teeth, it will cost him around 1, 500 dollars per one. So, if you need 32 teeth, you can actually buy a car instead. It is pretty much! And if talking about that famous Hollywood smile… I told you the cheapest price. Well, it depends on the location of the clinic and the reputation of the doctor. If you go to the professor in Beverly Hills, you need to pay 10,000dollars for one tooth. A smile is much more important than a car. Your teeth are the first thing that says about you. Do ordinary residents of Los Angeles make a so-called Hollywood smile? Definitely, yes. LA is a city of beautiful people. It is a city of the American dream. Everyone dreams to become an actor here. So he needs silky hair and smooth skin, white teeth and a sporty figure. So teeth are an integral part of this kit. Probably only in California, a taxi driver can invest more money in his teeth than his car. Even if it is expensive for him, he will take a loan. I know that recently it was cool to have teeth as white as a fridge. Now they say that it should look more natural. You are right. Too white teeth were in trend some time ago. Now the shade of your teeth should match the tone of your skin. Natural beauty is always in trend, though it can be fake in fact. They say it is cool to have a gap between your teeth. That it can even make you feel younger. Well, if a piece of salad makes you feel younger, all right then. You know some stars make it just for the sake of their image. But they have a whole team working with them. That’s why I won’t recommend it to the ordinary people. Have you worked with any stars? I can’t answer this question, as it is strictly forbidden. If I name anybody, they won’t come to me anymore. I can’t speak of anybody, even if it is my son. If you plan your trip to LA, I highly recommend a Top Riders company. This is a professional organizer of business and family trips around the USA. It is a company that organizes tours of VIP class. They will take into account all your desires, and wishes. They can also offer you a visa support, and arrange an appointment in any visa center either in Moscow or in Europe. Entrust them your journey, save time and money. I honestly am already a little tired of all this privacy, celebrities and Hollywood stars. So I decided to drop by on a visit to an ordinary California family that lives in an ordinary California house. And I met Monica who is engaged in cosmetics and lives in a small house with her husband and two children. Hey! Hello, come in, Zhanna! Well, here we are in a typical American house in which I always wanted to get. Do you use these curtains? We don’t close the curtains as the window faces west and every day we enjoy the sunset. So you are watching a sunset, and everybody is watching you. Right, but we have nothing to hide. It’s a little bit dark inside. Is electricity expensive here? Monica Gallegos, a businesswoman All is expensive, electricity including. We pay around 200 dollars per month. Let’s see, what’s next. This is a dining room. Here you have breakfast and have lunch. Yes, here we eat, also сhildren are preparing for the shoot, as they are the professional actors or they can write homework here as well. Like my husband, they star in TV shows and commercials. Well, I wanted to visit a simple family.. And here they are all actors as well. Probably I have to come to terms that this stereotype remains a stereotype. But I would principally talk on vital domestic topics. Is it your own house or do you rent it? We rent it. But we already saved some money to buy our own. We just wanna go on living in this area, and the house here costs around 1,5 – 2 mln dollars. The area is considered good, therefore, only for rent, we give 3,500 dollars. We do not have much room here, a living room, two bedrooms, and a kitchen. Let’s see what’s next. This is my kitchen. Here I cook for my boys. And usually, we eat at home. Is it typical for an American family to prepare all the food at home? Well, on the contrary, Americans cook a lot. And California citizents usually visit restaurants. Because there are numerous cool places here. On weekends, we ourselves usually eat outside the house. All right. This is a masters bedroom. As for me it is very comfortable. Tell me please, Monica. I know that there are earthquakes in Los Angeles. Do you have any rules what to do first when an earthquake occurs? Well, you are right. They do occurs sometimes. They start suddenly and it’s pretty scary I will tell you. If it is very strong, you need to stay away from the walls and go out into the street as quickly as possible. If the earthquake is very strong you need to stand in the doorway with your hands and feet and hope for the best. That is, if an earthquake starts, you should get up and stand like that, and where would be the child? Oh, I, of course, first set up kids and then I find a place for myself. But usually, everything happens so fast that you don’t even think anything at all. Monica showed me that there are small cracks on the walls and ceiling, and all this is the consequences of an earthquake. Although in truth, no one would even notice such damage in our country. And then the last time was an earthquake? Small earthquakes occur quite often. Stronger earthquakes occur once a year. The last earthquake was about 3 months ago, at that moment we were just on the street. We were walking along the Alley of Fame. It’s just around the corner. I could not resist and Monica still brought me back to the topic of cinema and Hollywoodю That is LA. You can’t escape it anywhere. It’s worth accepting that all the facts that are unique to us about Hollywood stars are just a part of their life. It is also applied to the Hollywood sign. Diana Right, a PR manager This sign appeared in the twenties of the last century. At the beginning, they had no connection to the cinema. It was just an advertisement for a new residential area. And then the inscription began to be shot in different films and a direct association with the factory of dreams appeared. Its repair costs us around 150,000 dollars per year. Mostly this money is given by Hollywood celebrities as charitable contributions. If Hollywood attractions were given an Oscar, then the Hollywood sign would have been the first to get it. These are probably the most photographed letters on earth. First of all, tourists are excited about them. But no self-respecting paparazzi will take pictures of them. Indeed, unlike celebrities, there are no scandals or embarrassments with the letters. And it can’t bring you a lot of money. Paparazzi love money the most. Don’t think that I am speculating. My friend Rick told me about it. He is one of the best representatives of this controversial profession. By the way, he is already on hunting since the early morning. Hello Rick! Hello, dear! How are you doing? Is that an early morning for you? I’m fine, thank you. I’m working from 6 am. Rick, a paparazzi No way! Have you seen any paparazzi today? Well, not anyone to make money on. Is it your friend? This is another paparazzi, I can call him my colleague. Why does he making photos of you? Does he like you? No, he is just trolling me. As if I have no job, but to stand and chill, and chat. But any way, he will get less money than I do. As his method of shooting is pretty old-fashioned. He always sits in the car, hiding from people. I can simply come up to any star and photograph everything I need. So they react to you more positively. You have to think first. It’s like a game. Imagine, that you have caught a star. You made a photo of it, and what would you do next with this photo. How can you make money on it? As I photographed something interesting, I immediately upload this photo to the online library and set the price. Anyone can buy a picture. You just have to be the first on the spot. The first to take a photo and load it. What does a price depend on? First of all, it depends on the very story. If a celebrity just get out of the car, it’s nor a good story. And if he gets out of the shop, holding a bunch of bags, you can sell it then as an advertisement. That’s why Paris Hilton is a gold mine. She’s just a” walking” billboard. She is always beautiful and always with packages. You can immediately sell such a picture for $ 500. Do you remember when Britney went crazy? Though I think it was hype. Then each paparazzi made $ 25,000 a month. Honestly, Rick has already broken all my stereotypes about Paparazzi. Moreover, he does not sit in an ambush of bushes and does not hang on any fence. Every dog knows him here. We can say that in Beverly Hills he is a star himself. There were such cases, so the guard runs up to you or the star herself and yells to take away the camera. No, it never ever happened to me. But I have one story that concerns Paris Hilton. Once I shoot her at the exit of the store. And then she tells me to show the photo and comments “I’m ugly here, come on take another one”. I deleted this photo. She posed for just the way she likes. And no security can tell us anything. Believe the inscription Hollywood is more difficult to photograph than the star itself. No matter how funny it sounds, but Rick is right. The famous inscription is protected almost better than the President of the United States. Diana Right, a PR manager It can only be photographed from afar. If you are closer than 100 meters, motion sensors will work. You will be spotted by cameras and the speakers will turn on with a warning. If you still do not leave in a minute, the police will fly up and everything may end in arrest. This is due to the fact that many are trying to climb letters and some even fall from them. It’s amazing how tough the American police can deal with violators. And how soft they can act regarding people who follow the very police. Is there some kind of law against the paparazzi, that is, you can’t do something else, otherwise you will be fined? We are protected by Freedom of the press. This means that any person who shoots even on the phone is equated to a journalist of the central channel. Such people in vests with large cameras. You can’t take pictures of people at their home as well as children in the vicinity. Please tell me why you need a walkie-talkie. This is actually not a walkie-talkie this is a scanner. I listen to all the talks between the ambulance police and firefighters. Suddenly, an actor got into a fight or had an accident. Recently, Miley Cyrus got into trouble and I earned 60,000 in one day. Because I came there the first. By the way, my car is always waiting on the road because LA is a big city. There is no way to do without a car here. By the way, cars in Los Angeles are generally a separate issue. Here, absolutely everyone drives their own cars. Otherwise, getting to the right place will be extremely inconvenient. Public transportation is, of course, available there. Simply, if you get by public transport from one point to the second, it means losing time.. Therefore, everyone drives a car. Even taking into account traffic jams and pulls, it’s faster. The reason for this is the very structure of Los Angeles. From a height, the city looks like a giant throw blanket. There are 1000 identical quarters called blocks. Los Angeles is made up of small and alike towns that once fused into one big city. Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Inglewood, East Hollywood, Compton, Pasadena. There is no such thing as a city center here. There are many cities and areas that are connected perhaps by the most complex system of Highway and interchanges in the USA. It is these concrete tracks that are most often seen by a resident of Los Angeles when he goes to wherever he goes. Eric Roberts, an actor I hope in 30 years humanity will invent flying cars and then we will be able to move normally around LA. Because now if you get at least into one traffic jam, then, you’ll probably get to work already in retirement. They retire in the USA at the age of 67. And this age is constantly increasing. This is because life expectancy is also increasing. How are pensioners living here? I decided to ask Lila, who lives in a special home for the elderly film industry workers. She has been writing scripts all her life. And now in her 95, she mastered a new profession. Guess which one? Right you are! She is an actress! Well, let’s not even talk about it here. How long have you been living here? Lila Gariet, a senior It is here that I live for two and a half months, and before that I lived in another similar place. Why did you move here? This house is specialized only for those who have worked in the cinema for at least 20 years. So it’s much more interesting for me to stay here. I have more fun here because everyone has common interests here. Yes, and the conditions here are better. Living conditions are not worse than in an expensive hotel. She has two spacious rooms with a lovely interior kitchen and a balcony. She also has Star Retirees next door. The names of which cannot be called . What are you doing here every day? There are so many hobby clubs here. There is a gym and they also carry out various procedures here. But I have a slightly different routine. After all, I continue to work as a presenter and sometimes I work on television. In general, everyone is engaged in their own interests. Do children help you? Children help, but not very often, and this is not because they don’t want to, but because we have such a mentality. Everyone should take care of himself . I can provide myself with my own money, it is approximately $ 50,000 a year. Were you happier with your life on retirement or before retirement? I will try to answer the philosophical question briefly, but it is unlikely to succeed. Now I actually live very well here, as it is very nice and comfortable and they always help me. In my youth, I had less money. But more strength, more energy and more health. LA is a city of youth. Here everyone is beautiful and everyone is constantly on the go. In my youth, I could safely run a dozen blocks just so because I want to. Therefore, I will say that it’s better to be young. No matter how huge Los Angeles is, the way for its residents is always almost the same. And although it does not always lead to glory, it always leads to Hollywood. In Los Angeles, even an ordinary life is obeyed by the laws of dramaturgy. Here, any waiter can become a world-famous star tomorrow. A simple taxi driver can sparkle a Hollywood smile. And where, if not in Los Angeles, will they tell me that the American dream is easy money, career in Hollywood, to help your elatives, zest for life, freedom. And a lot of money. As you can see, understanding someone else’s dreams is like reading all the credits for a Hollywood movie. You know perfectly well the first five surnames. But all the others are like the lives of others.

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  • Почему бы не собрать волосы. Постоянно весят как пакли смотрится ужасно.

  • 😂типичный дом выглядит лучше, чем у Эрика Робертса, что то тут не так😂

  • В конце программы слеза сама пускается. Пенсионерку было грустно слушать. Действительно, когда есть силы и без большого количества денег можно быть счамтливым

  • Кто-нибудь нашёл саундтрек,который каждый раз звучит в конце?

  • Большое будущее в Голливуде о чем он🤣🤣 ЛА центр бомжей со всех штатов

  • Лос называют городом неудачников. Т.к. тысячи едут туда за красивой жизнью и только единицы пробиваются. Остальные или остаются при прежнем уровне жизни, или перебиваются с копейки на копейку, или становятся обычными бомжами, коих там огромное количество.

  • Очень здорово !!! как всегда познавательно, интересно, необычно!!! Но и как всегда – Беспардонно….)))))) Жанна……)))))))))))))

  • Мне ЛА не понравился. В Downtown много бомжей. Ооочень много.В Голливуде на Hollywood bld странные личности, наркоманы. Тротуары грязные, залиты непонятно чем, слышен запах мочи. Фууу.

  • Спасибо Жанне и всей команде за ваш труд! Зайти в дом к Робертсу – это круто!))

  • Жанна! Большое спасибо Вам и вашей команде ! Одно удовольствие смотреть ваше шоу💖

  • Много знакомых жили в Лос-Анджелесе и Майами в мечтах кем-то стать, но в итоге ничего и не добились. Там хорошо жить с большими деньгами, а не быть прислуживающим персоналом. В Майами и вовсе острая безработица. В итоге все вернулись в Россию, но именно здесь их ждала слава – Москва, Питер, Сочи, Владивосток. Многие со знанием английского языка в совершенстве стали занимать топовые позиции в российских и иностранных компаниях, в том числе консалтинговых, а кто-то и вовсе открыл свой бизнес. Знакомый работает в азиатской компании во Владивостоке с зарплатой $5000 -6000 на руки и постоянно находится в Корее. Ему эта жизнь больше нравится, но Москву он не любит вообще.

  • Не знаю, но слушая мелодию в конце передачи становится очень грустно, как-то не подходит она возможно к оптимистическому стилю выпусков.

  • Самая адовая пробка в моей жизни была в аэропорт в утреннем ЛА. Впервые в жизни опоздала на рейс 🤪

  • Зачем врать что почти у каждого жителя США есть страховка? У 20 процентов ее вовсе нет и 30 процентов получают медпомощь в неполном объеме.итого почти половине жителей недоступна нормальная медпомощь.

  • Выпуск классный. Но школу можно было бы получше выбрать, в этой 99% латиносов. Или это все у них такие государственные?

  • Я живу в ЛА уже данно и тоже очень скромно )))
    Жанна, сделайте ещё один выпуск про жителей в мексиканских и афроамериканских районах ЛА. Будет тоже очень интересно.

  • Ребята, подскажите пожалуйста название исполнителя трэка в конце видео.Благодарю заранее. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Эрик Робертс, наверное, банкрот. Так живут очень бедные люди в Америке.

  • Как всегда- профессионально, интересно, очень своеобразная подача материала. За кажущейся легкостью, проработано всё до мелочей. Спасибо

  • Ето все не правда Американськие звёзды жывуть в очень дорогом доме а не в таком вы что думаете что люди глупые

  • В смысле рожать без страховки 3600??? А 20 000- 30 000 долларов не хотите? Рожала с хорошей страховкой и все равно платила 4000 за кесарево сечение и 2000 за обычные роды!

  • Ошибка таймкоде… Общение с дантинством. Жанна когда будет поездка например в Нигерию, или Бангладеш? Будет интересно посмотреть Жизнь других, глазами Жанны. Жду трэш ))

  • Я в шоке. Очень ждала выпукс из США, но разочаровалась страшно. Люблю эту передачу, потому-что вы показываете цыкл жизни людей разных социальных слоев от рождения и до смерти (роды, садики, школы, универы, зарплаты, пенсии, похороны), но этот выпуск был вообще как из какой-то другой передачи взят. Надеюсь будет ещё выпуск из какого-то другого штата и будет более соответствовать формату передачи.

  • Я тоже, Жанна, ставлю Лайк , не начав смотреть. Я всегда уверена в высоком профессионализме вашей команды. Обожаю вашу программу и с большим удовольствием слушаю и смотрю Жанну. Столько позитива !!! Благодарю и желаю проекту долголетия!!! Жанночка, работайте, пожалуйста, , я вас обожаю смотреть!!!! 👍🌹🌹🌹

  • Другая сторона Лос Анжелеса около 60000 бездомных людей живут, вот тебе и голевуд

  • Епрст,закрывай проект,а то,скрепные эвакуируются в другие😂😂😂

  • Оо, вот за это спасибо большое Жанна, Лос Анджелес это моё самое любимое место в мире. Жил там немного.

  • выпуск называется – жизнь других в Голливуде. а не в ЛА.
    как и любая орел-решковская передача о Токио. передача якобы о Токио, но тусим мы только в Акихабаре.

  • ДРУЗЬЯ!!!
    1) С тебя подписка ✍
    2)С меня ВЗАМЕН активный подписчик😉

  • Жанна, вылечи свои сопли! Слушать гайморитный голос невозможно

  • Жанна чудо!!!! Смотреть очень интересно!!!! Не меняйте ведущую она изуменка в вашем канале! Артистичная с хорошим чувством юмора который мне близок,нет пошлости это супер! Много полезной информации ! Спасибо за ваш труд

  • У бабульца и Эрика Робертса рабочие кресла одинаковые, крутые кстати, удобные, Аэрон 🚀

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