Medical City Frisco Labor and Delivery Virtual Tour

Medical City Women’s | Frisco Where clinical excellence meets elegance (labor and delivery entrance) Private rooms with spa-like amenities, high-end finishes Celebratory meal options Upscale linens and welcome basket Hardwood floors Large flat-screen TV (bed in suite) Suites with a separate family room may be available In-room refrigerator Full-size pull out bed Seating area for […]

Separated at Birth (Part 2) | Hannah Stocking, Juanpa Zurita & Lele Pons

Robotic Birth Simulator is Saving Lives in the Delivery Room

(baby wails) (Nurse speaking) – [Nurse] Okay. Gonna have a shoulder dystocia, call for help. – [Man] Is something wrong, what’s going on? What’s going on? – [Nurse 2] All right, Christine, push! Go ahead and push! – Keep pushing, keep pushing. – [Nurse 2] One, two, three. Baby’s out. Baby’s out! (baby doll wailing) […]

How do I create a birth plan?

Items that I would include in a birth plan include who you want in the room for the delivery whether it be you know your significant other, your mother, his mother and make sure you’re all on the same page with that what do you want for pain relief what medications you want the baby […]

The Evolution of Human Birth

Hey! So, a few weeks ago Bill and Melinda Gates reached out to us about making a collaborative video based on a theme in their annual letter. This is something that they write every year to share their philanthropic goals for the coming months. One of their priorities for 2017 has to do with maternal […]

Hera – Greek goddess of Marriage, Childbirth, and Queen of the gods | Greek Mythology explained

goddess of Marriage, goddess of childbirth, I am. I was once loving, I was once amiable. But Zeus, Oh Zeus! He fooled me. He said I was his love, A cuckoo bird, did no one see? I was lovely, gracious and kind, But often, Zeus wayward strays. So I’ve been angry. is that a crime? […]